10 Shocking Celebrity Scandals That Deserve Their Own Miniseries

Based on the staggering success of shows like Making a Murder, Narcos and The People vs. OJ, it is obvious that controversial, true crime documentaries are totally in demand right now.

In a world where social media dominates and nearly everyone has a camera on themselves at all times, it is almost impossible for celebrities to keep their dirty laundry in its respective hamper. There are countless apps and television shows that dedicate the entirety of their content to celebrity gossip. So, how are we not supposed to be drawn in when a big story develops? It’s in our human nature to be interested in stories that show us that the celebrities that we sometimes view as “larger than life” actually have problems. Sometimes these problems are much more serious than anything that we can relate to.

Let’s face it – we’re suckers for controversy and scandalous stories that involve celebrities. It’s one of the few reasons that we don’t mind waiting in long lines at the grocery store. The tabloids that are awaiting us on every aisle endcap are there to inform us of what our favorite celebrities are up to. Now, I’m not saying that each story about that celebrity that just can’t keep their weight under control deserves its own miniseries.

I am going to highlight 10 of the most fascinating scandals that would easily become an engaging miniseries for us to binge watch.

10 Tiger Woods - The Affairs

9 Charlie Sheen - His Life Is A Series

8 Aaron Hernandez - Life Of Crime


7 Jared Fogle - Underage Indiscretions 

6 Michael Vick - Animal Cruelty

5 The Fappening ‘14 - Celebs' Nude Images Hacked

4 Chris Benoit - The Damaged Soul


3 Bill Cosby - Date And A ...

2 David Letterman - Affairs With Colleagues

1 Arnold Schwarzenegger - The Love Child

We’ve probably become mostly numb to celebrity cheating scandals as they seem to be a dime a dozen. But when you’re talking about a government official that has also had his posters hanging above some of our beds, he deserves to be listed at number one. In 1997, Arnold Schwarzenegger had a child with his housekeeper just five days before his wife gave birth to their fourth child. While Arnold and his wife announced their separation in May of 2011, it wasn’t until Arnold announced that he had fathered a son outside of wedlock. It absolutely blows my mind that this news didn’t come out during Schwarzenegger’s run for office!


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10 Shocking Celebrity Scandals That Deserve Their Own Miniseries