10Father Dreams of Creature Attacking Baby

Simon Fraser of Glasgow, Scotland occasionally suffered from violent episodes while having nightmares. When he was a teenager, he once beat up his father and another time attempted to strangle his sister -- both while he was fast asleep. Then, as an adult, his wife told of being pulled out of

bed by her legs when Simon dreamt that he was saving her from a fire. These episodes culminated in the most tragic of events when on the morning of April 10, 1878, a 27-year-old Simon got out of bed, lifted his 18-month-old son, and smashed the baby's head against a wall, instantly killing him. Upon awakening and being questioned by police, the horrified father didn't deny killing his son, but explained that he had dreamt he was defending the baby from a savage creature. Eventually, a jury decided that Fraser, although sane, was not responsible for his actions. Reports say that from that time onwards, the troubled man slept alone in a room that was locked from the outside.

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