10 Shocking Bedroom Taboos You Ought To Try At Least Once

These days, we have access to so much information online that avoiding strange kinks is practically impossible. Sex doesn't have to be repetitive and vanilla forever, and there are so many different things you can try with an open mind.

Many bedroom taboos are barely even taboos anymore. With 50 Shades of Grey at the height of its popularity, it was reported that sales for sex toys and condoms had actually risen so high, they helped rescue the economy (to a certain point, anyway). Even with all this increased popularity, it can still sometimes be hard to find somebody who's willing to try different things – and sometimes it's awkward to bring it up.

Don't let awkwardness stop you! For all you know, the best sex of your life is waiting around the corner, and all it takes is the discovery of one fetish you never knew you had. We've got your back, though. We've compiled a list of 10 kinks and fetishes that, despite how strange they might sound, are definitely worth a try.


10 Domination

Let's start with the most obvious one. If you still haven't tried this with your partner, then now's the time. Get into the role and give your partner orders to follow. Set yourself a safe word and see what comes out. Even giving non-sexual orders can really turn people on if they're put into context. If she's interested, try issuing your partner with a list of rules for the day. For example, she's not allowed to smoke without texting you to ask for permission – and if she breaks any of the rules, she must confess to you later.

9 Swinging


If you're interested in group sex or voyeurism, then swinging parties can be a really easy place to explore those things, and there's a wide variety of different types of parties to try. Some places don't allow single men, and some places will have age and attractiveness restrictions, but it's definitely worth taking a look around and seeing if there's any near you. The thing about swinging clubs is that they're usually made up of very open-minded people who won't mind genuine inquiries from people who want to try it – and there will be no pressure to join in once you get there, if you're nervous.

8 Pain

There are countless ways of inflicting pleasurable pain on both yourself and your partner – and so long as everybody involved knows what they're getting into and fully agrees with it, there's no harm. Consider trying it out with something a little more adventurous than spanking, which is practically vanilla now anyway. One common favorite, for example, is playing with hot wax. Of course, any play like this can potentially do genuine damage, so make sure you're educated about what you're doing before you start.

7 Public Sex


If the thought of potentially getting caught fills you with legitimate dread, you still shouldn't be put off. There are ways of exploring this kink without being as obvious as fooling around under the table in a restaurant. For example, on a day with nice weather, going for a walk with your partner to some secluded spot in the woods can be a safe way of trying it out. Just make sure you're not anywhere that might upset people, and steer clear of law enforcement.

6 Desperation

Don't underestimate the power of feeling uncomfortable – at least, pleasantly uncomfortable. You can explore feeling desperate in a number of ways. The most famous is edging, which you have probably already heard of – and maybe already tried. You can also try drinking a lot and holding your pee in. Sounds bizarre, but the pressure this puts on your body can make you feel excited. Get your partner to try it too; this effect is even more pronounced in women. Even setting a timer and deciding you're not allowed to touch your partner until it hits zero can enhance anticipation and make the payoff 10 times better.

5 Exhibitionism & Voyeurism 


Getting it on with people watching you might not be everybody's cup of tea, and neither is being a member of the crowd, but don't let that stop you from giving it a go. For some people, performing for someone makes them feel attractive and excited – even if it's just one other person. For the viewer, it can make them feel like they're seeing something special that nobody else has access to. Try this out with one of the many adult cam sites available and see how you feel, either with or without a partner.

4 Watersports

Playing watersports turns most people off before they even start, simply because it sounds gross. However, there are a significant portion of people who swear by it – and not all of them liked the idea to begin with. You only need to browse AskReddit for a short while to find a guy who did something questionable, and now can't get enough of it. Take note, by the way; the shower or bath is a really good place to start, as it makes for easy cleanup.


3 Submission


Sexual submission doesn't come naturally to a lot of men, but once you've tried it, there's a chance you'll never want to behave any other way. Let's just take a moment to dispel the rumors. Being sexually submissive doesn't mean you're weak, whipped, or any of the other insults kids throw at each other at school. Don't let that 12-year-old perspective follow you into adulthood! With the right partner, this could be amazing for you.

2 Butt Action

It's 2016, and the vast majority of men are still not exploring other ventures. This often has to do with some idea that it somehow makes you less of a man, but neither of those things are true. All men have a prostate, regardless of whether you're straight or gay – and trust us, you're going to want to make friends with yours, if you haven't already. It might feel strange at first, and the idea might not necessarily appeal, but it's definitely worth trying with a partner you trust. Just make sure you have the right kind of lubricant – there are specific ones – and start small. You'll thank us later.

1 Bondage


While domination and sadomasochism might not be to everybody's taste, the 'B' in BDSM is certainly worth a try. It doesn't even have to be in the context of dominating power or control if that makes you uncomfortable. Bondage can be used to play games, or for sensory restriction. A blindfold, for example, is about as bondage-lite as you can get, but it can still be a lot of fun to help enhance what you're doing in the bedroom. Start with silk ties for comfort, and work your way up. You never know – you could be a shibari master before you know it.

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