10 Shocking Animal Attack Survival Stories

We hear about animal attacks happening every once in a while on the news. For some reason, every time we do we are surprised by them. It is a bit strange because once a human ventures into the wild; they become part of the food chain. When a human comes up on an animal, that person must use extreme caution. If they do not, they may be in for a very unpleasant encounter.

Some attacks are so brutal that they actually cause death. It is not uncommon for animal attacks to have this type of tragic end. However, in many cases the person involved is able to survive. Unfortunately, they are usually left with some pretty nasty scars that serve as a reminder to that horrible encounter.

When people survive an animal attack, it is normally because they know what to do. For example, if a bear attacks you, you play dead. Eventually it will get bored and go away. You are not supposed to fight back. If you fight a bear, you will lose. However, there are a few instances when a survival story comes up that is more than simply playing dead. Something about the story just makes you stop and say “That is crazy.” Here are some of those survival stories.

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10 Mike Coots -- Tiger Shark Attack

Via schildmannjurgen.wordpress.com

In 1997, Mike Coots was surfing off the coast of the Hawaiian Island of Kauai. All of a sudden a full grown tiger shark swam straight up from the deep and grabbed hold of his leg. Coots never saw the shark coming. Normally, one will see the dorsal fin of the shark and have time to get to safety. However, this was not the case for Coots. He attempted to pry the shark’s jaw open with his right arm while punching it in the nose with his left. The shark gave up and swam away. Coots then had to swim to safety without his leg. After recovering from surgery, Coots once again decided to go back into the ocean. However, this time he was not going to dedicate his time to surfing. Instead, Mike Coots is now on a mission to save sharks from be hunted and going extinct. There are a lot of shark attacks, but this is the only one where the attackee now wants to try to help his attacker.

9 Brent Case -- Grizzly Bear Attack

Via liveaquietlife.blogspot.com

Brent Case was doing a land surveying job on May 3rd of 2008. While his back was turned a huge grizzly bear snuck up and bit into his head. Case believed he could feel the bear actually eating his brains, however this was untrue. The bear not only was biting Case’s head, but also his right arm. Luckily, the bear missed his major artery. Eventually the bear just left. Case then had the task of getting in his car and driving 25 kilometers to a gas station where he could call for medical attention. He had suffered massive blood loss and was completely disoriented by this point. Case made the drive and was then rushed to a hospital. He lost a large portion of his skull that day, but miraculously survived the attack.

8 Abby Wetherell -- Black Bear Attack

Via youtube.com

Every evening, Abby Wetherell would take a jog around her small town of Cadillac, Michigan. One night she was almost finished. She made it to her front yard and was suddenly attacked by a Black Bear. She played dead, like one is supposed to, but at first the bear would not leave. She suffered large claw marks on her face and back, but was alright. The most shocking thing about this is that she was only twelve years old at the time.

7 Roy Horn -- White Tiger Attack

Via newsnyork.com

Roy Horn is one half of the infamous entertainment act Siegfried and Roy. Together the two mystify crowds at Las Vegas’ Mirage Hotel and Casino. Their act is a magic show that incorporates live White Tigers. At one point of a 2003 show, Roy tripped and fell. His female tiger, Montecore, had her motherly instincts immediately kicked in. When a young tiger cub falls, the mother will bite onto the cub’s neck and bring it to a safe location. Montecore bit Roy’s neck and started to drag him off the stage. Unfortunately, Roy is not built like a tiger and did not withstand the bite force a cub would have. He was rushed to the hospital and had to have a quarter of his skull removed.

6 Michael Nash -- Elephant Attack

Via tadcrawford.com

Michael Nash is a well known outdoorsman and adventurer. He gained some popularity by taking a 455 day trek through East Africa. In 2003, Nash was going to trek through the African nation of Gabon. While he was in Loango National Park, he came across a mother elephant and her calf. He thought he was alright, but when he turned away the mother charged. He heard her coming and turned around just in time to jump up on her tusks and ride her until she ran out of steam. Had he not been unable to hold on, the elephant would surely have gored him to death.

5 Anonymous Teenager -- Inland Taipan Attack

Via en.wikipedia.org

The Inland Taipan is one of the most venomous snakes in the world. One drop of its venom is deadly enough to kill one hundred full grown men. When the snake bites a person, the person has only about forty-five minutes to live. Then they will start to hemorrhage and become paralyzed. This is why it is so shocking a 17-year-old Australian boy actually survived one of these bites. Somehow, he was able to walk into the hospital after an hour. He had the snake in a glass cage. The anti-venom supplied by the hospital worked and the boy lived. He had to remain anonymous in the media because Inland Taipans are illegal to own without a license. A 17-year-old would never be able to obtain this license, so he was in violation of the law by having it with him.

4 James Marrow -- Alligator Attack

Via nj.com

An alligator is basically a modern day dinosaur. In fact, scientists believe that an alligator’s bite force would actually rival that of a T-Rex’s, pound for pound. James Marrow was visiting Ocala National Forest with his friends when he was attacked by a 450 pound alligator. The attack came while Marrow was swimming in Lake Juniper. Luckily, Marrow’s snorkel took the brunt of the 3700 PSI bite force; otherwise, his skull would have been crushed instantly. While the alligator was dealing with the snorkel, Marrow’s friends were able to drag him to safety.

3 Frank Harmes -- Mountain Lion Attack

Via vote29.com

Frank Harmes was attacked in 2010 by a full grown mountain lion in his hometown of Morgan City, Alabama. He was walking his dog along paths when he came upon the beast on the trail. Harmes attempted to scare the mountain lion off, but instead the animal pounced on him. While on his back fighting off the cat, he was able to get out his pocket knife and stab the animal multiple times. The mountain lion ran off and was never found. Through the entire attack, Harmes’ dog just sat there and watched.

2 Ben Nyaumbe -- Python Attack

Via wordmachine.org

The chances of surviving a python attack are astronomical. The snake is basically a giant muscle that constricts its prey until it is no longer living. Nigerian farmer, Ben Nyaumbe, was tending to his crops one day when he stepped on a “spongy thing” by one of his trees. Immediately a 13 foot python swiped him up into the tree. Nyaumbe had just enough time to call out for help. The snake coiled around his body and started constricting. The police arrived very quickly but were not able to shoot the python without risking Nyaumbe’s life. Nyaumbe then tried to suffocate the snake inside his shirt. Finally, he grabbed onto the python’s tail and bit straight through it. The snake's scales caused serious damage to his jaw, but he managed to survive one of the most deadly animals on the planet.

1 Carl Akeley -- Leopard Attack

Via npr.org


There are not too many people who can truthfully say they killed a leopard with their bare hands. Carl Akeley was known as “The Father of Modern Taxidermy.” He would take trips all over the world to hunt. One day in 1898 he was in British Somalia and was attacked by a fully grown leopard. While on the ground being attacked, Akeley stuck his arm down the cat’s mouth and suffocated it from the inside out.

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