10 Seriously Hangry People Caught On Tape

One of the most universally hated people in the world is the person that gets up to the front of the Carl's Jr. line, stares blankly at the menu and still doesn't know what they want to order. Why? Be

One of the most universally hated people in the world is the person that gets up to the front of the Carl's Jr. line, stares blankly at the menu and still doesn't know what they want to order. Why? Because that idiot has now become the only thing between you and a western bacon cheeseburger with a side of crisscut fries and ranch.

It's the ultimate first world problem. We are used to being able to shove stuff in our mouths as soon as hunger pangs strike because there's food to be had everywhere and it can be made as fast as you can order it.  So tolerance for people who come between you and the sweet satisfaction of food is low to non-existent.

There's even a term for this kind of annoyance called 'hangry" where people get snappy and mean until their bellies are filled.  It's something we've all been through to varying degrees.  However, there are some people out there that go far beyond just being assholey when they don't get their Chalupa.  For some people, their hangriness rages and they go on rants so epic that people around them are compelled to put it up on YouTube so we can all be sad about the human race.

When it comes to getting a number 11 and a large coke, these people took no prisoners. Here are 10 seriously “hangry” people caught on tape.

10 Mess Up Her Order, She'll Mess Up Your Life

9 Ultimate Form!

8 Where's The Beef?

7 Just Give Her A Chicken Sandwich

6 We Can't Even Think Of A Deserving Title For This One

5 Run For The Border

The old Taco Bell joke is that 'running for the border' really means running for the bathroom because when you can get three tacos, two burritos, nachos, cinnamon balls and a large soda for under seven bucks, it's to be expected.  But in this case, running for the border is probably what the employees wanted to do after they allegedly got this woman's order wrong.  Hanger brings out a lovely shade of racism in her as she goes off on the Hispanic employees.  Then later, when she calms down, she apologizes and BOWS to the ASIAN cashier like she was her karate teacher.



4 McSeafood Needs To Happen

3 Nervous O' Hangry!

2 Plain, no CHEESE!

Have you ever met a person who liked cheese? No, you haven't because if someone is a cheese person, they don't just 'like' cheese, they f-ing love it. Cheese people want their cheese in blocks, sliced, fried, in stick form etc. And they ESPECIALLY want melted cheese on their hamburgers because without it, a hamburger might as well be a piece of turd in a bun. Cheese people see cheese as a religion and hamburgers that don't have a beautiful blanket of cheese on top of it is basically like spitting on their God.

Even more powerful than a cheese lover? A cheese hater.

1 Curly Fries Goes Corporate

There are straight fry people and curly fry people, and while both worship the potato in one fried form or another, curly fry people are the ones you don't want to mess with. As a curly fry person, I can tell you that there's nothing more disappointing than to see a bag of boring straight fries when you're anxiously anticipating a bag of joy and wonderfulness that can only be had with potatoes that have a perm.  You can't just give a curly fry person a bag of regular fries and expect to get away with it.  So we support this woman and her plans to restructure the local Arby's employee roster by calling corporate to complain about their HUGE curly fry mistake. In fact, Arby's should just go ahead and foot the bill for the therapy this woman needs to fix the emotional damage she has suffered from having to wait to have her curly fry fix.

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10 Seriously Hangry People Caught On Tape