10 Scary Ways Life On Earth Could End

Ever since humans arrived on Earth, they have been wondering about, and fearing, that life on Earth would end. The first record of a person predicting the end of the world was in the year 66. You can search on the internet and find hundreds of people who have predicted the end of the world. Luckily for us, these prophecies have been wrong.

Probably the most famous prophecy of the end of the world came from the Mayans. December 21, 2012, was when the Mayan calendar stopped. The belief was that the calendar ended because that was supposed to be the end of the world.

Who remembers Y2K? The start of the year 2000 was expected to bring a stop to the world as we knew it. All of our technology was supposed to stop working because dates on computers were going to turn to 00. People thought that computers would not be able to process a date of 00 and cease to work. It was so bad that people thought planes would fall from the sky, and the entire economy would collapse. When the ball dropped at midnight, nothing happened.

This list does not consist of prophecies of when the world will end. This list consists of ways that are plausible of how the end of life on Earth could happen. Number one on this list is guaranteed to happen if life still exists on Earth at that time.

10 Alien Invasion

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9 Supervolcano Erupts

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8 Gamma Ray Burst


7 Grey Goo


6 Artificial Intelligence Takes Over


5 Black Hole Created By Large Hadron Collider


4 Snowball Effect

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3 Massive Solar Flare Destroys Technology

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2 Asteroid Or Comet Strikes Earth

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1 Earth Is Swallowed Up By The Sun


This scenario is guaranteed to happen, and there is a date to go with it. In 7.6 billion years, the sun will expand in size and become a red giant. Due to the sun's expansion, Earth will be swallowed up by the sun. Life on Earth may end long before the sun engulfs the Earth. In one billion years, the sun will grow and be closer to the Earth causing the temperature on Earth to increase to the point that the water on the planet will boil. Life could not survive at those temperatures. If humans survive to see the year one billion, they will be eradicated by the sun. The only chance humanity would have is to colonize other planets.

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10 Scary Ways Life On Earth Could End