10 Scariest Drugs You've Never Heard Of

Drugs are a simple fact of life. Millions if not billions are taken every day, many in the form of legal medications. But a huge volume of drugs come from the criminal underworld, with the use of ille

Drugs are a simple fact of life. Millions if not billions are taken every day, many in the form of legal medications. But a huge volume of drugs come from the criminal underworld, with the use of illegal narcotics like heroin remaining disturbingly widespread despite legal restrictions and the obvious health risks. Drugs are chemical substances which can alter the body's physical and mental reactions, and some produce some really bizarre effects. They're created in many and varied ways, some simply being products naturally manufactured by nature whereas others are crudely thrown together with copious amounts of poisonous ingredients creating a deadly concoction of a potent hypnotic.

Some drugs can affect humans' central nervous systems in almost unbelievable ways, ranging from extreme suggestibility, to instant death from the smallest microgram. The body seems to sometimes crave the things that are the worst for it; when drugs are cut off from an addict, they experience withdrawal symptoms, forcing them to take more or force the mental torture of not receiving their golden dose they need to end the hell thrust upon them by a shortage of their chosen narcotic.

These drugs have crazy - and even tempting - effects on the body, effects which are completely different to the well-known reactions to most popularised drugs. The following ten dangerous, little-known narcotics will changes your perspective on the power of naturally-occurring products and the weakness of the human's consciousness to simple compounds.

10 Scopolamine

This is a fascinating drug that is exploited by Colombian criminal gangs for its exceptional properties. This drug causes amnesia and suggestibility; what this really means is criminals can pretty much tell you to do anything you want.

It puts the victim in a trance where they will do anything they are told to do, and won't remember it when they finally break free of the sleep-like state. This is often used by criminals by blowing it into victims faces before telling them to empty their bank accounts, but the victim won't remember it the next day, potentially pulling off the 'perfect' crime.


Why would anyone ever take this drug in the first place? Unlike other hallucinogens which create eerie psychological effects which seem real, this drug is mostly sound based, creating loud high pitched noises which can drive you to madness. Naïve individuals who have been foolish enough to even take this drug have reported ringing in their ears lasting up to 4 weeks, quite literally driving them crazy. Pain in the ears is also a side effect of this drug, adding to its already great effects.

8 'Bromo-Dragonfly'

This is one of the most potent hallucinogens known to man, creating deep hallucinogenic episodes which can last up to 3 days; 3 whole days of having terrible nightmares and vomiting blood. Sadly, this uncommon drug is very similar in appearance to a lot of mainstream drugs, so it is often mistakenly mislabelled and sold under a different name. Unaware users take a higher dose expecting a less potent drug and quickly overdose on this extremely potent drug, resulting in several deaths having been reported due to the mislabelling of this rare narcotic.


This drug mimics one of nature's safer products - marijuana. The active ingredient in marijuana is THC, a strong chemical however it is only present in very small amounts in marijuana. DMHP is the result of a crazy chemist extracting this precious yellow oil from the plant. A minuscule 0.0002 grams of this drug can render a human completely useless and with the most extreme case of munchies known to man.

6 Yage / Ayahuasca

Made from a blend of the ayahuasca vine and a shrub named chacruna, this mix creates one of nature's most powerful hallucinogens which has been used since ancient times for spiritual journeys for tribesmen to find their inner selves.

Yage is a tribal hallucinogen which is used commonly used in spiritual rituals since it creates vivid hallucinogenic episodes, however these are usually so strong that they can result in the user literally losing their mind, going completely crazy. It also comes with side effects of vomiting blood and diarrhoea, which I would guess isn't very pleasant.

5 Krokodil

Unflatteringly, the name suggests what this drug does to its victims. From humble beginnings of being used as a legitimate painkiller back since its creation in 1932, it was soon outlawed due to its dangerous repercussions on the body. It’s fairly easy to synthesise using a combination of widely available drugs, most of which are common in the production of meth. The name Krokodil relates to its side effect of dramatically drying out the user’s skin, leaving them with an almost reptile-like appearance.

4 Jenkem

In the classy underworld of the drug trade, they’re really stepping it up a notch. The latest drug on the developing markets is Jenkem. Now imagine the worst possible thing to inhale the fumes off? Chances are you probably guessed it.

3 Benzo - Fury


Don’t you wish you could buy your MDMA and Ecstasy over the counter? Better yet, online? Well, you can now! Sorta. Benzo-fury is a ‘designer’ drug which uses legal loopholes to allow sales online completely legally. The manufacturers optimistically call it a ‘research drug’ while the guinea pigs seem to say it has similar effects to MDMA and Ecstacy.

2 Freon

If you take this stuff, you won’t be needing rolling papers or a spoon, you’ll be needing a shovel. Wherever there is any substance, there’ll always be a group who use it to try to get high.

1 Etorphine

Everyone knows the tragic, brutal impact heroin has on the human body and mind. Now, imagine that drug multiplied by 5000. Believe it or not, scientists actually sat down and created this drug, which is a full 5000 times more powerful than the notorious narcotic which has ruined countless lives.

The only use they could think for this abomination is to sedate large animals, but boy does it do that well. 1/100th of a gram can completely knock out an elephant weighing 300 kg. This drug has never been abused by humans due to its incredibly potency; a milligram of this stuff touching your skin and you'll be out cold in a matter of minutes.

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10 Scariest Drugs You've Never Heard Of