10 Ridiculous Fetishes You’ve Never Heard Of

As the world becomes more and more comfortable with the idea of being sensually open, the world of fetishes becomes more and more on display for the world to see. Kinks are becoming more accessible these days, in more ways than you probably know. Popular television series like My Strange Addiction have covered the topic in recent years, from those that like to spend the night with their Real Doll, to men who get aroused by dressing up like babies. One of the most talked about movies of 2015, Fifty Shades of Grey, was based almost entirely on the practice of going towards new frontiers in bed.

But what is a fetish? According to Merriam-Webster, a fetish is “an object or bodily part whose real or fantasied presence is psychologically necessary for sexual gratification and that is an object of fixation to the extent that it may interfere with complete sexual expression.” Fetishism has been confused with kink for years, though recently the terms have become blurred. Simply put, a fetish is something someone needs to become aroused. If this item or action isn’t present in their sexual experience, the person can have a hard time becoming aroused – if at all.

The light that’s been cast on fetish hobbies in the past few years isn’t exactly positive, though. In most contexts, viewers and browsers of fetish sites and subreddits are more akin to an audience gawking at an oddity rather than being enticed by something they find sensually pleasing. This comes with the territory. While some fetish acts are more typical and socially accepted, such as swinging or light bondage, others are much more quizzical and lend to the notion that fetish practices are more mystifying than worthy of becoming mainstream. Even if you’re a fan of fetish, it’s quite possible that there’s some stuff that’s too out there for even your own tastes. If you aren’t familiar with this subversive sex community, these 10 fetishes were probably entirely off your radar…until now.

10 Balloons

People with a balloon fetish find the colorful orbs to be a source of sexual pleasure and are often referred to as “looners” within the fetish community. This can manifest in many ways, including watching someone blow up a balloon until the point at which it bursts, or listening to someone pop balloons they step or sit on.

9 Human Furniture

You might have seen this one in a movie or two before and just thought it was part of a strange set design, but a human furniture fetish (referred to as “forniphilia;” a term coined by Jeff Gord) is an entirely real and existing thing. An extreme form of bondage, forniphilia requires either manipulation with an outside rope or gear or an extreme sense of discipline.

8 Teddy Bears

This mouthful of a fetish, ursusagalmatophilia, is quite simple despite the long and complex name: it’s simply a sexual attraction to teddy bears. An offshoot of both the furry movement and akin to the fetish of plush animals in general (aka plushophilia), ursusagalmatophilia focuses on the same stuffed animals your mom used to tuck into bed with you every night.

7 Creepy Crawlies

This fetish, known as formicophilia, is an offshoot of zoophilia, or a sexual attraction to animals. This fetish is much more specific, though. Instead of just any animal, this fetish involves a sexual arousal from being crawled on or nibbled on by insects or small creatures. A formicophile would find pleasure in ants running across his foot or a slug crawling on her arm. A formicophile may have a preference for certain animals or insects, or even a part of the body they want these animals or insects to crawl on.

6 Religious Paraphernalia

Hierophilia is a sexual attraction to religious or sacred objects. Those with knowledge of etymology can recognize this almost immediately as the word is derived from the Greek “hieros,” meaning holy or sacred. Those with hierophilia can find arousal from either any religious object or only a specific kind of object. This can also be exclusive to one religion; the most popular of which appears to be Christianity.

5 Immobility

The fetish of agalmatophilia has a wide range of subject matter. An agalmatophile can be attracted to human-like statues, mannequins, dolls or even robots. The draw of this fetish is that the object in question is immobile, unmoving and still for eternity. The way this fetish manifests is often different for each individual. A practitioner might want to become a statue and fantasize as such to find release, or they might be attracted to the actual inanimate object of their desires.

4 Crushing Objects

This fetish hasn’t yet been named, though it’s been documented for years. Participants in this fetish will either watch videos of the act of someone crushing small objects, insects, or other items with their body, or they get someone to perform this act for them in real life. More extreme examples of this fetish involve crushing actual animals, and has caused this fetish to get a reasonably negative rep with the press and public.

3 Being Robbed

As terrifying as the thought of being mugged is, people out there exist that fantasize about the experience as a sexual fetish. Chremastistophilia is a fetish where someone becomes sexually aroused by being robbed or held up, but can also apply to being charged for sexual services. This fetish is much like a more extreme version of the balloon popping kink. The fear and adrenaline rush present during the situation arouses the practitioner, as does the sense of helplessness and submission.

2 Armpits

1 Accidents and Disasters

Rounding out the list is one of the more ethically questionable fetishes, symphorophilia. This fetish involves sexual arousal derived from either watching a travesty or staging one. This tragedy in question can vary, from car crashes to tsunamis, fires to bridges collapsing. The fetish received some mainstream notice when the 1973 novel Crash was adapted into a film in 1996; the characters in both adaptations are symphorophiles with an obsession with car crashes. Professor John Money first coined the term in the paper “Paraphilias: Phenomenology and classification,” writing about the fetish that it is “like a game of Russian roulette, it may end in death — alone or with the partner. However, flirting with disaster, rather than suicide and murder is the trigger responsible for autoerotic arousal and excitement.”


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10 Ridiculous Fetishes You’ve Never Heard Of