10 Reasons The Adult-Only Film Business Is Bad For Society

It's no secret that sex sells. Billboards and ads are plastered just about everywhere with scantily-clad men and women boasting promises of whatever product is being sold. As a result of this, society is pretty used to seeing half-naked people during day to day life. The naked human body isn't anything to be ashamed of, but there's no reason why it has to be hyper-sexualized on a regular basis.

Beyond provocative advertising, the online world is something completely different. It's almost too easy to find just about whatever you want with a quick Google search. Unfortunately, Google has no age limit, so kids are able to find almost anything an adult could.

One very popular topic that contains tons of searches and hits on the internet, is p*rn. More men than women partake in searching for the stuff, and even though succumbing to desires every once in a while may seem harmless, the adult film business is actually a lot more dangerous to society than people like to think. The adult film business is probably not going anywhere any time soon, but there are reasons to start thinking about limiting the content that is produced. It isn't just a quick way to satisfy yourself and get out - it's detrimental to the way both men and women live, see each other, and interact with one another in relationships. This dirty business definitely isn't one to be proud of. Here are ten reasons why you should think twice before clicking "play" on that video next time.

10 Unrealistic Situations

9 Expectations For Men

8 Expectations For Women

7 Too Easy To Find

6 Productivity

5 Addiction

4 It's Not The Same As The Real Thing

3 Fetishes

2 It Could Be Dangerous

1 Concerns About Children's Safety

Anybody who's been on one of these sites before know it's common for videos to be titled suggestively with hints at young women being involved. The reason why these videos and situations are created is because there's a market for it, and catering to this market only intensifies the interest and arousal. Men who are watching videos of "teen" girls. Outside of that, while it is illegal, there are people who are interested in watching videos featuring children, and having "barely legal teen" videos promoted on adult sites isn't a far step from that. While the adult film industry has lots of things to work on, erasing any traces or nods towards kids is something that needs to be addressed immediately.

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10 Reasons The Adult-Only Film Business Is Bad For Society