10 Real Wedding Disasters That Could Happen To You And Your Fiance

Ahh, the birds are chirping, the sun is shining and everyone smiling, today is your special day. It's your wedding day, your magical moment, the day you've been dreaming about for as long as you can remember. Everything is suppose to be perfect: double rainbows, white doves and all that fantasy stuff we see in the bridal magazines. Let's be real, when it comes to getting hitched, things rarely go as planned. Bummer right? The entire wedding industry is responsible for the unrealistic expectations that life will just happen, wedding day or not.

It is without a doubt proven time and time again that the unexpected can pop up and surprise you when you least expect it. Drunk photographers? It happens. Outfits getting ruined? Typical. Shocking confessions at the alter stopping the entire wedding in its tracks? We'd like to say it isn't so, but anything seems to go nowadays. These types of weddings definitely get remembered and keep people talking for years.

A life changing factor in terms of these wedding disasters is how it is chosen to be handled. Things happen, but taking it too much to heart and letting your day be ruined and your soul be crushed because of setbacks is only hurting those involved just that much more.

The following stories make it hard to keep that upbeat, peppy attitude. It's time to cut the cake on these bogus horror stories that these couples just can't live happily ever after with. Read on...

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10 'Til Death Do You Part

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Sarah Taylor and her husband attended a wedding that they will remember for eternity. To start it off, the wedding was held in a public park and when they arrived, they were greeted by police officers and a coroner. It turns out that a homeless man was looking for shelter days prior and had died behind the lattice at the bottom of the gazebo and nobody noticed until the wedding day. Apparently the smell was just awful and the entire wedding scene had to be moved to the other end of the park.

Finally, once the vows were being said, a groomsmen interrupted and shouted, "John, I'm sorry you can't marry Sherilynn. I love her and she is pregnant with my baby!" This confession naturally sets the groom into a tizzy and he begins calling his ex-bride explicit names. As this episode of Jerry Springer continues, a guest stands up and yells, "Serves you right, you b*st*rd. You've been screwing my sister for a year!"

All we can chant is, "Jerry! Jerry! Jerry!"

9 Runaway Bride

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Kate Walters and 100 other guests happily watched the bride and groom promise their futures together in a ceremony that was out of a romance novel. The couple seemed exceedingly happy and in love and everyone was ready to celebrate their love together at the reception. As all the guests gathered at the reception area, everything seemed fine until the clock kept ticking. There was no big announcement that Mr. and Mrs. had arrived and the guests began to get a little antsy waiting around. After more than one hour had passed, some guests began to leave.

The groom finally emerged assuring guests that "she'd be right back" in reference to his new wife. Awkwardly, the night ended when all the guests eventually left as the bride never appeared and it was obvious that something went very wrong. Kate later found out that the bride had asked her new husband for the car keys saying that she forgot something in the car right before entering the reception hall. She sped off in her wedding gown, apparently picked up her ex-boyfriend and drove off to Mexico with all the wedding gifts and money. We swear, we can't make this stuff up, some people are that messed up!

8 Cocktail For Disaster

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When Bonnie Patience Zimmerman decided to attend her ex-boyfriend's close friend's wedding, she wasn't too sure what to expect. After all, she had never attended a wedding in her life and at the young age of 19, she was popping her wedding cherry. When she arrived she noticed an open bar, which most weddings have nowadays. The excitement of the wedding fun and the easy access to booze all lined up to spiral out of control. Bonnie began mixing drinks and going for refills roughly every 15 minutes. She recounts her story, from what she can remember of it and it makes you cringe.

The alcohol began to make her feel like she was the winning contestant on Dancing With the Stars, as she began to dance with all the guests and by herself in a ridiculous manner. She got so enthralled with her newfound dancing talents that she passed out on the dance floor in front of everybody. The horrified bride and groom rushed her out of the party. Bonnie ended up waking up to seeing her then boyfriend sleeping in a hotel room chair next to her. He was able to let her know that the newlyweds had given up their honeymoon suite for this disorderly drunk to sleep it off!

7 A Wet Wedding

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Nikki Palluzzi and Jonathan Wagenschutz had just said their "I dos" and were whisked away with their wedding party to capture the moment. The large group of bridesmaids and grooms headed over to a nearby area alongside Lake Michigan. It was an ideal spot for wedding pictures and perfect weather to start snapping. The photographer decided to get creative and asked the wedding party to all head on to the dock. Everyone innocently grouped together on the dock to pose and 1...2...3 crack! Screams. Splash! Yes, you guessed it, the weight of the entire group was too much for the wooden dock to hold.

Not all, but most members of the wedding party, including the bride and groom, fell into the lake. Their beautiful gowns and tuxedos, professional hair and makeup ruined in an instant. Thankfully, nobody was hurt during this fiasco and the party ended up having a great sense of humor over the entire fall. The video ended up going viral on the internet and the scene created one picture that will last a lifetime.

6 Gassy Nuptials

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Jodye Rudolph took her role as maid of honor very seriously when it came to her sister's wedding. She meticulously planned everything out perfectly to a tee for before, during and after the wedding. Everything was going perfectly until it came time to exchange vows. As the whole wedding party was standing up in front for all the guests to see, something immediately did not sit right with Jodye. She began to feel her stomach moving all around and emitting this not so subtle gurgling sounds. Everyone ignored it at first, because when that happens, there is really nothing you can do to control it and it wasn't that big of a deal. Jodye only wished it was her stomach making noise and she clenched so aggressively to hold in one of the biggest farts she had ever felt.

Nature crossed her and she ripped one. The worst part is that she was standing right next to where the microphone was placed and the very loud fart echoed in the church. She was mortified and the guests were not P-C about it. They began to open windows and make faces at the sound and stench of her gassy affair.

5 Boxing Bride

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This story comes from Lauren Tai Sen Choy who worked at a sports bar in London. One night her bar was booked for a wedding reception. Lauren was not sure what kind of crowd was going to show up. Who books a wedding reception in a sports bar? Late into the evening, all of a sudden Lauren finds herself in the middle of an all-out brawl with every single wedding guest. She attempted to protect herself and was front row center for this live multiple guest UFC fight.

She recounts seeing broken glass fly at someone's neck as well as a bridesmaid's dress being ripped off. She saw a man holding a baby get punched in the face three times and finally located the bride who was covered in blood, in her white dress and all. The police eventually ended up being the wedding crashers and got everything in order. The bride even had the audacity to ask Lauren if she could get her deposit back. It was safe to say that answer was no.

4 Cake Catastrophe

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Erwinia was eager to attend her cousin's wedding as she could rekindle with family she had not seen in a long time, including the bride herself. She always remembered her cousin to be a little bratty, but figured into adulthood, her attitude would have improved over the years. Wrong. Erwinia was already a bit frustrated because the time between the ceremony and the reception lasted three hours resulting in some guests getting completely hammered at the bar or going to the casino partying. When the guests were finally waiting for the new couple to be announced, disaster stuck. The bride got a glimpse of her beautiful wedding cake and had a meltdown. Apparently the wrong type of flowers were put on the cake and it was just way too much for her to handle. She refused to present herself until the cake was fixed. Her bridal party began undoing their bouquets and replacing the flowers on the cake causing another hour delay. Even after all of that, the bride continued to pout the entire night. This is one cousin who had no respect for her guests or their time.

3 Murphy's Law

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Marese had her Australian wedding planned to perfection. Only perfection was the last gift received. Everything that could go wrong definitely did, leading this wedding disaster to take the cake. Last minute, her maid of honor notified her to say she would no longer be attending due to a breast cancer diagnosis and would be needing immediate treatment. One of her groomsmen also had to decline due to the fact that he was a witness in a murder case trial and legally was not allowed to leave the state. One day before the wedding, a bridesmaid's father had a heart attack and sadly died on the actual wedding day. When Marese's sister also arrived for the big day, she had leaked toiletries all over her suitcase staining her dress and everything inside. To add a cherry to this sundae, Marese and her soon to be hubby brought their child to do her hair for the wedding and learned that she had head lice. There is belief that it is good luck to have things go wrong on your wedding day, resulting in a long and happy marriage, but this is a little extreme.

2 Drugged Out Dancers

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This story comes from a guest who witnessed one wild wedding. Three guests in attendance were sorority sisters of the bride and decided to take acid after the ceremony. Good idea, right? After dinner, the drugs kicked in and the girls' behavior changed immediately and it was all downhill from there. The girls rifled through the caterer's garbage and began eating food out of the trash with no shame. They later began to strip naked and jumped into the pool bringing along the seven-year-old ring bearer with them.

Other guests were able to get them out of the pool and back to the villa but the party kept on going for these three. They began to dance on table tops, half dressed and in heels, and one girl even jumped on somebody's husband and tried to attack him. The DJs had to drag the girl attacking the retired SWAT commander off of him. The bride and groom were beyond angry and we wonder what will be written in their thank you cards?

1 M.I.A. Minister

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Marie Fraser was on cloud nine after she had finished her pre-marital wedding courses in order to be able to marry in a Catholic church with her husband. She had met with her priest many times and everything seemed professional and ready to go for the big day. The wedding day arrived and when the bride arrived she saw all the guests grouped on the stairs outside the church. The church was locked and the priest was nowhere to be found. The bride and her father had to circle the block for 40 minutes and guests tried to figure out how to get in and reach the priest. Marie's brother-in-law was able to break into the church to allow the guests in and protect them from the sweltering heat, after they had been standing outside for hours. Family friends began searching the  neighborhood for anyone who could marry the couple because they pretty much had given up on their Catholic priest. They eventually found a Pentecostal minister who agreed to marry them. So he showed up to the church in khakis and flip flops but got the job done. At the reception, the Catholic priest eventually showed up apparently mumbling something about a prolonged golf game.


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