10Edwin and Marsha Becker – 1971

Edwin Becker

In a Chicago suburb in 1971, Edwin and Marsha Becker were a young couple with a baby on the way, buying their first home. Upon moving in to their new place, things rapidly took a dark turn. Being a stay at home mother, during the long periods of time when

Marsha was alone in the house she began to experience activity such as things moving around, doors opening and closing, animals - seemingly unprovoked - growling and reacting to invisible presences. Being in a bind and unable to move, the Beckers were forced to deal with the haunting for several years before getting in touch with a psychic by the name of Joe DeLuise, who said that he would bring an exorcist with him. Then, NBC caught wind of the story and wanted to film it. On the day of the exorcism, crosses were passed out, and DeLuise channeled the presence. This would become the first televised exorcism. The exorcism didn’t work, and the Beckers left the house. Edwin Becker wrote a book about his experience called True Haunting, and the couple was also featured in the SyFy series, “Paranormal Witness”, in the episode called “The Tenants”.

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