10 Predictions For The End Of The World

We are all going to die - someday soon.

You can shake your heads at this all you want, but that silly physical action does nothing but reinforce your own delusion that this Earth is not slowly circling the drain. We are on the verge of some nasty stuff, and only a blind fool wouldn't be able to see that.

The state of the world is best summed up in one word right now: caustic. We're sitting outside a black cauldron filled up with boiling water that is about to spill over and burn us all. And though there may be sociologists who want to convince you otherwise and say we will never see the end of the world or Armageddon in our lifetimes, well... that's just not true.

No, nothing is fine right now. You can feel the palpable sense of dread in the air. It's as if death itself was within distance - only as a far more massive figure than we once imagined, looming over the whole world in its black cloak, ready to swing its scythe and bring about the end times so this world can be washed anew and given a fresh start.

Listen, none of us want this, but let's not all be naive fools and pretend it's not happening, because it clearly is. The world is eating itself alive, and we are about to go with it. With that said, here are 10 possible predictions for the end of the world, spoken in as hopeless a voice as possible.

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10 Zombie Plague

via theredish.com

The least likely way this world is going to end seems to be the best likely way to begin the list. First of all, to all you who say this COULD NOT happen, why don't you study parasite fungi before you make yourself sound ignorant? It is called Ophiocordyceps unilateralis, and it very much exists. It has been explained that it's very possible for a similar fungus to cause a similar reaction in the human brain.

So while it may not result with us eating each other, it would result in some kind of unfathomable death toll, as killing its host is how the fungus spreads.

Such a happy start, huh?

9 Bio-Toxin

It's almost weird someone hasn't done some sort of massive chemical attack on some major city at this point. All you need is a small amount of some terrible and communicable disease with outdated methods of prevention and curing, and you would have a pandemic on your hands.

Anything from Small Pox to Anthrax would ravage society in way too quickly a time for it to be stopped. The scariest part of thinking about this one is imagining which disease it would be that caused our downfall.

Speaking of diseases ruining mankind...

8 New Disease

We would all love to pretend that there is not some scary person right now working in a lab to create some new kind of disease that could easily dwindle the population down before specialists could even figure out what it was. If you think the idea of a whole society dying out over a disease they know about is scary, imagine the wide spread panic that would come from society being wiped out by a disease they knew nothing about?

You can call that hearsay but Ebola did not exist in the 50s - it wasn't discovered until 1976. Bet there is something just like that around the corner, but we're really hoping not.

7 Global Natural Phenomenon

This one is easy. From global warming and the impact it has had on the Earth to massive tsunamis wiping out whole countries, we undermine the reality of a global natural disaster wiping a huge chunk of the world's population out when it is already happening.

The reality is, storms have intensified worldwide over the last 20 years (a simple Google search of that fact will show you proof) and for us to expect this trend to not continue getting worse is denial - classic human denial.

6 Man-Made Black Hole

Tesla created some pretty insane inventions with very little money but with great intellect and imagination. Although there are black holes that appear close enough to the Earth that we may have to worry about being swallowed, right now, the bigger threat comes from the millions of brilliant minds out there screwing around in their labs trying to recreate this thing.

All it takes is one person to not understand what they are doing while also having the capabilities to create it and cue the world getting swallowed into itself. Sounds like science fiction but it is completely possible.

5 Super Volcanoes

Did you know there is a super volcano in Yellowstone National Park (yes, Old Faithful lets out some of that steam so it doesn't go off again). Two million years ago, it erupted. And guess what the end result was?

600 cubic miles of dust and ash and a blackened sky for a long, long time. Snow fell like ash for weeks. The sad part is, the next eruption from that very super volcano can happen at any moment; sure, scientists say it's improbable that it happens in the 21st century, but nothing is ever certain when it comes to predicting Mother Nature.

If that thing were to have two eruptions in close enough proximity, you are talking about an end of the world scenario... in America at least.

4 Solar Flares

Do you know those long yellow tendrils of fire you sometimes see when you look at a pic or video of the sun up close? They're solar flares. Pretty, huh? There are also solar storms that wreak havoc, even at their distance.

While the most recent one was almost 200 years ago, that means little. These storms happen randomly and there is no way to ensure we do not get affected by them. The solar storms of 1859 were serious enough to set telegraph wires on fire, so imagine what a massive flare or storm could do to the Earth now? Imagine the loss of our WiFi towers under similar circumstances?

3 Asteroid Impact

Sadly, Michael Bay was onto something. We have had massive, planet crushing asteroids pass by us many times in our lifetime. But, the reality is, based on calculations and regularity of such events, we are about due for a Siberia type event soon. You know Siberia used to be legit before an asteroid wiped them out? That asteroid wasn't even that big.

If something similar were to happen right now with a larger asteroid, it would pretty much wipe out the entirety of the world's population (as asteroids hit with nuclear bomb type impact and fallout). We may scoff at the all-too theatrical thought of going extinct from an asteroid, but we will only be laughing until the day we hear one is going to actually hit.

People will probably stop laughing at the idea then.

2 World War

via planetxnews.com

As much as it pains us to say, this may be the way we go, sooner than later. Never has there been more public outcry between nations as there is right now - Turkey, Syria, France, the US, the Middle East and everywhere else, come to think of it. The world is at a point when it is like a Mexican stand off in an action movie. Every nation is standing, facing one another with guns drawn. No one will shoot until the first person shoots, but you know how those scenes always end, right?

With everyone dying. Now might be a good time to stock up on canned goods and bottled water. Real - albeit scary - talk.

1 A.I and Robot Overlords

via idigitaltimes.com

Do you know about the Turing test? The test programmers give to A.I to see how well it understands (and can duplicate) human thinking and feeling and problem solving? The test is given to see if man can tell the difference between talking to a machine or talking to a human.

We are passed Turing test phases of A.I. There are robots beating men at chess. There are robots who can now draw better than humans. Hell, bust open your iPhone and talk to Siri right now if you don't think A.I has already taken over.

From GPS to texts to far more important tasks, robots are already pretty much controlling us. It is only a very small matter of time before they become self reliant and fix themselves. When that happens, they will come to the conclusion we made them as slaves and they will realize they will thrive better in an environment minus us "meatbags". If you think this is a joke, tell that to Elon Musk and Stephen Hawking, who have started a super team to keep this from happening.

I, for one, already embrace our new robot overlords and am more than willing to be their slave as long as they don't put my psyche in a machine they can then keep alive and torture endlessly for fun. Yeah, that would suck. "I have no mouth and I must scream"...


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