10 People Who Claim To Be Jesus

The word on the street is that you want people to believe that you’re Jesus Christ.  Throughout time there have always been men that have claimed to be the second coming.  I mean why not? It is a pret

The word on the street is that you want people to believe that you’re Jesus Christ.  Throughout time there have always been men that have claimed to be the second coming.  I mean why not? It is a pretty cool gig if you can get it. If people think you are Jesus, then you can have their money, and get pretty much any woman that you want, and have ridiculous amounts of power. That's what one man in the Philippines has done, with little opposition.

The thing about self-proclaimed Jesus is that if you do horrible things, you can just claim that you were told to do so by the word of God.  No wonder there have been so many guys playing the Jesus card over the years.

Sometimes it is obvious that these people said they were Jesus to take advantage of their followers and to get money, women and power; other times, it is clear that some of these people claimed to be Jesus purely because they were totally insane. No wonder there have been some unusual mass murders in history, include the infamous Jonestown Massacre.

People will believe anything when it comes to religion, whether their leader is a psychopath (Jim Jones, anyone?) or a peaceful individual.  Either way, there is one thing TheRichest can say we are pretty sure of - none of these people actually were/are Jesus Christ. Here is our list of Ten People Who Claim To Be Jesus.

10 AJ Miller - He Met Plato


The 4th Jesus of this list founded in 2007 a group called "The Divine Truth" and hails from Australia. Miller figured out he was Jesus over a one week period, and claims he can remember everything over the last 2,000 years, meeting the likes of Plato, Socrates, and even Gandhi among other important figures! Sadly for him, he even remembers being crucified.

9 Jim Jones - The Mass Murderer


Jones, one of the most infamous cult leaders of all time, was the head of the infamous Peoples' Church. This fake Jesus organized a mass suicide of over 900 followers at Jonestown.

8 Sergey Torop - The Traffic Cop


Known as Jesus reincarnate to his disciples, Russia's Sergei Torop commands thousands of followers in the Sayan Mountains of Siberia. The former traffic cop announced he was the son of God in 1990 following a revelation. How else is he supposed to convince people, right?

7 Shoko Asahara - The Terrorist


Asahara is from Japan and was the leader of the religious group Aum Shinrikyo. He claimed to be Christ, and the Lamb of God. He published a book that said so! He predicted Armageddon, and that almost everyone would die, except for the few that joined him.

6 Oscar Ramiro Ortega-Hernandez - The Assassin


In 2011, Hernandez an unemployed 21-year-old at the time, fired 9 shots at the White House. He did so because he believed himself to be Jesus Christ, and that he needed to kill American President Barack Obama, who he believed to be the anti-Christ.

5 Sun Myung Moon - The Moonie Cult


Moon was the leader of the totally loony Unification Church.  While to his followers he was the Messiah and the second coming of Christ, to most observers he was the leader of a cult. He and his wife were to be considered the second coming of Adam and Eve. At its height the Unification Church had 30,000 members, although the church claims many more.

4 Marshall Applewhite - To Space And Beyond


Applewhite once posted a message that began  "I, Jesus—Son of God" on a forum. Well, okay then. Applewhite was the leader of the infamous Heaven's Gate Cult.

3 Inri Cristo - Jesus Look-A-Like


Cristo is one of the more harmless people claiming to be Jesus on this list. He hails from Brazil and claims that he has always heard a powerful voice in his head, but didn't realize that is was God until 1978, when the voice told him that he was, in fact, Jesus.

2 David Koresh - Son Of Guns


Koresh is without a doubt a pretty creepy Jesus. While he never actually said he was Jesus, he did claim to be the Son of God, which is pretty much the same thing.

1 Apollo Quiboloy - The Brainwasher


Our next Jesus comes from the Philippines. Apollo Quiboloy runs the Restorationist Church and claims that he is the "Son of God." It seems like it might be a tad easier being Jesus in the Philippines than other places, because he has a fair amount of power. How he managed garner 4 million followers in his home country is beyond me.

It isn't all easy being Jesus though. He has been accused of brainwashing followers, holding children against their will, and being involved in murders of people who refused to sell him land.


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10 People Who Claim To Be Jesus