10 People That Took Plastic Surgery Into Their Own Hands

People like the human Barbie and the human Ken have proven that plastic surgery can be a slippery slope, and an addiction to plastic surgery is 100% real. Of course, thousands of people opt for one or two procedures, are happy with the results, and choose to never go under the knife again. But there are others who will just never be happy with how they look, and more plastic surgery is not helping them. It's only making it worse.

What happens when those people who believe they cannot live without getting that procedure they have their hearts set on, are turned away? Plastic surgeons have a responsibility, just like any other doctor, to only do things that are in the best interest of the patient's health. Psychological assessments are sometimes necessary if the doctor feels like someone is going under the knife for the wrong reasons.

Another obstacle on the road to perfection is the high cost of more plastic surgery procedures. They are considered superficial, and unnecessary, so health insurance rarely covers them. That means, if someone can't pay out of pocket, then they are most likely out of luck. Unless they figure out a way to do the surgery themselves. Sounds crazy, right? That's because it is. Here are 10 was people have attempted to take their plastic surgery into their own hands.

10 Hang Mioku - Cooking Oil Botox


Former model, Hang Mioku had her first cosmetic procedure when she was 28-years-old, and it was far from the last. Her parents, who barely recognized her anymore insisted she see a psychiatrist, but that didn't last. She managed to find a surgeon to give her silicone and syringes for a little at-home botox. Eventually, the silicone ran out, and Hang began injecting cooking oil into her face. She became known all over Korea for her story, and people started donating money to help her get corrective surgery. Doctors removed 60g of foreign substances from her face, and the swelling went down. But she is still permanently disfigured.

9 $10 DIY Silicone Injections


A 54-year-old woman in California was looking for a more youthful appearance but didn't want to spend the money on Botox of an actual facelift. So, she purchased a $10 bottle of silicone off the internet and injected it into her own face herself. Needless to say, it didn't turn out the way she hoped. Her face was red and swollen within a couple hours and she ended up in a doctor's office to fix the damage she'd done anyway. She needed multiple procedures to remove what may or may not have been silicone from her face. She said about her actions: "Insane. I can't believe I did what I did." Where was that common sense when she purchased the silicone off the internet in the first place?

8 Guadalupe Camarena


Transgender woman, Guadalupe Camarena, was arrested in 2003 and charged with aggravated assault and serious bodily injury, after one of her "patients" died following a procedure she performed. Camarena was charging other transgendered women between $200 - $400 for the privilege of being injected with brake fluid. Instead of pursuing incredibly expensive plastic surgery to become a woman, many transgendered people are opting for DIY procedures, and they're paying for it. One man, Delfino Gonzalez, died of asphyxiation after being injected with brake fluid, and there are many more people at risk because they are desperate to change their bodies.

7 DIY Nose Job

During a conference, Dr. David Veale, a psychologist at the celebrity Priory Hospital in London, told the story of a man who attempted to give himself a nose job. Dr. Veale explained that the man was so desperate to change his nose that, "he pushed a chisel up his nose and then replaced the cartilage he had taken off with a chicken bone." Clearly this is an extreme example, and would never be attempted by someone who didn't have some sort of psychological issue under the surface. "DIY cosmetic surgery is used by the most depressed and the most desperate of people," because they don't consider the consequences of what they're doing, only that they need to look different.

6 Butt Injections


Apryl Brown, a hairstylist and makeup artist, had always wanted a more shapely backside, but she couldn't afford to go the legitimate route. A client offered to refer her to a place that would do the injections for a lot cheaper, and she went in for two sessions before coming to her senses. She was in pain for 5 years before she went to a real doctor and found out she had been injected with bathroom caulk, which had caused her flesh to harden and discolor. Eventually, a staph infection connected to the injections landed her in the hospital and she had to have parts of her arms and legs amputated. Not exactly an even trade.

5 Black Market Butt Injections


Earlier this year, Wykesha Reid was found dead in a Dallas salon after she allegedly went in for a fourth round of butt injections. The owners of the salon had taken off without so much as a 911 call, leaving Reid there to die. Apparently the owners had been injecting hydrogel into the butts of numerous exotic dancers and trans women in the area, and then sealing their work with superglue. Reid's mother said that her daughter's butt had gotten too big but she "was hooked on those booty shots."

4 Facial Restructuring Gadgets


If going under the knife seems just a little bit too drastic, there are ways to "train" your face to look different. At least that's the idea between the range of gadgets available for at-home solutions to your appearance problems. Mostly available in Korea, the gadgets require you to either exercise various facial muscles, or use simply wear the device for hours a day in order to alter your bone structure. The device in the picture above claims to increase the crease above your eyes, which is something a lot of Asian woman will actually go under the knife to achieve.

3 At-home Chemical Peels


All you have to do is Google DIY chemical peels and you'll find a list of websites showing you how to make and apply them yourself. You'd think the word "chemical" would be enough to deter people, but it's starting to become a run of the mill thing, much to the dismay of plastic surgeons and dermatologists. Most peels made specifically for at-home use are a lot gentler than what you would get at the doctor's office, and therefore aren't as effective. But there are still risks such as scarring, infection, and permanent discolouration of the skin. Since the peel is literally burning off layers of skin, you never really know what the result could be.

2 At-home Eye Lift

A woman named Marianne appeared on an episode of Dr. Drew who claimed she was regularly doing at-home procedures on herself in order to save money, and change her appearance. She's so prolific with her at-home procedures that her family calls her "The Mexican MacGyver" The most alarming thing she did was cutting her own eyelids with a pair of cuticle scissors. She admits cutting into her own face is pretty painful, but it never stops her from doing it. Marianne is one of the lucky people who hasn't completely disfigured herself, but she has clearly had to go to a real surgeon to fix the damage she did do.

1 At-Home Botox Kits


You've heard of Botox parties. A group of women get together and hire a plastic surgeon or two to come to their home and inject them with botox. The difference between that and actually doing it yourself, is the surgeons are trained to administer botox. They know where to do it, what supplies to use, and how to avoid any negative side effects. DIY botox kits are available in countries like China and India, but just because you can do it doesn't mean you should. Risks of a do-it-yourself Botox kit include paralysis of one side of the face, making it droop, ptosis (drooping) of the eye, an abscess and a bad infection that may morph into a staph infection.

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