10 Parts of Your Body You Won't Believe Exist

The body is a marvelous thing, full of mystery and allure. Our bodies fascinate us, amuse us, confuse us, and sometimes even scare us. There are some body parts that we would rather keep covered up, and others that we like to show off. It is also interesting to learn how different cultures around the world associate with their bodies. Some body parts that we celebrate and adore could be offensive or considered “dirty” elsewhere, and vice versa.

With the many advancements we have made in science and medicine, we are learning more and more about our bodies than ever before. Medical professionals already know a lot about human beings and the vessels they live in, yet the average person my not have such a profound knowledge of their body. You may find this list of 10 body parts you won't believe exist to be intriguing. Included in this listing are some body parts that do not even seem like “parts” at all, while others are areas of our bodies that we might have assumed just did not have a name.

So, have fun exploring your body (or someone else's!) The next time you are at a party, try throwing these words around. Can we get a “wave your anatomical snuff box like you just don't care!?”


10 Anatomical Snuff Box

Your anatomical snuff box is not a place to store chewing tobacco. Rather, it is the depression between the base of your thumb and the top of your wrist. It is also known as the radial fossa, and can be found on the carpal bones (near the spot where you get carpal tunnel syndrome.) It is easiest to see the anatomical snuff box if you flex your thumb away from the rest of your fingers. It has a triangular shape and contains the radial artery, nerve, and cephalic vein, which help to form the wrist joint. When you see this depression, it is the tendons, not the muscle, that is causing the concave feature.

9 Tragus


Have you ever had a friend tell you that they want to get their tragus pierced? Don't freak out too much, because this is actually just a part of the ear. The tragus is the pointy part of the external ear; the part that juts out in front of the opening into the ear. The hairs growing at the ear's opening are also called tragus. This body part is responsible for picking up noises from behind you, so you hear them later than sounds that are in front of you. The tragus is a common ear-piercing spot, and is also an area that can cause vertigo, if pressure is applied to it. Pressing on the tragus can also cause blurred vision.

8 Gnathion

In layman's terms, the gnathion is the lowest point of the chin. Some people are well-endowed with a beautiful gnathion. Other individuals have the misfortune of an ugly gnathion. Males may choose to cover their gnathion with a mass of facial hair, regardless of attractiveness. Examine your gnathion; it may be more pointy, flat, or rounded. The possibilities are vast! Alas, some people have the unfortunate experience of breaking out on their gnathion. This little-known body part is a hotspot for pimply whiteheads, blackheads, and other forms of acne. Be sure to wash your gnathion every time you take a shower or bath!

7 Rasceta


Those lines on the back of your wrist may have been used by you as a child to determine the number of kids you will have. There is actually a name for these lines: rasceta. The skin on your wrist was not created to determine spatial associations, so the rasceta will not help you know how far to throw a baseball, but it will respond to even the lightest touch. The rasceta is highly sensitive to touching, and it is a very responsive part of the body. This is why intimate couples may like to gently brush their fingertips of each others' wrists, or softly kiss or lick the inside of the wrist. The rasceta will thank you!

6 Glabella

Between your eyebrows, right above your nose, lies a body part you may not know about. It is called the glabella, and everyone has one. This is usually where you place the “L” sign when you want to call someone a loser in silent fashion. This is also a popular spot to inject Botox, and helps to create that deer-in-headlights look that is oh-so stylish. Some people get injections in the glabella to relax the muscles and prevent those worried-look wrinkles in the forehead area. Others receive Botox injections in the glabella to lift up their eyebrows for a supposedly more youthful appearance.

5 Purlicue


Have you looked at your purlicue today? It is most likely that you have, because this is the area between your index finger and thumb. It is that webbed-looking part of the hand that sometimes gets very dry from a lack of moisture. You can play around and see your purlicue at different angles when you give a thumbs-up, point to something, or wiggle your thumb around. Try arm-wrestling, and see your purlicue go to work! Yes, the possibilities are seemingly endless with all of the fun you can have with your purlicue. Try drawing some curlicues on your purlicue!

4 Dimples of Venus

If you think dimples are ugly birth defects, consider that those depressions in your lower back are called “dimples of venus.” That is right: the Greek goddess of love and sensuality has a body part named after her, although you may better know these features as butt or back dimples. The cottage-cheese-like indentations are purely aesthetic; they do not perform any specific function. The depressions are symmetrically formed by a stretched ligament in the back. Some people may associate dimples of venus with poor body shape or image, but others see them as a sign of beauty, and they are valued.


3 Canthus


There is more to the eye than meets the eye. Okay, but really, have you ever heard of a canthus? This is the corner that is on each side of your eye; the crevice that is formed by the meeting point of your upper and lower eyelids. The nasal canthus is the inner corner of the eye, while the temporal canthus is the outer corner. While you sleep, mucus from the eyes sometimes forms in the canthus and can lead to those notorious “eye boogers.” These are mostly painless and harmless, and in most cases, show no ill will towards the canthus.

2 Columella Nasi

The columella nasi is a really fancy medical term for the fleshy part of your nose. It is the lateral lower cartilage that forms the nostrils of your nose. This is another part of the body that some people get pierced without ever really knowing the name of it. It is more “hey, I want the nostril separator of my nose pierced!” In Latin, columella means “little column,” which makes sense, since the columella nasi looks similar to a column or pillar that helps to distinguish that unforgettable nose look. Who knew the lower end of your septum had its very own name?

1 Suprasternal Notch


You may call this your “love valley,” and for good reason. The depression formed by your collarbone is a sensual spot, on both males and females. It is referred to, in a medical sense, as the suprasternal notch, although “love valley” sounds better to us. This area is sensitive to touch, and is sometimes checked by doctors in order to determine any illnesses. You should not be able to feel a pulse if you place your hand over this area, unless you are extremely old, maybe. Feeling a pulse here may mean that you have a problem with your aorta. You could also have hypertension or an aneurysm. Where is the love in that?


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