10 Outrageous Celebrity Stories Involving Pizza

Ah, pizza. There is nothing quite like it: greasy, cheesy, hot. Whether you like thin crust or deep dish, pepperoni or pineapple, pizza is where it's at. Pretty much everyone loves pizza, even those w

Ah, pizza. There is nothing quite like it: greasy, cheesy, hot. Whether you like thin crust or deep dish, pepperoni or pineapple, pizza is where it's at. Pretty much everyone loves pizza, even those who are lactose intolerant. Celebs love their pizza pies too and they have been involved in some weird stories involving the yummy food. From strange fashion sense to musical dedications to the food, celebrities have gone all out for the pizza they adore. Even the Pope loves him some pizza. And why shouldn't he? He is in Italy after all!

Yes, pizza is so great, and it is not just Jennifer Lawrence who is lauding it for its cheesy goodness. The rich and famous have been spotted ordering late-night pizza as a snack, greeting the day with pizza, and even bringing it to their sophisticated and high-class events. Pizza can be delivered just about anywhere nowadays; just ask Ellen Degeneres and her friends at the Oscars.

Celebrities across the spectrum love pizza. That is the true beauty of the food. Low-class reality stars love it, as do all-star athletes and actors. Just as we love to lounge around in our undies and a box of pizza, the famous beauties we admire do it too!

10 Macaulay Culkin's Musical Dedication to Pizza

Forget The Velvet Underground; it is all about the Pizza Underground! Yes, that is an actually band, and it features none other than Macaulay Culkin. What they do is play as a cover band for The Velvet Underground but alter the lyrics to reflect their love of that yummy cheesy food. Macaulay plays the tambourine and kazoo for the band, whose lyrics include “hey, babe, take a bite of the wild slice.” We do not expect the band to be breaking any records or releasing any smash hits, but it sure is amusing. The band has even gone on tour and has a following, including actor Rupert Grint!

9 The Pope's Pizza Delivery


What does the Pope do when he is out on his Popemobile and he gets hungry? He gets pizza delivered straight to his vehicle, of course! The Internet went abuzz when Pope Francis ordered from Don Ernesto Pizzeria, and it was delivered by Enzo Cacialli. We can't even imagine how nervous Enzo must have been, but a hand-delivered pizza is quite honorable. The pizza had yellow tomatoes, lots of cheese, and ingredients that spelled out his name. Now that is high-quality customer service! The delivery was made during Pope Francis' one-day visit to Rome. And you know what they say: “when in Rome...”

8 Peyton Manning's Franchising Endeavor


Peyton Manning owns the football field with his all-star athletic performance, but he also commands the business side by becoming a franchisee of twenty-one Papa John's pizza chains in the Denver area. It makes sense when you consider that Papa John's is the official pizza of the National Football League. So why does a football player need to franchise restaurant chains? Well why not? Peyton was already featured in Papa John's endorsement ads and commercials, so the move was quite natural for both parties. Peyton considers it a wise business decision and investment for the long run, after he is too old and worn out to play football.

7 NeNe Leakes' Pizza Shop in California


What do NeNe Leakes and Famous Famiglia Pizza have in common? Well now they are partners in business because NeNe opened a franchise of the pizza chain in California. We are not quite sure why she chose California rather than Atlanta (where she is one of the Real Housewives of Atlanta.) The franchise is featured in the Sacramento airport and will probably provide more funds for NeNe to spend frivolously. Oh wait, maybe not. Rumor has it that NeNe “forgot” to pay taxes on her franchise...whoops. That blunder supposedly set her back over $25,000! Looks like she'll have to hold off on purchasing another car for now.

6 Ellen Orders Take-Out at the Oscars


When you are Ellen Degeneres and you are hosting a prestigious awards show, you need some sustenance to keep you energetic and funny. At least that may have been what Ellen was thinking, because she ordered some large pizzas for herself and some friends in the audience when she hosted the Oscars. It was so her and the other celebs were thrilled when a pizza delivery guy came out from backstage and hand-delivered the slices. Brad Pitt doled out some plates for the crowd, and Ellen asked Harvey Weinstein to take care of the pizza guy's tip! This was probably the best high-profile pizza party ever.

5 Mariah Carey's Daily Routine


Mariah Carey is a singing legend and she can do pretty much what she pleases. So she does! According to the former Mrs. Cannon, she stays up all night long because that is when inspiration strikes her. A girl has to stay up to receive those nuggets of ingenuity, so pizza keeps her going. Mariah usually wakes up in the afternoon and nothing gets the day going like a couple of slices. Let's just hope that she does not feed her twins so much pizza, because all that grease can't be too good for them. Maybe her pizza addiction is part of the reason Nick Cannon filed for divorce?

4 Katy Perry's Pizza-Inspired Clothing


Katy Perry is already known for her wacky sense of style, so when she donned a full track suit that was designed with a pizza pattern, no one was really surprised. We were more intrigued by the fact that such an outfit existed. Of course, Katy would be the one to introduce us to pizza-inspired clothing! But wait, that is not all! Katy has also sported a pizza-patterned bathing suit and pizza-designed nails. All we need now is for the clothing to be scratch-and-sniff, but knowing Katy, if such a thing existed, she would have had it already. She could totally rock it!

3 5 Seconds of Summer's Pizza Song

Another boy band, another ridiculous song. This time it is 5 Seconds of Summer, and they released a song totally dedicated to the cheesy delight. This is different from The Pizza Underground because 5 Seconds of Summer is actually known in mainstream society (no offense, Macaulay.) The Australia pop group released a new cassette (cassette, really?) and it featured the pizza song, which is quite elementary: “Michael wants a slice! Oh yeah!” The song is only 38 seconds long, but pretty much sums up their love for the delectable food. Looks like Aussies love themselves a good slice as much as Italians.

2 Lady Gaga Ordering Pizza Without Pants


Lady G can do whatever she wants (when has she not?!) That includes ordering a late-night pizza while traipsing around in her undies. Yes, Lady Gaga decided that she needed a midnight snack and she did not need to bother putting on pants. Instead she opted for some fishnet tights and some black booty shorts to match her wild and crazy black hair. We can only imagine what a Lady Gaga pizza party would be like! We also wonder what the pizza shop worker must have been thinking when Gaga showed up, leaned against his counter, and asked for the best slice he's got.

1 Miley Cyrus's Birthday Pizza


Miley Cyrus never ceases to amaze us with her wild-child antics. So when she turned 22 years old, we expected it to be crazy, out-of-control, and slightly stupid. And so it was! It also included a huge pizza, which served as a birthday cake for the pop singer. The pizza-cake was complete with candles and everything, and Miley had a whacked-out outfit to match the shenanigans. While we question her sense of fashion, we must say that pizza is a great choice. What is there not to love? By the looks of that pizza, she must have had quite a decent-sized guest list.


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10 Outrageous Celebrity Stories Involving Pizza