10 Shockingly Outdated Beliefs Some People Still Hold On To

There are many beliefs that surround us in the world, helping us get through life because we live according to those beliefs. Some are related to the supernatural; for example, when you step on a crac

There are many beliefs that surround us in the world, helping us get through life because we live according to those beliefs. Some are related to the supernatural; for example, when you step on a crack, you break your mother’s back. If you do not forward chain letters, something bad will happen to you.

Some of the beliefs that people have are based on religious texts and teachings, while others are based on science. There are people who will not believe anything until they see it and that is how their lives are governed. There are people who are atheists because they believe that no supernatural power exists.

Other people base their beliefs on culture. Every culture has its own belief which governs how members of that culture live and interact with one another. Some of these beliefs are outdated and they do not have any basis scientifically. However, for a long period of time, they were in practice and they governed peoples lives. Some of the outdated beliefs are listed below:

10 Wife Selling

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There was a time when people believed in wife selling. Once a man and a woman were married, the wife became the man’s property. Women were not allowed to own land or property, and were therefore owned by the husbands.

9 Rabbit Test

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Due to the development of technology and medicine, pregnancies are usually detected by pregnancy tests. This was not the case a while back, though. There are many ways in which women found out if they were pregnant or not, and some of these ways included urinating on a watered bag of wheat, and drinking a solution of honey and water at bed time.

8 Drapetomania

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There was a time when racism was scientific. Scientists used to use scientific findings to find out the differences between races. This kind of research was done to suppress certain individuals. It was especially common during the imperialism period.

7 Biblical Restrictions

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The bible is available to us on all forums. There are hard copies available in every bookshop and there are even soft copies on smartphones. Any passage one wants to read can be extracted from the Internet. However, this was not the case a long time ago. Getting a full bible was really hard because they were very expensive.

This is because they were written by hand by the monks. The most famous chained bible was the Great Bible of King Henry VIII. Most of the common people were illiterate anyway therefore they considered owning a bible as a waste of time.

6 The Blank Slate

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This one occurs in psychology and philosophy. It was believed that when a child was born, it had no personality traits. The experiences that the child would get while growing up are what would shape the character of the child. Well we all know that experiences help shape people and their beliefs.

However, the whole idea that babies are born with blank slates has been proven to be false. There are instincts that a person is born with which shape who they are and how they behave. There is also the whole issue of certain gestures being used worldwide despite people having never met.

5 The Earth is Flat

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Believe it or not, there are people who believe that the earth is flat, despite studies that have proven it is round. These people also believe any evidence aimed at showing the contrary is part of a conspiracy to earn profit.

4 Lobotomy

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The first part of the 20th century had to be the most intrusive times of medical advancement. The amount of procedures that involved pins and needles being put in private places is mind-boggling. This particular procedure was performed on mentally ill patients.

The doctor would drill holes in the heads of the patients and cut the connecting tissues in the front area of the brain. This seemed more damaging than helpful. It became a mainstream practice, and Egaz Moniz (the pioneer doctor) received a Nobel Peace Prize for it.

3 Calling Problems ‘Opportunities’

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2 Self-Flagellation


There are very many people out there who like feeling that they are closer to a supreme being. Many people have many beliefs and people believe in different gods. For those people who do not know what self-flagellation is, it is the whipping of the body using special instruments such as lashes or rods. This practice is similar to what happened to Jesus.

1 Money Cannot Buy Happiness

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This is a very outdated belief. Whatever anyone says, having money is never a bad thing. It will provide for needs and give space for leisure. The reason why many people find stress when they have money is the paranoia that can develop when you're rich. Jealousy is a serious problem, and wealthy people often feel the need to look over their shoulders or feel guilty for having more money than others. But in the grand scheme of things, wealth is never a bad thing.


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10 Shockingly Outdated Beliefs Some People Still Hold On To