10 of the Worst Drivers Ever Caught on Film

Are women the worst drivers out there? And all the men shouted "yes". It is funny how almost everyone out there, including women, believe that men are by far better drivers than women, yet statistics show that men are far more likely to get tickets for reckless driving and get caught drunk driving. Although there are far more male drivers than female drivers on our roads, most of the accidents on the roads will indeed involve a man. The fact that male drivers are far more confident behind the wheel, can maneuver through tight spots, and generally have better knowledge of their vehicles than women is what will always make them appear to be the better drivers.

However, when it comes to road safety, gender hardly plays a significant role in determining just how good or bad a driver is. You are a good driver if you can follow all the rules of the road and respect other road users; anything short of this is enough to label you a bad or even terrible driver. The worst drivers on the road are those that put their own lives and the lives of other motorists, road users, and pedestrians in danger. Bad drivers are even a threat to parked cars, guardrails, buildings, and anything else on the road.

Here is a list of 10 of the worst drivers ever caught on film. Each of these drivers deserves to be here owing to the stupid mistakes they made, or the problems that their cars might be having that forced them into these situations. Which of these drivers would top your list of the worst drivers ever?

10 A man tries to drive through some huge rocks and fails

9 Woman tries to refuel her car but can't find her petrol cap

8 Driver flips a Dodge Ram SRT 10 instead of just driving straight

7 Woman drives the wrong way on a highway

6 Woman flips a car while attempting to go through a gate

5 Driver tries to fly over a Toll booth instead of just driving through

4 Scooter driver crashes 4 times then falls into a well

3 An SUV driver runs over two cars while deciding where to park

2 Senior citizen smashes into 9 cars while leaving a parking lot

1 Driver destroys her car trying to run away from her mistake

When you bump into a parked car, it is only right for you to stop, assess the damage you have done, and own up to it because that is what you would expect another driver to do if they bumped into your car, right? The driver in this car does the exact opposite and ends up paying far more than she would have if she would have just owned up to her mistake. The escape that this woman had planned on making is the worst ever, and you cannot help but imagine that karma is paying her back for more than just hitting the back of the black SUV. This woman is undoubtedly the worst driver ever!

Sources: YouTube

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10 of the Worst Drivers Ever Caught on Film