10 Of The Weirdest Toilets Ever Made

If you do any type of research on the internet, you can quickly find pictures of some of the weirdest toilets from around the world. This list may not be the absolute weirdest toilets, but these are the ones where information was actually found about the photographs shown. There is even an entire site dedicated to “fun facts” about toilets; one of those pieces of information states that the average person spends three entire years of their life on the toilet. Not much research was done on these fun facts, as this was just way too much information for any one person to read, regarding bowel movements.

Different cultures use different methods of toilets, and some are stranger than others. While the people in the United States see using the toilet as a very private affair; those in other civilizations see nothing wrong with relieving themselves right out in public. However it is done, there is no denying that everyone has to go at one point or another. We don’t all live in a land where urinating freely is customary, so until then, there will always be people designing toilets that are unique, bidets that are strange, or urinals that are just downright bizarre. Tokyo, Japan has a museum dedicated entirely to toilets; where you can buy and wear “poo” hats and visit multiple exhibits of their favorite deity (which they say lives in the toilet bowl).

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8 Amsterdam’s Public Urinals

In the United States, you may get arrested if you try to relieve yourself in the middle of the street, but in The Netherlands, it is not uncommon to find someone urinating in plain sight. Many people come from all over the world to Amsterdam; which has the reputation for marijuana coffee shops, prostitution and heavy drinking. With all of that beer consumption, men find it perfectly acceptable to just unzip their trousers and let loose wherever they see fit. The Dutch don't appear to be as modest as those in the western world, so their government allowed public urinals that were exactly that: public. The large toilets were installed in the middle of the road (since that is where most of the suspects were letting go of their alcohol consumption), and anyone can see the clients using the free-standing toilets.

9. Interactive Urinals

Even though this urinal is not unusual at all, it’s what is located above each one of these toilets that is somewhat strange. Captive Media Ltd. is an interactive gaming company located in the U.K., and thought that men just don’t have enough to do when they are in a restroom inside of a bar. They decided to create a video game to fix that issue. It is a hands-free, interactive game that starts as the man starts to urinate, and (as the video shows), he has to keep the urine inside of the gaming area in order to go to the “next level.” This was such a hit in England, that an establishment called The Starboard Bar, which is in Dewey Beach, Delaware, decided to bring it over to the United States. Now women have reason to complain about how much time the men spend in the bathroom.

7 Woman Sitting on Man Toilet


Although the precise location of this commode is unknown, it looks like it wouldn’t be something I would want to see as I enter the ladies’ room. It is a plastic-ish looking man that is waiting for a woman to come and sit on his lap. And he’s naked, or at least appears to be that way. It doesn’t show the bottom part of it, but we can all use our imagination as to what it looks like down below. I’m not sure that a lot of people would want to go as far as to try to think of what the rest of it looks like, anyway.

6 Giant Woman Encasing You With Her Legs While You’re on the Latrine


This is another really strange toilet in which the whereabouts are unknown. It is a headless mannequin, dressed up in a little black dress with rather large bosoms. She wears black boots and stockings, with a garter belt to hold them up. From the looks of the picture, it seems that you would have to push apart the legs in order to sit down to use the facilities. This toilet’s outfit probably cost more than my entire wardrobe. This is probably one of those “people have way too much time and money on their hands,” type of thing.

5 Jet-Fueled Outhouse

Even though the toilet isn’t visible in this picture, the entire idea of an outhouse used for racing is quite weird. When I think of airshows, I imagine bizarre aerial stunts and expensive helicopter rides, not a port-a-potty that was created by a man in Indiana (which it was). A man named Paul created this expensive outhouse, and was seen at the Westfield International Air Show in Massachusetts. There is an actual toilet inside of the building, and it set Paul back $10,000 for the work that now goes by “The Port-O-Jet.” It was created simply for the reason: “To go, where no toilet has gone before.” Seriously; that is their motto.

4 Diamond-Encrusted Toilet


If you happen to have $100,000 to spend on a dream bathroom, why not use it all on the one place you likely spend most of your time? Japan has created a toilet worth 100 grand that is covered in diamonds. According to Kazuo Sumimiya, the Japanese believe that Gods exists in the commode (maybe that’s where the term, porcelain God came from?), so bathrooms have to be in divine shape. With spending that much on a throne, you can flush your money away as you sit in the lap of luxury. Just make sure that you don’t get conned into buying the diamond-encrusted toilet paper that may be sold separately.

3 George Bush Urinal


Clark Sorensen is an avid sculptor, and is known for his sculpting of urinals. Indeed, there are some artists out there who create more than just flowers and plants (even though most of his urinals are flowers and plants). This rather unusual sculpture of Clark’s is a urinal fashioned to look eerily similar to the previous president of the United States, George W. Bush. Even though there are most likely a lot of people out there who would like to use this particular toilet, there is only one of these in existence. It was created for a “one-man show” in 2009, and it was entitled, “Down the Drain – The Legacy of George W. Bush,” alongside an American flag that appears to be washing itself down, and a globe inside another urinal.

3. The Fish N Flush

At first glance, this looks kind of cruel to animals. Then after reading the description, I realized that it is cruel to fish. Sure, the chamber isn’t actually the toilet tank; it is an aquarium that goes around the back of the toilet. The fish don’t see the inside of the privy, but they can watch you as you do your business. Then they have to watch all of their friends get flushed away at sea once they kick the bucket, so this is a bit mean. For those reasons, maybe that is why the product is now discontinued; or maybe because it’s completely ridiculous and people decided that they would rather save up their money for the diamond toilet, instead.

2 These


I am all about conserving water, but this has gone about too far with togetherness. There are some things that your significant other just does not want to see you doing, and this has definitely got to be on the top five of that list. The makers of the toilet for two, or the TwoDaLoo as it was named, believed that this would be a great idea for couples to do together and save water at the same time. Some things are just not meant to be shared. How about a nice trip to the beach, instead?

1 This


The Asians are somewhat fascinated by human excrement, and in honor of their sacred deities, they have built a series of restaurants known as “The Modern Toilet.” The first one opened in Kaohsiung, Taiwan in 2009, and was such a huge hit that they have opened fifteen more throughout Asia ever since. In these series of eating establishments, customers dine on toilet seats, eat on a table that is made from a bathtub and napkins are hung off of a toilet paper roll on a wall next to the table. If that isn’t weird enough, the drinks are served in urinals, soups are served in tiny plastic toilet bowls, and the desserts are served out of even smaller toilet bowls and are made to look like poo. This giant toilet is displayed on the entrance on the front of the building, and it is the only latrine on this list that is not used for its actual purpose.

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