10 of the Weirdest Stories Involving Twins

identical twins

Twins possess a unique bond unlike anything normal siblings could ever imagine. Even the most tight-knit brothers and sisters don’t fully understand just how intertwined the lives of twins can become. Shared experiences are typical, but there’s more than one set of twins who seem to possess a mental empathy with one another that us non-twins will never understand. Some experience identity issues as they grow up and feel lonely and even depressed when apart.

Twins are definitely unique, and cool, but some things just shouldn’t be shared together. It’s quite possible to take these experiences and this biological bond too far. Just how far? Here are 10 twins who share a bond that’s just a little too strong and a little too weird.

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10 Twin DNA - Hassan and Abbas O.

In 2009 at least one of these twins committed a daring jewelry robbery. DNA evidence matched either Hassan or Abbas to the scene of the crime. The only problem was no one could figure out which one was guilty. No doubt each had a verifiable alibi, but in the end one (or both) of them stole over $6.8 million in jewelry from department stores in Germany.

Court papers and German law ensure the last names of the accused are omitted unless they are convicted, thus we don’t exactly know who these would-be jewel thieves exactly are. This isn’t the first case like this either. In the past accused rapists have been acquitted because they couldn’t pin the DNA to the exact twin.

9 Dying Together

In 2002 an elderly set of twins passed away after being hit by a truck while out cycling in Finland. While tragic, it wouldn’t be anything we’d usually remember under normal circumstances. But these were not normal circumstances. You see, the first twin perished before his sibling while out on a ride. The second twin was unaware of his sibling’s passing, yet took up the exact same activity and he died in the exact same manner two hours afterwards. Talk about creepy.

8 Edith and Johana Casas

Via crimenyrazon.com

It’s not entirely unheard of when a pretty young woman falls in love with a convicted felon. Edith Casas probably couldn’t come to terms with the unexpected loneliness and separation from her one true love. Eventually, despite the protests of her family, she married Victor, the man of her dreams; a man serving time in prison for murder. Many women have done the same, so why is this story so strange? Well, Victor wasn’t just imprisoned for murder - he was incarcerated for the murder of Edith’s twin sister – Johana, with whom he had a previous sexual relationship with. Victor asserted he had actually always loved Edith and his relationship with Johana was a casual one at best. Edith’s family protested (vehemently we imagine) and she was forced to undergo psychological testing to see if she was competent enough to decide to marry Victor. She passed and they were wed in 2014.

7 Ursula and Sabina Eriksson

Via disinfo.com

From the realm of wheels falling off the bus we present to you these two Swedish twins, one living in the United States and the other in Ireland. Maybe hoping for a nice getaway, Ursula traveled from the US to Ireland to visit Sabina to do who knows what, but when she got there things got weird fast.

Without telling anyone, the two twins traveled by bus to London and then went mad enough that the bus driver kicked them off. They proceeded to have a run-in with London police who just happened to be filming a COPS-like TV show, and things only got worse.

They attacked the cops, ran into traffic (one at a time) and were hit by trucks, before surviving and flying into such a rage it took six police officers to contain Ursula – and most of that is on film. Then, because we all make mistakes, the police eventually released Sabina and she went out and murdered a guy.

Apparently distraught, she then decided to take a plunge off a 40-foot bridge. Of course she survived that as well. When it was all said it done it was determined the girls, who were free from drugs and alcohol, suffered a type of temporary insanity but left a wake of destruction, chaos and even a body behind them.

6 Twins Marry One Another

One British couple must have felt a truly special connection when they met. So enamored were they that the two dated, fell in love and eventually married. They must have been really horrified when they learned the truth.

Turns out the two were separated at birth and adopted, and by pure happenstance met and married. They claimed to have felt an, “inevitable attraction” to one another. Their marriage was absolved by the courts, but the shared intimacy will no doubt haunt them forever.

5 Ronald and Donald Anderson

In 1993 Ronald Anderson was arrested for assault after he attacked his wife. This in itself was not that unusual. Problems arose shortly afterwards when the police discovered that Ronald was already serving a six-month prison sentence for another crime. He had not left the facility so police were stumped until a witness came forth and enlightened them about the truth.

Turns out, when Ronald is in trouble he turns to his secret weapon - his twin brother Donald. Not only was Donald serving time for Ronald, he had also done so in the past. Donald had previously served four prison sentences for his brother – talk about enabling!

It all began in the 1970s when Ronald enlisted, then apparently changed his mind. Donald, maybe thinking the army would be fun, decided to go in his stead. Ever since then Donald has been taking his brother’s place whenever he winds up in trouble. Alas, Ronald’s luck eventually ran out when he was arrested for robbery, assault and attempted murder and sentenced to 14 years in prison while Donald (serving time for Ronald) was already incarcerated and unable to take the heat for him.

4 Linda and Terry Jamison

Via giornalistacensurata.wordpress.com

Linda and Terry are a set of identical twins who claim to be psychic. They’ve lived fairly straightforward lives, despite their apparent gift. They’ve published books, made radio show appearances, and have their own website. And like many psychics, the twins are often wrong in their predictions about futuristic events. Not strange enough for you? Well, one forecast they did get right happened to be a rather big one. In The twins successfully predicted the September 11th attacks on the World Trade Center, in 1999! They made this bold prediction on the Art Bell radio show. I guess if you throw enough rocks at a glass house you’re eventually bound to break a window or two.

3 Jennifer and June Gibbons

Via soovi.net

Kids earn nicknames all the time, but when you’re called the Silent Twins and your antics mirror those of the twins in the movie The Shining, it’s probably a bad sign. As children Jennifer and June refused to speak to anyone but one another and even they started using a made-up language so no one else could understand them.

As they grew up they began to play strange games like, “who can wake up first,” or “you don’t breathe until I breathe.” Then they even tried to kill one another. At one point one girl tried to strangle the other, and another time one was thrown from a bridge. That’s weird enough, but at the age of 18 the girls took their antics to a whole new level when they went on a two-woman crime-filled extravaganza.

After their capture they were declared psychopathic and placed in a hospital for the criminally insane. Once inside they spoke openly to a journalist who became their only friend. Then one day, 14 years into their sentence, the girls told their journalist friend that one of them would die in the hospital. In fact, Jennifer told her reporter friend “I’m going to die, we’ve decided.” Sure as hell the day they were to be transferred to a lower security hospital Jennifer died from a mysterious and rare heart problem. June was noticeably saner from that point on and has gone on to live a fairly normal life ever since.

2 Jim Lewis and Jim Springer

Via huodong.k618.cn

From the realm of the truly coincidental we present to you the case of two Jims who were twins separated at birth and put up for adoption in 1940s. They met for the first time when they were 39 years old having never seen or known of one another - and boy did they have a lot in common. How much? Well, nearly everything. Despite never meeting they led a nearly identical life. Both had married twice, both to women named Linda then Betty (in that order.) Both had dogs as kids named Toy, both had sons named James Allen and James Alan. Think that’s strange? It only gets more bizarre. They were both employed as sheriff deputies, smoked the same brand of cigarettes, drank the same brand of beer and even drove the same model of vehicle. Talk about a connection.

1 Anna and Lucy DeCinque

Anna and Lucy DeCinque
Via huffingtonpost.co.uk

There’s sharing, there’s sharing too much, and then there’s whatever the hell it is these two Australian girls are doing. Anna and Lucy are so close to one another they share everything in their lives, and we do mean everything. Not only are the two identical wins, but they have spent a reported $200,000 to ensure that whatever cosmetic surgery (including breast implants and tattoos) they have is also shared, and whatever clothing they wear is always the same, and they never wear it twice. They dress, act and talk the same.

Unfortunately, that’s not the end of it. They also share jobs, splitting the shifts and pay, share all their clothing, and spend every single day together. They also share a boyfriend. In fact, the girls sleep in the same bed with the same man. They even claim they are, “all together when we have sex.” Whatever that means.

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