10 of the Weirdest Laws in the World

weirdest laws in the world

In order for people to live in peace and harmony with each other, there must be laws which guide how they relate with each other. Some laws are spoken and others are unspoken. We all know the common laws that are out there. These laws range from those that are meant to deal with murderers to those which deal with those who threaten national security.

Every country in the world has its own set of laws governing the way we live, so it is always a good idea to brush up on the laws of a place you may want to visit. This will save you a lot of trouble in the long run because when rules are set, they are pertinent to the people who have to abide by them. This is mostly due to their culture and how they have evolved as a people over time.

These laws are different from the ones that transcend the world. Some of the laws are hilarious and quite fun to learn about. They make for good comedy sometimes. Some are so strange one even wonders why they were set and whether they were really meant to be followed. Some prevent people from doing the simplest of chores in or around the house. Some do not even seem to be being followed by anyone because of how outrageous they sound. Read on and get educated.

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10 In Victoria, Australia one can only have their light bulb changed by a professional.

This is hilarious. The whole point of having a man in the house is to make him do all those boring chores like changing burnt light bulbs. In Victoria, Australia, if your light bulb goes out you have to look for the friendly neighborhood electrician to come and screw in a new one. Either that or be a licensed electrician yourself. Failure to comply with this rule supposedly leads to one being fined up to AU $10. So do they put surveillance cameras in everyone’s house?

9 Women are not allowed to drive cars in Saudi Arabia.

This means that a woman cannot have her own license because she cannot use it. Saudi Arabia is the only country in the whole world where women are not allowed to drive a vehicle. They also were not allowed to vote for a while but it was said they would be allowed to do so in 2015. We all hope it happened. These laws are rather unfair to the women as they now have to depend on the men in their lives to make decisions for them. However, it is the law. Who knows, it might change soon.

8 You cannot have a donkey sleeping in your bathtub past 7 pm in Oklahoma.

This is just hilarious. How would a donkey enter the bathtub? Why would it be entering the bathtub? Is this donkey your best friend or something? Does it use scented soap? Perhaps it prefers petals in the water. Anyway, it is okay if the donkey is just awake doing its thing but if it is asleep then you have broken the law my friend and you might end up being dealt with accordingly. Do not let that donkey fall asleep while taking a bubble bath in the bathtub past 7pm. (lol)

7 In Japan, it is illegal to be overweight.

This is ironic considering that Japan was the country that introduced sumo wrestling to the world. According to “metabo law,” every man or woman aged forty and above must not have a waist measuring more than 36 and 32 inches, respectively. This shows that they must work to ensure their weight is reasonable. At least now we know why they have such petite bodies. However, there is no penalty for the individuals, the laws are aimed at putting pressure on local governments and companies.

6 In Singapore it is illegal to chew gum.

I know that you would have never thought in a million years that the common and widely practiced art of chewing gum would land you in prison. Most people chew gum, whether it is to relieve stress or just to keep the mouth busy. So how could gum be a reason for breaking a law? No gum is allowed to be sold unless it is nicotine gum which one can only obtained with a prescription. Failure to comply with this law means that one will be fined $500.

5 In Britain it is against the law to die in parliament.

weird laws
via civilnet.am

This is one weird rule; if you were planning to die, please wait until you are no longer within the vicinity of the British Parliament. The rule has however been recently removed. The reason people were banned from dying in parliament was because it was deemed a royal place and if a person happened to die there then it would warrant a state funeral. Imagine how they kept a keen eye on people to see whether they were likely to die. However it is easy to see how this would inconvenience the government.

4 It is illegal to flush the toilet after 10pm in Switzerland.

This is another hilarious rule. What if you had to take a dump past that hour? The common practice "if it's yellow let it mellow, if it's brown flush it down" doesn't apply past 10pm in Switzerland. This rule is applied in apartment buildings. The Swiss government considers that to be noise pollution. How dare you make noise for your neighbors? They can hardly hear themselves speak above all that noise! Wouldn't not flushing also be air pollution?

3 It is illegal to run out of petrol on Germany's Autobahn and to walk along it.

via ekalectica.com

This means that whenever you are en route in Germany, you have to make sure your tank is full. If by bad luck you run out of gas, then a person is obligated to pull over to the side and honk their horn to attract attention. The penalty for breaking this law is £65. That is because the person will have endangered the lives of other drivers. So if you plan to use this highway, then make sure you have a full tank or just the right amount of petrol to avoid having such inconveniences while on the road.

2 Divorce is illegal in the Philippines and the Vatican.

Yes, it is illegal for anyone to get a divorce in the Philippines and in the Vatican. These are the only two countries where divorces are still termed illegal. In the Philippines no one is allowed to get a divorce under any circumstances unless they happen to be Muslims, because there are certain rules that allow for them to divorce. In the Vatican no one is allowed to divorce, period. If you happen to belong to any of these countries, please make sure that the person you are getting married to is the one you see being with you forever and ever, otherwise you will live in regret seeing as you cannot leave them.

1 It is illegal to pass wind in Florida past 6pm on Thursdays.

If you're in Florida and feel the urge to relieve some gastronomic pressure before 6pm out in public, then by all means let one rip. However past 6pm just hold it in and find a nice private place, away from the public eye (preferably your house) to let it all out. If you pass wind past 6pm you will be considered a public nuisance. Please also keep in mind the law that states "whoever smelled it dealt it."

Sources: Dailymail.co.uk

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