10 of the Weirdest Deaths Ever Recorded

The media is always flooded with news of death. In some cases, people gossip about other people who have perished in weird ways. Some of these deaths elicit laughter while some leave people asking themselves how someone could end up dying under such strange circumstances.

Some people opt for a medical autopsy to get an explanation and some simply have no explanation whatsoever. Other deaths make headlines worldwide and some readers get a kick out of learning how those unfortunate people left our beautiful world. It is common knowledge that there are many ways to die.

We have heard of numerous deaths caused by technology. People trust machines to help them get work done around the house and at work and they end up backfiring on occasion. Is it possible technology has decided the human population has increased too much over the years?

Maybe machines have had a secret meeting and decided they should reduce the number of people on this planet. The elite machines met, sent signals to the others through some sort of Morse code and they are now working to annihilate us. Okay, that may be a little far fetched but it is a theory. Think about it. Below are some of the strangest ways that people have died.

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10 Death By Cow

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Yes, for those who do not believe that a farm animal can be harmful, here is proof. A cow is a weapon that can cause death. Brazilian man Joao Maria de Seuza died in 2013 when a cow fell through his roof and killed him as he enjoyed his beauty sleep.

He must have thought it was all a dream. Maybe he went to cow heaven and spent his afterlife swimming in milk pools.

9 Death By Piranhas

Sometimes life becomes hard and people feel as though they cannot go on with it. We never know what problems individuals may be experiencing. Sometimes these problems lead people to do crazy things, like throwing themselves into piranha-infested waters.

These must be some great problems going on for one to choose such a terrifying death. This does not sound like a teenager experimenting. Why one cannot choose a more friendly way to meet their end (like swallowing poison and going to sleep) is beyond understanding. Piranhas will chew you to bits and you will die a painful, painful death. Have mercy on yourself.

8 Death By Headphone Wire

So we know the law punishes some crimes seriously. The most severe punishments are applied to people who commit crimes like multiple murders or crimes against the state. That usually means that the court sentences a criminal to the death penalty.

Michael Anderson received this sentence. He was convicted of murder and sentenced to die by the electric chair, but it was later changed to life imprisonment. While serving his life sentence in 1983, Anderson tried to fix his TV headphones while seated on a toilet that conducts electricity. He bit into a wire and was electrocuted to death.

7 Death By Funeral

This happened after a woman had supposedly already died. The doctors pronounced her dead and funeral plans were made for her. At the funeral, she woke up and found out that the people had gathered to mourn her death.

The people who had gathered were shocked when they heard the 49-year-old screaming. The people there rushed her back to hospital where she died once again, declared dead from a suspected heart attack. The husband wanted to sue the hospital for their incompetency. This must have been a scare for the people around.

6 Death By Photo Shoot

Every woman wants her wedding to be picture perfect, and the bride in this article is no different. She was standing in a river while doing this photo shoot when her dress became too heavy because of soaking in the river water.

The photographer tried to pull her out but he was unable and she drowned in the river. This must have been very sad for the husband as they were newlyweds. Apparently, this kind of photography where one seems slightly misplaced in an environment is a trend. What happened to good old-fashioned photo studios?

5 Death By Pool Party

In New Orleans there was a pool party held to celebrate the first summer season where there were no cases of drowning reported. There were about 100 lifeguards present to oversee the situation. However, despite all the safety measures put in place someone still managed to drown.

No one noticed that Jerome Moody was missing from the celebrations until the end of the day when no one could find him. The people found his body at the bottom of the pool and must have been deeply disturbed. The thought of possibly having walked on top of a dead body all that time is enough to scare anyone.

4 Death By Chemistry

Everyone finds it boring when the delicious flavor of their gum ends and they're left chewing a mass of tasteless rubber. However, a student in Ukraine discovered a way of dealing with this problem. Vladimir had a habit of dipping his gum in powdered citric acid to give it a sour taste.

However, one fateful day he confused the citric acid with a highly explosive chemical. The chemical mixed with his saliva while he chewed the gum and caused an explosion. It was minor but enough to separate him from his lower jaw. The paramedics could not save him in time and he died. What happened to borrowing sugar from a neighbour?

3 Death By Cheating

This death proved to be a costly one. It happened when a man named William Martinez decided to experiment with his kinky side and have a threesome with a woman who he was not married to and a male friend.

His family sued his cardiologist because he failed to inform him that too much physical activity was not good for his health.

The family had first sought five million but they ended up with three million. The argument put forth was that the man was 40% responsible for his death. Well, at least the family benefited from the man’s willingness to experiment. People who had heard the story must have viewed his friend strangely for a while after that.

2 Death By Lawn Mower

Technology came into this world to help make our lives better. However, sometimes it's as if our machines go into a secret meeting and plan how they will reduce the human population, so they can take over the world (okay, maybe that was too dramatic).

A man who was in his mid-forties was outside his house mowing the lawn when he fell over with the lawn mower. The man sustained serious injuries from the lawn mower as it had landed on top of him and he ultimately died from the accident.

That is a very painful way to go. And it further proves my point that technology plans to rule the world.

1 Death By Snake Bite

Okay, it is understandable that many people around the world die because of snake bites. However, this one deserves a slot on this list.

Mack Wolford, a Pentecostal died due to snakebite. He sat next to a rattlesnake during a religious service happening outdoors and instead of moving away, he stayed put. Wolford ended up getting bitten on his thigh. His friends took him to a relative’s home to recuperate but he was later rushed to hospital and pronounced dead.

This man believed that Christians were supposed to test their faith by handling poisonous snakes and believing that they would not harm them.

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