10 Of The Weirdest Body Treatments People Pay For

Throughout history, people have been willing to pay to have a multitude of things done to their bodies. The reasons behind these types of actions can be incredibly varied, it might be because of cosmetic desire to look as attractive as possible, or to undergo some sort of treatment so that they can live healthier lives and be more relaxed, or even something that they have done simply because they like the idea. Many of the different things that people have paid to have done to themselves over the past few thousand years are still practiced today, such as with body piercings, spa treatments and even tattoos.

However, advances in medical understanding and modern influences over how people perceive themselves and those around them, mean that more individuals are willing to experiment in the procedures and actions they allow their bodies to go through. Be it in the name of relieving stress, looking more attractive or standing out as a distinct person. With access to money also more widespread than ever before, it also allows people to spend on things they might not otherwise do. This means that odd and bizarre bodily treatments and procedures are now far more frequent than ever before, with some of them being truly weird.

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10 Snake Massage


There are a few different ways that people can relieve stress. They might go for a run, have a work out, try to relax, spend some time with friends or even get a stress relieving massage. Usually though, massages will usually involve having someone close to you or a professional masseuse doing their stuff to help you relax, but in the case of Israel’s Ada Barak there is a far stranger method. At her spa people can pay roughly $70 to have a number of snakes poured onto them. Their writhing and movement is supposed to provide relief in muscles and bones while also providing a soothing sensation. Luckily, all of the snakes used are nonvenomous, so there is never any danger to customers.

9 Penis Lengthening


Many men suffer from some insecurity about the size of their own penis. It is something that can affect almost any male and is usually a baseless suspicion. However, the doubt can get to such extents that some people will happily pay large sums of money and try a variety of different ideas to try to increase their size. One of the most extreme is penile augmentation through surgery, which generally involves grafting extra skin onto the penis to try to make it appear to be longer. Often this will use skin taken from other parts of the body, or even cadavers, in procedures that are generally dismissed as dangerous and ineffective by medical professionals. Possible side effects include the possibility of erectile dysfunction and the rate of satisfaction for the procedure is incredibly low, often as low as 20%.

8 Ear Shaping


While the vast majority of cosmetic surgeries carried out on people’s ears over the past century has concentrated on helping those with birth defects or who have been involved in accidents to regain normal shape, the past decade has seen an increased rise in ear shaping as a form of body modification. There are several different forms of ear shaping, including cropping and amputating the lobe, but by far the weirdest is the practice known as ear pointing. In this procedure a small wedge shape section is cut from the top of the ear and then sutured together in order to give a clear point that resembles an elf from a fantasy setting.

7 Cosmetic Six Pack


Although many people picture cosmetic surgery as something that only women do, it is also something that the male side of the species takes part in. Increasingly, men are also looking to have cosmetic surgery to try to look as good and attractive as possible. To that end, a popular new type of cosmetic procedure involves surgeons giving men the appearance of having a six pack without them having to lose weight and put in all that effort at the gym. Using a technique similar to liposuction, the procedure involves surgeons removing fat from the stomach area and tightening the skin to sculpt out the desired effect.

6 Get Wrapped in Hay


Hay bathing is a tradition in Italy that dates back to farmers who often reported waking relaxed and refreshed after spending the night sleeping in hay. Taking this idea, the Hotel Heubad Spa now offers its visitors the chance to bathe in specially prepared waters before essentially being wrapped in hay in order to help open up the pores and help to eradicate any muscle and joint pain. Only the highest quality hay is used according to the spa (if the quality of hay is something that can even be measured), to ensure that customers get the best quality treatment. The hay that is used is taken from grasses that are cut between August and July from a very particular spot.

5 Knee Plastic Surgery


Plastic surgery is far from an uncommon practice. Every year, thousands of men and woman have cosmetic procedures to help them to look more like how they want to be perceived by others. Usually, the surgery will concentrate on areas such as the face, the breasts, the buttocks or the stomach, as these are the areas that people generally focus on when judging attractiveness. However, over the past few years a far weirder type of surgery has emerged. The knee lift effectively tightens the skin around the knee in order to make it look much younger than it really is, by removing excess skin and eliminating folds. Although it seems like a massive waste of time considering how little attention anyone pays to another person’s knees.

4 Bee Sting Face Mask


Botox has gotten a bad press over the past few years for its negative side effects and its image to the general public. This has led some people to look for natural remedies that have the same effect of smoothing out the face and making skin appear more youthful. One of the most expensive new treatments that people are willing to pay for sounds completely bizarre, as it involves the venom from bee stings. The $300 spa procedure involves a large quantity of a mixture made up of the venom, honey and lavender along with other ingredients, being applied to the face. The venom then reacts with the skin in a similar way to being stung, supposedly causing the skin to release chemicals that help eliminate wrinkles. The treatment has proven to be incredibly popular despite its cost, with celebrities such as Victoria Beckham and Kate Middleton using it.

3 Geisha Facial


Facials using exotic and sometimes strange materials are nothing new. Spas across the globe will typically use a wide variety of different mixtures and natural resources on their customer’s faces with the aim of keeping skin healthy and fresh. Although, there is a particularly bizarre practice that has recently arrived to Western countries that has its origins in ancient Japan. The Geisha Facial, or uguisu no fun in Japan, involves covering a face in the excrement of a specific nightingale. While most people would generally not want to have any bird feces on them or their possessions, some woman now willingly pay up to $200 for the treatment.

2 Voice Pitch Lifting


Those offering the “voice lift” argue that rather than being a cosmetic surgery, it is in fact, a functional procedure. This is because it allows those whose voices have decayed with age to restore a more clear and defined voice. Originally offered as a way to treat people who had been involved in accidents or had illnesses that affected their vocal cords, it has now grown in demand for those who simply want a more rejuvenated sounding voice. There are a number of different options available, which range in price from just a few hundred dollars to thousands. Injections can be used to insert fat taken from the stomach to make the vocal folds thicker, surgery can also be used to alter the shape and implants are another choice that can be used. They all roughly have the same effect of creating a voice that is stronger and more youthful.

1 Plastic Tongue Patch


Unlike many other diet fads, this particular method shuns wacky ideas about only eating particular types of foods or fasting and instead, involves a patch made out of plastic being sewn onto the tongue. Developed by cosmetic surgeon Dr. Nikolas Chugay, the $2000 procedure takes just 20 minutes to complete. Once in place, the patch makes eating any sort of solid food painful and uncomfortable, forcing the user to instead eat liquid food and thus go through rapid weight loss. Described as cruel and barbaric, the treatment has never been officially approved and it has been criticized, as it only lasts for a month and involves no long term healthy planning for those using it to get a nutritious diet.

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