10 Of The Strangest Company Perks You've Ever Heard Of

It is not uncommon for businesses and companies to have a number of benefits for their employees. They serve a number of purposes by being attractive to those looking for work, ensuring that people want to be employed by a firm, and help to keep members of staff already at the company happy and comfortable so that don’t want to leave. Typically, such perks might include some financial bonuses to act as an incentive, or additional paid leave. Many firms also offer things such as medical and dental insurance so that employees can remain healthy and not have to worry or stress about unforeseen problems.

With the number of start-up companies on the rise and an increasingly competitive job market, companies are now having to develop new benefits and rewards for their workers that go above and beyond what has traditionally been made available. In some cases, a firm might want to stand out from the rest of the market, so that they look like the best option to prospective candidates. In other instances though, a company might just want to reward their hardworking staff in an imaginative way, to boost morale and encourage a more relaxing working environment. Whatever the case, over the past decade, companies have begun to offer some truly strange and unique benefits and perks to their employees.

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10 Google

Google is well known for giving its employees a positive working environment and for trying to look after and stimulate all workers. However, it is not widely known exactly what perks and benefits that they actually offer. Essentially, the company tries to take care of their staff’s every need. On-site chefs provide quality food and snacks at no cost throughout the day, while a swimming pool and gym ensure that workers have plenty of opportunity to keep fit. Google also provides facilities for people to get a haircut, do their laundry and even get checked out by doctors who work at the offices. There are also a collection of gamerooms that contain televisions, games consoles, ping pong tables and foosball.

9 Chesapeake Energy

Chesapeake Energy, a company that specializes in producing and distributing natural gas, has many of the perks and benefits that you would expect from a company that employs thousands of people. These include a fitness center, medical and dental insurance, as well as a number of financial bonuses that can be triggered by certain events that take place within the company. However, they do also have some that are fairly unique. The main one is a full medical suite that includes a range of dermatology services, so that members of staff can be screened for cancer, have lesions removed from their skin and bizarrely even get Botox injections.

8 Advanced Medical

Florida based company Advanced Medical, has done something that almost every employee has wished that their bosses would allow them to do at one point or another. Every single Friday a Beer Cart visits the offices supplied with ice cold beer for every member of staff who wants one. While acknowledging that allowing employees to drink while working may be controversial, the company argues that one beer will not be too detrimental to performance and that it rewards those who have worked hard throughout the week. Whatever the case, it seems to work, as Advanced Medical has a high retention rate with most staff staying with the company for years.

7 Clif Bar

Clif Bar, a company that produces organic foods and energy bars, has a number of unique benefits that they offer to their 300 employees. The vast majority revolve around the general principles of the company, of leading a healthy and balanced lifestyle. To that end, Clif Bar have built a 40-foot climbing wall within their building, along with a state-of-the-art gym, dance studio and massage rooms, along with a team of professional trainers and nutritionists to help make sure all employees live healthy lifestyles. Other perks come in the form of cash rewards for travelling to work on foot or by bicycle, as well as $500 towards the cost of a new bicycle if they commute to work using it just twice per month.

6 Microsoft


Microsoft’s headquarters in Redmond, Washington, is home to thousands of employees and so the technology company created its very own shopping mall on its West Campus to cater to the needs of those who work there. The mall, known as The Commons, was built to help relieve stress from workers by allowing them to conveniently carry out chores and tasks, without the need for extra commuting. The complex houses restaurants, bars, banks, a post office, arcade machines, as well as grocery stores, music stores and a small sized soccer pitch and is exclusive to Microsoft employees.

5 OneBestWay


The UK based design and marketing company OneBestWay, took the idea of casual Fridays to the absolute limit. While many companies and businesses will allow their employees to wear less formal attire on certain days as a way to help them relax and feel more comfortable at work, the Newcastle upon Tyne firm went one step further and invited staff to not use any item of clothing. Following the advice of business psychologist David Taylor, the workers were told they could come to their jobs with as little clothing on as they liked, as a way of building trust and breaking down barriers. The move was successful enough that it became a regular occurrence.

4 Asana


All engineers at the technology start-up Asana get a generous perk when they agree to work with the company. Before the official start date, the company will give you the option of fully customizing your work-space with a budget of $10,000. All the chosen options, including the ability to have a motorized desk that can change into a standing desk at the touch of a button, are then implemented so they are ready for your first day at work. Other less unique benefits that Asana offers include complimentary yoga classes, life coaching and specially made meals from an in-house chef that caters to individual needs.

3 Burton


Working at snowboarding company Burton, entitles you to a wide array of benefits that are largely unique to the company. All employees get a free season pass for nearby mountain slopes, providing access to skiing and snowboarding facilities at no cost. The head office also has a skate park and demo area, so that new accessories and products can be tested in real-life conditions by workers and as an extra perk, if it snows more than 2 feet during a day, the office closes up shop so that everyone can go snowboarding. The founder of the company, Jake Burton Carpenter himself, even hosts an annual party at his own home for all employees that involves plenty of food and drinks, as well as a live band.

2 Chartbeat

Most workplaces are completely off-limits to animals, even well trained domestic pets such as cats and dogs. However, a few do allow workers to bring in their pets if they are well behaved, but even this is a rarity. Chartbeat though, has nothing against its employees bringing pets into the work-place. In fact, it actively encourages the practice by having one it calls a “Puppytorium”. It is essentially a library that has up to 10 puppies roaming around it at all times, giving employees a place to go to relax and take their mind off any stress by playing with the animals.

1 Zappos


Unlike many companies that reward members of staff with awards such as employee of the month, the Las Vegas based shoe and clothing store Zappos, has a far more extravagant award ceremony. Every employee has a $50 monthly bonus to give to one of his or her co-workers. These bonuses are then accumulated and executives choose from a pool of staff members who have been awarded the most money to decide who should be that month’s Zappos Hero. That person then receives a $150 gift card and a special parking spot as well as a mini parade and a cape to wear if they so choose.

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