10 Of The Scariest Videos On YouTube

Many people may think of scary videos as someone or something scary popping up at an unexpected time, or a ghost or UFO sighting video. We’ll definitely be looking at a few of those kinds of videos here, but others are ones that you probably wouldn't have expected to see.

Of course, the internet can be found with all kinds of scary, freaky videos. YouTube is no exception. There are many weird and terrifying videos on YouTube, but for now, we’re only going to look at the top ten. And with Halloween coming up pretty soon, you’ll even be in the mood for these kinds of videos. Of course, you have to be brave enough first, before watching any of them.

Although, keep in mind that a lot of videos on YouTube are also fake, and some of these ones probably are too. But this isn't about whether the videos are real or fake, or whatever they are, it’s a matter of whether or not you are truly scared by them.

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10 The Levitating Girl

Chances are high that this video is a hoax, but it’s also very scary the first time you watch it. The video is filmed by a Russian man who is taking his dog out for a walk in the woods.  Everything seems to be going just fine; with the man filming the dog in the first place because he was hoping the dog would do something cute. Instead, he got just the exact opposite. He came across two mysterious girls…one of whom is apparently levitating.  You’ll have to watch it for yourself to believe it, and then decide whether or not the video is real or fabricated.

9 Edward Muscare’s Pretty Woman

What’s scary about this video is that it depicts a registered sex offender named Edward Muscare, but what’s even creepier is how he sings his rendition of the 1964 hit single by Roy Orbison while wearing a Mr. Rogers sweater. Of course, sex offenders are generally not allowed access to the internet, so after the video went viral, Muscare was promptly arrested.

8 The Mirror Girl

via strongchurch.org

You may be wary of this video just by its title. After all, the title makes it come across as another ghost video. And that’s exactly what it is, except it’s much scarier than you may think. The video depicts a girl looking into a mirror…but it’s what appears on the mirror that makes this video so scary.  You’ll just have to watch it to see.

7 The Headless Ghost

via irishmirror.ie

This video depicts four children who look for a ghost in an abandoned school; somewhere in the Middle East (the children speak Arabic throughout the video). The children search through many classrooms and staircases, before eventually coming to one room where the lights start to dim. Then for just a few seconds, a headless ghost appears on screen, just before dissolving back into thin air. The children freak out, as you would expect, but is this video real or fake? Nonetheless, it is truly creepy.

6 The Wyoming Incident

via darbeenbo.deviantart.com

This video depicts a local newscaster in Wyoming who is interrupted with a message of numbers: 333-333-333. The message then claims that the newscaster will see “such pretty things,” but instead, many gray and disturbing faces and expressions flash across the screen unexpectedly, terrifying the newscaster…as well as any of those sitting in front of their computer screen watching.

5 Alien in the Woods

via sharonrwagner.blogspot.com

Many have been quick to claim that this video is really a hoax, and that the ‘alien’ shown in the film is an animal or someone else in a costume. Others have claimed that the video depicts the character 'Gollum,' from the Lord of the Rings. Nonetheless, the video is very scary, as it has a very mystical tone and feel to it. Plus, it’s filmed at night and in the jungle. What better place for a scary video?

4 The Jakarta Angel

Ghost footage caught on a security camera is some of the creepiest ghost footage of all, especially if it’s in black and white. Not only is the Jakarta Angel video no exception, but it goes beyond what you would come to expect with a ghost security video. Just seven seconds into the video, a bright winged image appears on the pavement in a public square, and then vanishes a mere second later. It’s quick, but as they say, the shorter the scarier.

3 Mass of Daddy Long Legs in a Tree

It’s not uncommon to have a fear of spiders, and there’s no shame in having a complete phobia about it either. But even if you are perhaps slightly repulsed at the idea of spiders (or daddy long legs), then this definitely isn't the video for you. The video, just as the title implies, depicts hordes of daddy long legs on a tree. The cameraman then puts his finger on the mass and it moves very quickly. Even more daddy long legs appear when the cameraman throws a stick onto the bunch. This may be no ghost or alien video, but it’s just as terrifying because it’s a fear that most of us can relate to.

2 The Disneyland Ghost

Okay, really, a Disneyland ghost? That sounds quite cliché. We've seen too many movies or TV shows depicting ghosts or other supernatural creatures who haunt theme parks and haunted house attractions. This video may be corny in that it depicts the same thing, but it’s still quite scary when you watch it. The video opens with a security guard filming the park with four monitors, and for just a split second, a transparent human figurine can be made out, walking along the path leading to the haunted mansion. The guard uses all four screens in an attempt to catch more shots of the ghost, and it appears sporadically as it walks across the street and into a river, before disappearing from the camera completely.

1 The Swedish Rhapsody

Nonetheless, the number of messages that stations have still picked up are so numerous, that there are many people out there who dedicated their entire lives to discovering the happenings. The Swedish Rhapsody video will undoubtedly be one video that those people study for a long time. In the video, you can hear a little girl speaking German numbers repetitively to the faint sound of ice cream truck music…and things really become creepy when we realize that the message the girl is trying to convey is a message to kill someone.

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