10 of the Queen of England's Most Embarrassing Moments

The Royal Family is full of interesting characters and fascinating shenanigans. The Queen of England is a long-standing matriarch in a society where just about anything goes nowadays. England is unique because it has a monarchy, and nothing intrigues us outsiders like a good ol' embarrassing moment within the Royal Palace. From photobombs and a fashion faux pas, we love nothing more than seeing evidence that those rich and famous folks are essentially just like us.

This is a list of some of the most embarrassing moments from the Queen of England. To be honest, Her Majesty is quite poised and composed; it is hard to find a time when she lacks proper etiquette. Even so, some unfortunate pictures and a few snafus at Buckingham Palace have led to some pretty funny moments for the Queen. She has been a fixture for British society for decades, and continues to take her job seriously.

Her loyal subjects still have all due respect for Her Majesty, but it is definitely a breath of fresh air to see some average-joe-quality moments from her and her clan. Hopefully this list gives you a nice chuckle or two! We certainly found them amusing, to say the least.

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10 When Her Guards Made Funny Faces at Tourists

Via royalista.com

9 When President Obama Messed Up His Toast to Her

Back in 2011, President Obama made a visit to the United Kingdom and spent some time with the royals. While he was dining at Buckingham Palace, he proposed a toast to the Queen. He raised his glass and began, “To her majesty, the Queen...” before the orchestra jumped into a rendition of God Save the Queen. The real queen tried to remain as poised as she could, giving a sideways glance at Obama for a split second before returning to her stoic gaze, straight ahead. Obama realized he made a mistake and anxiously waited for the song to be over before continuing his toast.

8 When Her National Anthem Got Booed at a Soccer Match

At the beginning of a soccer match between Scotland and England, there was some speculation about the whole Scotland-claiming-independence thing. The majority ruled that Scotland would not leave the United Kingdom, yet that was not going to stop the Scottish fans in the stadium that day. While the England national anthem of God Save the Queen started to play, Scotland fans raised a loud “boo” from the stands. Talk about a slap in the face to Her Majesty. Yet, technically, the song is the national anthem of Scotland as well, so maybe the fans were just boozed up on whiskey and scotch by that time.

7 When She Was Caught Picking Her Nose

Via teaandsympathynewyork.wordpress.com

A photo was snapped of Queen Elizabeth digging in there for some gold. Hey, everyone needs to get a little pick in now and again, no? This photo just goes to show us that even the Queen of England is not prim and proper all the time. Personally, we find it a bit liberating and a breath of fresh air. Those Brits always seem so well-to-do; it was nice to see a change of pace! Even if it meant a slightly disgusting photograph of an elderly woman sticking her finger up her nostril. The photo was clearly taken while the Queen was enjoying some free time outdoors.

6 When She Was Photographed at a Royal Dinner

Via michelderennes.eklablog.com

The Queen has to go to a lot of royal events; it is only a matter of time before an embarrassing photo shows up. A photograph from a royal dinner captured Queen Elizabeth looking mortified as two gentleman hold small plates of scones near her face. The juxtaposition is perfect, because it looks exactly as if the men where coercing the Queen into breaking her royal diet. We are not quite sure what is going on in this picture, but people all over the Internet loved seeing the Queen's outrageous facial expression. Paired with her matching pale pink dress jacket and English hat, this is definitely an embarrassing photo for the record books.

5 The Internet Memes and Gifs

Via hangthebankers.com

Sure, the royals are allowed to have some fun, but that does not mean the public will not do something with the evidence! Some Internet-savvy individual decided to take a photograph of Queen Elizabeth enjoying some kind of event...a horse race? Outdoor theater? It is anyone's guess. All that is certain is that the Queen is having a ball, smiling, laughing, and wearing one of the most expressive faces we have seen on her. The meme reads “HAHA! YOU ARE POOR!” While we do not think the Queen would blatantly laugh in a poor person's face (or behind their back for that matter,) this is a pretty funny meme that gets us chuckling and just one of many that exist online.

4 The Time She Got Stuck in a Sing-Along

Via telegraph.co.uk

Back in the 20th century, the Queen was attending a social event with Tony Blair. Somehow, they ended up in a rag-tag, crossed-hand-holding sing-along. The photograph that accompanied the story was major awk-sauce. The Queen looks utterly miserable, while Blair is joyfully singing along. Not only is the Queen sporting one of those ridiculous Brits-at-the-Derby hats, she looks completely out of her element her. She is the only one who does not have her arms crossed, plus she sticks out like a sore thumb with her bright orange attire. This is definitely an embarrassing moment she will want to forget about!

3 When She Got Photo-Bombed by a Microphone

Via northernstar-online.com

Her Majesty is obliged to attend some pretty important events. You know - conferences, meetings, and the like. Yet, while the Queen was at one of her royal appointments, someone snapped a most unfortunate photograph of a double-headed microphone almost perfectly covering her two eyes. The effect is pretty awesome, albeit unflattering: two bugged-eyed, black microphone heads in the place where the Queen's eyes should be. We have to admit, the new eyewear goes quite well with her black-and-white power suit. Bravo for the Queen for working such a fashion (and seating position) faux pas! We know we would not be able to pull it off.

2 When She Got Outshone by Princess Eugenie

Via 30somethingurbangirl.com

The paparazzi snapped a shot of the royals while they were outdoors celebrating. The whole gang is there, and so is one ticked-off looking Queen Elizabeth. While everyone around her looks jolly and festive, the Queen is shooting dagger eyes at Princess Eugenie, who is blocking half of the Queen's body. Looks like Her Majesty does not want anyone up in her grill. The Princess ruined a totally fabulous shot that could have shown the Queen's awesome sense of style. Unfortunately, the photograph portrays a smiley-faced Princess Eugenie and behind her, a dour-sour Queen. That is one to keep out of the family photo album!

1 Her Awkward European Cheek Kiss

Via dailymail.co.uk

The Queen has to mingle with a lot of people, and we mean a lot. So, she probably gets a bit tired of it at times. When you meet and greet with folks from all over the world, you come across some very interesting ways of interacting. Queen Elizabeth is probably relieved when she can finally get back home to the gestures and physical contact she is used to. After all, she is prim and proper. Yet, one photograph captured her awkward European-cheek kiss, in which she looks flustered as anything and like she would really rather be someplace else. At least the person kissing her was not able to see the embarrassing grimace!

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