10 Of The Priciest Surgery Procedures

These days, getting health care is without a doubt, one of the priciest expenses that will come out of a wallet. But beyond the price, there can also be lifelong consequences of undergoing surgery. Getting surgery for any reason is an extremely personal decision that only you can make with solid advice from your doctor, or healthcare professional. Part of the decision making process will definitely include if you really need the surgery, if you are willing to cope with the potential short term and long term risks of the surgery and also, if the cost of the surgery justifies you getting the surgery.

A lot of things and procedures in healthcare are expensive, but none are as expensive as the surgical procedure. The reasons for why these procedures are so expensive are partly because of the technology that is being used, but also because of the skill of the doctor.  These doctors have gone to school for years and had to pass rigorous tests in order to get to where they are now. There are also very few doctors in the United States who can perform some of the more serious surgeries, while some doctors only perform specific types of surgeries.

Some surgeries are starting to become more popular today than ever before. For example, cosmetic surgery used to only be done by the super wealthy, but now, everyday people get cosmetic surgery in America. Cosmetic surgery is still quite expensive, and some of it is not covered by insurance. But regardless of what kind of surgery you need or choose to go with, or even if you’re here just out of curiosity, here are the top ten priciest surgeries ever.

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10 Cheek Implants

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Cheek implants are used by people to make their face seem much younger. It is specifically used to minimize the hollow spots that can appear under the cheek bones. A successful cheek implant surgery will make your face look more youthful and more natural, and much of it isn't so obvious. This means that you can’t always tell if a person has had cheek implants or not. The average cost of this procedure in the United States is $2,800, but there are also much more expensive ones for the more specific cheek implants. Surgeons will put silicone implants to the upper part of your cheeks and then take fat from other areas of your face, and put it into your cheek area. This will make your face appear less gaunt, and more young and natural. As a result, cheek implants are some of the most popular surgeries in the United States, but the price of getting one still pales in comparison to some other surgeries that we’ll look at.

9 Pectoral Implants


Pectoral implants cost an average of $3,800, which is significantly more than cheek implants, but is still only pocket change in comparison to some of the surgeries that we’ll get to in just a little bit. Many men who undergo strength training choose to get pectoral implants, but of course, pectoral implants aren't the only way to gain strength. Men also get pectoral implants in order to appear more fit and natural, but it’s also a surgery that’s not for everybody. There are some men who simply genetically can’t gain weight in the pectoral muscles, so pectoral implants probably is the right option for them.

8 Tracheotomy

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Tracheotomy is surgery where the surgeon opens up a small area in your neck (specifically in your windpipe, otherwise known as the trachea) and puts in a tube that will help you breathe. Tracheotomy is necessary if a patient is unable to breathe properly, or if something in the throat is inhibiting the person’s breathe. Tracheotomy isn't the only way to achieve an artificial airway in a person, but it’s still one of the most simple and easy ways. If you feel daunted by the fact of a surgeon making a hole in your throat, then just know that the hole is little more than incision. All in all, a tracheotomy can cost you upwards of $205,000.

7 Kidney Transplant

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As one might assume, Kidney implants are very expensive, more than $260,000. They are also very risky and the recovery for them can also be expensive, in addition to the surgery, not to mention dangerous. In a kidney transplant, the surgeon will not remove your old kidney and add a new one; rather, they will add a new supply of blood that the new kidney can be attached to.

6 Pancreas Transplant

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Pancreas transplants are most often used by those who have cancer in their pancreas. The pancreas is necessary to the body because it digests the enzymes, so it is very careful that surgeons remove the old pancreas, and then quickly add a new one. The surgery for a pancreas transplant can also take several hours long, and it’s not uncommon for a patient to have to stay in the hospital for over three weeks. It’s also not uncommon for them to have to pay close to $300,000.

5 Open Heart Surgery

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Open heart surgery has to be done to a lot of people, because a lot of different types of conditions can affect the heart. Open heart surgery is usually done to implant a prosthetic valve to the heart, as to improve the flow of blood to the heart. However, there are also a number of complications that can come with the surgery and like a pancreas transplant; patients can be in the hospital for several weeks. Open heart surgeries will usually cost a minimum of $325,000.

4 Liver Transplant

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The liver is critically important to the body, as it is related to the entire body system. The liver assists in digesting foods and detoxifying substances in the body, among a variety of other uses. Liver disease is also not an uncommon disease among many people. But the real reason behind the high expense of liver transplants is due to it being very hard to find a donor. Most liver transplants will cost no less than $500,800.

3 Lung Transplant

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The lung transplants are one of the most important organs in the body and during surgery, a machine will be necessary to allow the patient to breathe. There are also a number of risks associated with the surgery, including lung collapse or developing infections in the respiratory system. Lung transplants typically cost around $600,000.

2 Bone Marrow Transplant

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A bone marrow transplant can either be performed using the marrow from your own bones, or from a donor. If you use your own marrow, it will cost considerably less, but you can still plan on spending upwards of $600,000 for a bone marrow transplant. There’s also a considerable amount of recovery time that you’ll have to spend in the hospital.

1 Intestine Transplant

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The intestines are the longest organs in the entire body, so as you can imagine, the surgery for an intestine transplant can take multiple hours and cause you to spend a lot of time in recovery at the hospital. Most people who need an intestine transplant are those who have cancer in their intestines, suffered trauma to their intestines, or who have a serious infection. The actual surgery itself has been known to last up to twenty four hours until completed, with the cost of the surgery being a combination of the surgery itself and the actual time spent in recovery. You may be surprised to hear this, but you could spend upwards of $1,200,000 for an intestine transplant.

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