10 Of The Most Surreal 911 Calls

911 dispatchers have a very important job, people's safety (and lives even) are in their hands on a daily basis. The job entails staying calm, being rational in any situation, assessing each situation and even being a form of support for the panicked callers. But 911 dispatchers also have the unfortunate luck of receiving a number of calls that they should not have to deal with. Aside from pranks, and possibly worse, are those callers who want help with their non-urgent ails and displeasures.

Here are 10 of the most outrageous 911 calls that have been made over the years - and thank you to all 911 operators for sticking it through these tough calls (pun intended) in order to be there for those who actually need them.

10 Burger King is Out of Lemonade


In a grave misuse of emergency services, 66 year old, Jean Fortune called 911 to complain about Burger King being out of lemonade. He stated that he ordered a meal at the drive-thru but that it wasn't until he pulled up to the window to pay that he was informed about the lemonade being sold out. Mr. Fortune immediately called from BK, and was charged with misuse of 911.

9 CFL Fire - HD


In Regina Saskatchewan, emergency services were called and quickly dispatched when they were alerted that a fire had started at the CFL stadium. However, upon arrival they found that that the fire was nothing more than a high-definition image of the flames from log burning on the big screen. Thank god no one was hurt.

8 Looking For a Ride


In 2011, an obviously drunk man dialed 911 not once, but three times, demanding a ride to the liquor store. 57 year old George McMurrain was dead-set on having the police escort him to the nearest store, and even insisted the Sheriff had offered to do so for him. To make matters worse, the Florida man was slurring his words to the point of being nearly inaudible.

7 Missing Hookahs, Found Pot


In Lincoln, Nebraska, a man called up 911 to inform them that his precious collection of hookah pipes had been stolen from his home. Although such pipes are often associated with the use of marijuana, they are typically used for tobacco and are therefore not illegal. Pot, however, is. The man was later arrested when the police arrived at his home to take a report and discovered he was growing pot plants illegally. Calling 911 was clearly not a clever idea in his case.

6 Unsatisfied Manicure Client


Just like many other things related to beauty, nails are an important aspect of a woman's beauty allure, but it still seems a little over the top to call 911 over a bad nail job. Cynthia Colson would disagree though. The "victim" was arrested after calling four times to complain that her manicurist had cut her nails too short and expressed her intentions to not pay full price.

5 Butt-Dial Burglar


The life of crime is not suited for everyone. In order to pull it off with success, you do need a certain level of suave, or savvy. Neither of which seem to be possessed by this Ohio Burglar. The crook accidentally butt-dialed 911 while on his mission of breaking into a house. When the police arrived to investigate, he had the bright idea to go and hide in the closet. All seemed to be going well, until the phone rang out a low-battery warning, leading the police right to him.

4 Threats Over a Missing Playstation


Gamers can be pretty hardcore, and 40 year old Anthony White is no exception. He called 911, frantic over the loss of his playstation. He claimed it had been stolen by his cousin, and warned that he would stop at nothing to get it back. After insisting his case was a legitimate emergency, the dispatcher explained to him the definition of emergency. Mr. White then yelled out "I'm gonna kill the son of a b----. How about that?" Matters continued to spiral out of control when, upon arriving at his home, police were informed by White that he had a gun. He requested the police shoot him, and even threatened to shoot them. He was charged with making terroristic threats.

3 UFO Sighting


What would you do if you saw a real-life UFO? Maybe not the same thing as this guy did. When a British man was caught off guard by a mysterious flying object, he immediately called 911 to inform the authorities of his concern. While awaiting the police, the man must have continued to thoroughly investigate, because he then called a second time to let them know he had cracked the case. It was just the moon.

2 Desperate Drunk-Dial

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In Ohio, a woman dialed 911 a grand total of five times, desperately looking for a date. As it turns out, she was apparently trying to reach an automated dating service. The woman was subsequently arrested for disorderly conduct when the police arrived and found that she was drunk.

1 Pot-Brownie Overdose


In 2006, Edward Sanchez of the Dearborn, Michigan police department resigned shortly after an embarrassing call to 911 which incriminated him - and also made him look pretty silly. Sanchez dialed 911 in an attempt to get help when he feared his and his wife's lives were in danger - from an overdose of pot-brownies. "I think we're dying," he said. "I think we're dead. I really do." Although panicked, his 5 minute phone call also included less urgent queries, such as the time. While he admitted during the call to using a quarter-ounce of marijuana in the dessert, he was never prosecuted. According to the Associated Press, he resigned as part of the internal investigation.

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