10 Of The Most Shocking Protests To Ever Take Place

One of the cornerstones of many modern democracies is the right for people to protest in peaceful ways. This allows the public to demonstrate their feelings towards the government, argue against controversial groups or people, and enact change in society that they feel is much needed.

Such protests can come in various forms. Sometimes they take the form of mass gatherings of people peacefully coming together to show their displeasure, while in other cases they might involve some level of violence as members take direct action to ensure that their voices are heard by those in power or engage in civil disobedience. It’s even possible for individuals to protest all by themselves to make a statement. Whatever the case, protests are an important way for people to get meaningful change and play a huge role in allowing the public to demonstrate for causes that they truly believe in. Unfortunately, not every country has the same attitude towards protestors and not all of those engaging in such rallies are non-violent, which can lead to some violent and extreme situations that put many people in danger. In nations where people don’t have many rights and can’t vote for their governments in democratic elections, protests can become even more violent and dangerous.

10 FEMEN’s Istanbul Demonstrations

FEMEN is a radical group that seeks to stop the discrimination and exploitation of woman in conservative and religious countries. They were founded in Ukraine but became famous in 2012 thanks to a series of protests in Istanbul that saw women parade through the streets while topless. This lack of clothing automatically created a huge amount of controversy in Turkey, but it was the imagery of the make-up worn by the demonstrators that was so extreme as it portrayed the effects of abuse and acid attacks that many women had suffered in the country in recent times.

9 Pyotr Pavlensky’s Street Protest

8 Kent State Protest

7 Lush Human Performance Exhibit

Jacqueline Traide, a 24-year-old performance artist, took part in a protest at the London flagship Lush store that saw her subjected to the same treatment that animals go through during testing of cosmetic products. This involved her being tied up with straps, having her hair shaved off from her head and force-fed. During the 10-hour event, which was streamed live on the internet, Traide also had chemicals poured into her eyes and electrodes attached to her body. This was all done in the hope of creating extreme imagery that would grab the public’s attention and force them to discuss the issue of animal testing.

6 Manus Island Refugee Protest

5 Shark Fin Performance Demonstration

4 Egyptian Arranged Marriage Protest

3 Self-Immolation Of Thích Quảng Đức

2 Soweto Uprising

1 Greensboro KKK Rally

The Greensboro KKK rally, often known as the Greensboro massacre, was a march that saw members of the Communist Workers’ Party clash with the Ku Klux Klan and the American Nazi Party. The armed confrontation led to the deaths of four members of the CWP and another person as the racist groups fired into the protestors with shotguns and handguns. The CWP had been marching to campaign for workers’ rights of the black textile workers who were walking in the area. Although several people were arrested and charged, all were acquitted by juries.


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10 Of The Most Shocking Protests To Ever Take Place