10 Of The Most Shocking Celebrity Underage Sex Scandals

Celebrity sex scandals are nothing new. They have been around in the past, and there are undoubtedly going to be many more in the future. When it comes down to it, what people do sexually behind closed doors should be kept private and personal - as long as it's all consensual and no one is being abused or coerced. But when those lines are crossed, things can get ugly really quickly, especially when minors who don't know any better are involved. In the following article, we list 10 celebs who got embroiled in scandals for engaging in unseemly sexual behavior with underage participants. Read on below ....

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10 R.Kelly

The 47-yr-old R&B singer R. Kelly has had a long and very successful career. Over the years, he has put out some great inspirational songs like “I Believe I Can Fly,” “I Wish” and “Happy People” and there have also been some really disturbing blemishes on his record too.  All the way back in 1994, he was the one who introduced a young and talented R&B artist named Aaliyah. There were rumors going on around that period that he illegally married her when she was just 15-yrs-old and he was 27. And then in 2002, a scandal broke out about him having sex and performing lewd actions on underage girls. He was indicted in Chicago for 21 counts of child pornography, and there was even video about his inappropriate sexual escapades. But somehow he was able to wiggle his way out of the legal trouble and not do any real jail time. R. Kelly can recently be heard on the new radio single “Keep Doin’ That” by Rick Ross.

9 Roman Polanski

The Polish director Roman Polanski is an iconic film director who has influenced other great directors of our time like David Fincher, Wes Anderson and Darren Aronofsky. He is also the director behind the critically acclaimed 1968 Horror film, Rosemary’s Baby. However in 1977, his promising career was cut short when he was arrested and charged in Los Angeles for rape, perversion, sodomy and lewd & lascivious acts to a girl named Samantha Gailey – she was just 13-yrs-old at the time. He pleaded not guilty but ended up accepting a plea deal and admitting to a lesser charge. However, even with this plea settlement, there was still a possibility of him doing jail time, so he packed his bags and fled to France before he received his sentence. He is currently 81-yrs-old and still resides in Paris, France.

8 Jimmy Savile

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7  Michael Jackson

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Doesn’t it seem that sometimes the more fame and popularity an artist gets, the more demons and problems they seem to have? Michael Jackson will forever be remembered as The King of Pop, the most complete entertainer and perhaps the best all-around dancer/singer of all time. But along with his global stardom, there were some serious issues too. It seems Michael Jackson had what one could call Peter Pan syndrome. He never wanted to grow up and he felt most comfortable around kids. That tendency of his came back to bite him when in 1993, he was accused of molesting a 13-yr old boy named Jordan Chandler. The case drew tons of media attention and the legal battle was a long and disgraceful one. The case was eventually settled in 1994 with Jackson reaching a financial settlement with the boy’s parents. The weird twist in this case that 5 months after Michael Jackson died in 2009, the father of the boy he was accused of abusing (Evan Chandler) committed suicide in his New Jersey apartment.

6 Woody Allen

In the realm of classic Hollywood, it will be hard to find a director with a more respected body of work than the writer, producer, actor and director Woody Allen. But with as much success he’s had in his professional career, his personal life has been full of some very disturbing fetishes. Allen began a relationship with the actress Mia Farrow in 1980, and she found out in 1992, that he had secretly been having a relationship with her adopted daughter, Soon-Yi Previn.  Soon-Yi was 20-years-old at the time, and she discovered this by finding nude photos that Woody had taken of her. Also in 1976, Woody Allen gave an interview in which he stated the following: “ I’m open-minded about sex. I’m not above reproach; if anything, I’m below reproach. I mean, if I was caught in a love nest with 15 12-year-old girls tomorrow, people would think, yeah, I always knew that about him.”

5 Stephen Collins

When the underage sex scandal hit earlier this year about the actor Stephen Collins, everyone was completely surprised. First of all, no one could believe that the warm and lovable actor who played the pastor/dad on the show 7th Heaven could be capable of such behavior. But the truth is, you can never tell what demons may exist in anyone’s mind. According to TMZ, during a nasty prolonged divorce with his wife Faye Grant, Collins admitted in therapy to molesting and/or exposing himself to several underage girls. Little did he know that the conversation during therapy  was being secretly recorded.  When the recording hit the internet, it spread like wild fire, and he instantly got dropped from several of his upcoming gigs. To date, no criminal charges have been filed, but his long career has already suffered some very irreparable damage.

4  Franck Ribery/Karim Benzema

Two of the biggest soccer stars in the world today are Franck Ribery and Karim Benzema, both hailing from France. However, their off-field reputations took a bashing recently when both of them were accused of having sex with an underage prostitute named Zahia Dehar. When the case ultimately went to court, the prosecutor was unable to prove that the two soccer stars knowingly had sex with an underage girl. Since then, the case has died down, and the prostitute at the center of trial has capitalized on her controversial infamy. She is now considered a fashion icon, she has her own reality show and she is also one of the many female muses of legendary fashion designer, Karl Lagerfield.

3  Eyal Golan

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Israel has its superstars too, and one of the most well-known singers there is a recording artist known as Eyal Golan. He sells tons of records in Israel, he has his own reality-singing show competition and is pretty much a household name. But last November, his world was thrown into disarray when he and several other men were arrested and charged with having sex with minors. The charges claimed that Golan and his friends would have debaucherous sex parties involving drugs and underage girls. He pleaded not guilty to the charges, and this past February, Israel’s Ministry of Justice announced that it was dismissing the charges because of insufficient evidence.

2 Bishop Eddie Long

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It’s especially sad when you hear sexual scandal cases that revolve around priests, bishops and pastors. This is because these are leaders in the community and so many people look up to them for support, inspiration and guidance. That was the situation that occurred in 2010 when Bishop Eddie Long, the senior pastor of the New Birth Missionary Baptist Mega-Church in Georgia was accused by three teenage boys of using his influence and power to coerce them into sexual favors. Bishop Long apparently met all his accusers while they were just teenagers and he lavished them with expensive gifts and trips all over the world. The case caused such a huge uproar because of the Bishop’s status in the religious world. His wife actually filed for divorce but ended up retracting her actions. Bishop Long was never convicted for the charges, but he will never regain the vaunted position he once had in the church.

1 Kevin Clash - Elmo Sex Scandal

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One would think that an iconic children’s show like Sesame Street would be impervious to sexual scandal - but once human beings are involved, there is always a possibility of things going awry. That was what happened when the long-time puppeteer Kevin Clash, the voice of Elmo became embroiled in an underage sex scandal. He was accused in 2012 of molesting multiple men more than ten years earlier. There was even one case when he apparently lured a troubled young man from Florida with a promise of a free place to stay in NYC. But the case was thrown out earlier this year because the statute of limitations had already expired for the alleged victims who were pursuing legal action against Clash. However the allegations and disgrace forced him to resign from his job and he is no longer a part of the Sesame Street family.

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