10 of the Most Shocking Celebrity Meltdowns Ever

shocking celebrity meltdowns

Meltdowns. We all have them but some are worse than others. Especially if you are a celeb. Poor celebrities are always in the public eye. Even shedding a tear turns into a huge spectacle that is up for grabs and ripe for roasting and ranting. Pretty much every celebrity out there has fallen into some kind of sticky situation, but the stories on this list are 10 incredible embarrassing celebrity meltdowns.

From bouts with drugs and drunkenness to public rants and ravings to breaking out the waterworks on live television, these are some of the most memorable meltdowns that we have witnessed celebs go through. Some of these are still fresh in our minds (think Lindsay Lohan's downward spiral and Britney Spears' buzzcut.) Some of these events are things we would like to forget (Robert Downey Jr. was a hot mess before he became a hot actor.)

We are happy to say that some of the rich and famous on this list have since recovered from their meltdowns and are now living satisfying and rich lives. On the other hand, some of these individuals continue to be plagued by downfalls, or have even succumbed to them. It just goes to show that celebs are humans too.

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10 Robert Downey Jr.

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The turn of the new millennium was a tough time for Robert Downey Jr. Although he is now known for being the smooth talking hottie and star of the Iron Man movies, he had a rough patch back in 1999-2000. He was in court for violating his parole requirements and revealed that he had been a long-running drug addict. Some time behind prison bars and troublesome law-breaking situations left us looking at a torn and debilitated actor. He was addicted to cocaine and methamphetamine, but seemed to have recovered from the horrific meltdown. Now he is starring in uber-successful movies and still making women swoon.

9 Paula Abdul

8 Whitney Houston

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7 Britney Spears

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It was the meltdown of the 2000s. Britney Spears walks into a bar...barber shop and buzzes her own head. It happened and surprisingly, Brit has made a decent recovery from that 2007 meltdown. Yet, back in those days things were looking a grim. Britney's album produced lackluster sales in comparison with her previous hits and she was nowhere near the Baby One More Time or even the Oops...I Did It Again caliber she had earned just a few years back. She was pure media fodder and her meltdown sparked loads of chatter about whether Brit would go down the same dangerous path as other wash-out celebs.

6 Lindsay Lohan

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She was the queen of starlets. She was the rising star, the one who would go far. After the success of The Parent Trap, Freaky Friday, and Mean Girls, LiLo had it all. And then it went all wrong. In late 2006, she was cut from the cast of Georgia Rule due to her partying and unprofessionalism. In 2007, she went to rehab but got a DUI later that year. She got into more trouble for playing hooky on court dates and violating her parole. More failed drug test, an alcohol monitor, and a dead acting career later, Lindsay shows no signs of recovering her acting chops nor her health. It is a sad fate for such a promising child star.

5 David Hasselhoff

Poor David Hasselhoff. He was (seemingly) on top of the world. Then an unfortunate video of him drunk and down for the count surfaced on the Internet. Can you say "career over?" His daughter is filming the whole thing: David sprawled on the floor, trying to eat a cheeseburger (he makes tough work of it) and slurring his speech. What we can understand just sounds like a bunch of sorry pathetic conversation. His young daughter has to reprimand him and tell him again and again "NO ALCOHOL." She works as a good agent for him. Too bad he was too smashed to admire her leadership skills.

4 Christian Bale

What is it with famous actors and profanity? Well, Christian Bale made an apology for his cuss-riddled rant that leaked to the public and media outlets all over. In the recording, Bale can be heard going on and on about the photography director for Terminator Salvation. The rant was shown on so many websites and television programs and was even remixed into a dance song. That is when you know you have made it...to Crazyville. We are not quite sure why exactly Bale went off the deep end at this camera dude. I mean, the guy stepped in your light; okay. Get over yourself.

3 Tom Cruise

Remember when Tom Cruise jumped on Oprah's sofa? Yeah, we do too. Even though it was 10 years ago, people are still talking about it. He proclaimed his love for then-girlfriend Katie Holmes and that was just the beginning. Tom has descended into the depths of pure cray-cray, talking about things like sex, death, the mind, extraterrestrials...yeah, really. By now it is common knowledge that Tom is one of those crazed Scientologists, but his rants have definitely classified him as “off the deep end.” We would tell him to go to therapy, but he has already told us: “You don't know the history of psychiatry. I do.” Okay then!

2 Mel Gibson

Oh, Mel Gibson, when can you just stop? Really, though. A few years back the public was appalled by his maniacal telephone rant to his ex-girlfriend. He referred to her as a “pig” (with a few words added in there) and said that she would be “raped by a pack of” (expletives.) Whoa. He gets on her case about her clothing choices, her body, pretty much everything that makes her feel objectified and dishonored. It was a frightening telephone call to say the least. Gibson tells her to stay in the (effing) house, but it seems that it would be a better idea for him to do that.

1 Charlie Sheen

Well, Charlie Sheen has had a variety of meltdowns, all of them spectacular to say the least. From saying he has “tiger blood,” to going on a rampage while intoxicated and on drugs. In 2013 he locked himself in a room and engaged in some self-harming activities on his arm. During family cookout, Sheen and his mother went tooth and nail against each other in a huge screaming match. There was loads of profanity in the mix and his guests were absolutely horrified, but not entirely surprised about it. Sheen fled to his bedroom and resolved to blast music – very juvenile if we do say so ourselves. Stayed tuned for the latest outburst.

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