10 of the Most Shocking Celebrity Lip Augmentations

worst celebrity lip augmentations

Plastic surgery is a double-edged sword. For some people, it can improve breathing, back problems, and other health woes. Yet for the majority of people who go under the knife, it is to improve aesthetic qualities. Sometimes those cosmetic procedures go totally wrong and you end up looking like the people on this list. These are 10 of the most shocking celebrity lip augmentations, and some of them make us cringe.

Sure, there are times when plastic surgery and lip implants look just fine. Maybe a mousy, thin-lipped woman could benefit from some filler. Yet the individuals on this list so do not even need lip augmentations, and their procedures look downright awful. Whoever said that puffy, candy-marshmallow lips looked attractive? We are not sure when exactly this became a fad and something to be admired, but it shows no signs of stopping. As long as people keep trying to look “better,” we can go on expanding our list of botched and unattractive results.

Let this list serve as a model of what not to do. There is rarely a need for someone to plump their lips or insert strange materials in them. If you really want kissable lips, try a plumping lipstick or gloss for crying out loud!

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10 Janice Dickinson

9 Donatella Versace

Via i.huffpost.com

8 Big Ang

Via media1.popsugar-assets.com

If the name “Big Ang” does not scare you, then maybe her appearance will. At first glance we are not quite sure what we are seeing. If we dare to look a bit longer, we will find that Big Ang has had extensive work done. Her lips are big and out there and begging for attention. We suppose big lips are necessary for a big talker like her. She is open about her procedures and displays a pleasant affinity for them. She is honest about her lip injections and has stated that she is not finished, either. Yep, more procedures are in the works for the aging reality star.

7 Amanda Lepore

Via ponystep.com

It seems almost a requirement for transexual folks to get some kind of plastic surgery. For Amanda Lepore, that meant lip injections, Botox, butt implants, breast augmentation, and of course, a sex change. She claims that she has the most expensive body on earth, and if we look at her it seems as though she has the most artificial body on earth. What happened to the woman who works hard and provides for her kids and dresses modestly? Nope, Amanda is all about putting her new sexuality out there, huge lips and all. Because the first thing we think of when we imagine women is “big lips.”

6 Farrah Abraham

Via i.ytimg.com

For one of the worst botched lip procedures ever, see Farrah Abraham. One of the stars of Teen Mom, Farrah underwent lip augmentation in order to achieve a fuller, plumper look. Well, let us just say that things did not go according to plan. Have you ever seen Futurama? Well, Farrah pretty much looked like Leela's twin sister. Farrah was able to poke some fun at herself and the results, but did not seem to learn her lesson. She is looking forward to getting more surgeries done! Apparently leaky and abnormally puffed up lips are not enough for the 23-year-old.

5 Daryl Hannah

Via moviepilot.de

4 Shauna Sand

Via tattoos.fansshare.com

We feel a little sorry for women (and even men) in the media. They are always supposed to look so flawless and attractive, but we all know that they are human beings just like us. So why should they constantly look dolled up and perfect? So it goes once again with another celeb, this time Shauna Sand. Of course as a former Playmate, hotness is necessary at all times. Her lip augmentation (and other plastic surgeries) have resulted in a woman who looks as though she is made of plastic and is wearing some strange Barbie-like mask. This isn't sex appeal; this is scream appeal.

3 Katie Price

Via media4.popsugar-assets.com

It looks as though Katie Price is another celebrity that has fallen victim to the lip augmentation spiral of doom. Her lips look like two rubber earthworms poking out of her face. Where her mouth should be, all we see are two pink monsters grappling for attention. How does she even talk with those things? She must enjoy getting cosmetic procedures, since she gives them to herself as Christmas presents. All we know is that we would never wish for two gross, bulging, flappy lips that we had to constantly carry around on our mouths. Not only are they not cute all at, but they also look like a huge hindrance.

2 Nikki Cox

Via how-rich.org

Here is another celeb who has the tabloids and gossipers reveling. Nikki Cox is said to have undergone extensive surgeries to “improve” her appearance. Among those were lip injections that resulted in a huge mouth that would dwarf even that of Julia Roberts. The new lips look absolutely horrendous and take up nearly half her face. Really, it is the only thing we see when we first glance at poor Nikki. The result of three filler injections in her lips is extremely unflattering and so unnatural that there is no way she can attribute her plumper pout to some volumizing lip gloss.

1 Michaela Romanini

Via ateliemulher.blog.br

This is perhaps one of the most frightening celebrity lip augmentations we have seen. In fact, everything about Michaela Romanini's cosmetic procedures is like something from a nightmare. Even sources close to the celeb say that she is obsessed with lip injections and it certainly shows. Her lips look like a scary growth on her face, and her addiction is becoming quite dangerous. It is such a shame that a beautiful Italian woman morphed into some deranged-looking plastic surgery fiasco. Ciao, beauty, hello nightmare! She looks more like a man now than a lady-like socialite. Who even knows if she's finished yet?

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