10 Of The Most Perverted Video Games You Should Know About

Let's admit it: everything is better "sexy." That's especially the case with video games. Sexy video games are pretty awesome, you must agree (and you probably are if you're reading this). We're already familiar with the likes of Grand Theft Auto and Conker's Bad Fur Day, which are quite explicit.

But I've been wandering on the dark side of the Internet and the gaming industry, and I found quite a bunch of weird, sexy games that are quite perverted. From busty, slimy aliens to Lovecraft's monsters, you can literally date and touch everything. Virtually, of course!

Simulators is a genre in which you'll find most sexy games, but visual novels have a lot, too. And they aren't well known, which is a shame, because they are little pieces of art in terms of kinky surprises.

From implicit to explicit, you should be able to find everything you might be looking for in this list, 10 Of The Most Perverted Video Games You Should Know About.

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10 Stick Shift - Love Your Car

Via www.blog.radiator.debacle.us

This game, too, was popularized by Pewdiepie. This game is basically perfect in my opinion because it's beautifully absurd. You're a guy who's pleasuring his car by playing with your shifter. When you're about to climax, the screen becomes psychedelic as if the character had just injected himself with a boat-load of acid. So far, this is perfect, you must agree.

Because of your activities with your car, the police can pull you over and force you to wait for a few minutes before you can enjoy your car once more. And there's no way to restart the thing, you will have to wait. If you blow kisses to the policeman, your timeout is elongated. Wow.

9 Hurt Me Plenty - BDSM Simulator 

Via www.youtube.com

This game works with your camera and brings you inside the world of BDSM. There are three steps to the game: first, you must agree on the terms of your game with what the submissive will wear and what will be your safe word; secondstep is the actual game, which seems to include a lot of heavy spanking; third step is to caress and take care of your poor boyfriend.

Now, if your submissive says the safe word and you don't stop, he or she won't be willing to play again with you for as much as 15 real-time days. That's a lot for a game. The controls aren't easy, either, because it's based on how you beat your webcam. It's a weird and frustrating game to say the least.

8 Lula 3D - Porn Movie Production Simulator

Via www.youtube.com

Well when you've got a game which has an introduction with full female nudity and a humping dog, what more can you say? Lula 3D's plot showcases porn actress Lula, who's also a stripper according to the game's intro, trying to produce her next porn movie. However, she ends up having to delay her shoot when her female co-stars are kidnapped. The goal of the game is to find back your sex-partners so you can shoot that movie.

I suggest you watch the introduction on YouTube, as it'll set the mood of the game, and probably make you want to play it. However, it seems the critics gave it a bad score because of its low humor and technical issues. What did they expect, really? 

7 Miracle No-Ton - Rape Men With Your "Rapenote"

Via hmongbuy.com/

For the Yaoi lovers (often girls) and for those who are curious and simply impressed by what you can find on the dark side of the Internet and the gaming industry, here is Miracle No-ton, a game in which you rape guys using your notebook. On the official website, they describe the game as "protagonist Ogata Akira finds a magical living notebook that can grant any wish she writes in it. But there’s a catch: only horny wishes work."

It's a visual novel with voices. All in Japanese. With very explicit audio (like a buzzing vibrator) and visuals. Everything to please your fantasies.

6 Trials In Tainted Space (TITS) - Some Alien Lovin

Via Youtube.com

You've got to love visual novels to really enjoy TITS. The game is about exploring the universe, yourself and the creatures you can find in there, intimately. You build up your character by giving her the attributes you desire. You can be anything, from a masculine-looking female to a busty, sticky alien in need of some lovin.

You'll get attacked by other creatures, and the solution most of the time is to use your charms to survive this sexy - and often sticky - situation. And this is the only real solution you have, anyway.

5 Creature And Love Shiyo Tsu! Maiden - Date Many Of Lovecraft's Monsters

Via Youtube.com

This game can only be found in Japanese, and I'm somewhat glad about it. With the pigeon-dating simulator, I thought we might have gone too far, but I was wrong. So wrong. Creature and Love Shiyo~Tsu! Maiden is a dating simulator in which you play a human who's going to date a whole bunch of "nightmare-ish" humanoid monsters.

From a giant grasshopper girl to a cheap reincarnation of Nicolas Cage in the Ghost Rider, you can date anything as long as you don't mind the alien-esque faces your partners will all have.

4 Conception II - Mate, Give Birth, Fight!

Via Youtube.com

Have you ever considered having children with classmates so your kids will fight off demons in your high school? Me neither. But it looks pretty cool, though! You should watch the opening of Conception II: Children Of The Seven Stars - that might inspire you.

So this is basically a dating simulator with a cool battle system. The ending of the game depends on which girl you'll be dating and bringing to the festival. Spoiler: you date just about everyone and they're all okay with it. Neat.

3 How Do You Do It? - Sexual Education Simulator

Via emmett9001.tumblr.com

Popularized by Pewdiepie, How do you Do It? is a great sex education simulator. You play as a young girl who's at that age where you kind of know how sex works, but don't at the same time, so you make your dolls do it. I remember I used to take my dolls and put them under a chair, so they could "sleep." Yeah.

The game is about making your dolls "do it" as many time as you can (by spinning the dolls around), before your mom gets home and catches you. You win if you're not getting caught. Pretty nice, don't you think?

2 7 Sins - Debauchery Simulator

Via www.meristation.com.mx

7 Sins is a simulator that adapts to the choices you make based on the seven biblical sins, which are pride, wrath, greed, envy, lust, sloth and gluttony. The game is separated in seven chapters (surprise, surprise) which lets you interact with over a hundred non-player characters.

The game is mostly known for its terrible sex scenes, as Gamesradar qualified them, and they made a video about them on YouTube, if you ever want to take a look at it. Between sex in a fitting room, weird moans, and a mini-game that's about finding your new partner's G-Spot, this game has all it takes to be in this top 10.

1 The Sims 3 (With Mods) - Everything Is Possible

Via Youtube.com

My all-time favorite perverted game - The Sims, and mostly Sims 3. The game in and of  itself, without mods, is pretty innocent, beside the occasional "woohooing" that you use to mostly get new babies. However, a whole new world opens up to you if you decide to mod the Sims. Here's a few things you can add to the game: same-sex pregnancy, incest, teen pregnancy, adult stores, positions for your intimate moments, casual intercourse, etc. You name it. The game allows you to explore your darkest fantasies by customizing your Sim as you see fit. .

Sims 4 is only starting to be as interesting as the third one - when it comes to mods that is. But it's nowhere close to being as perverted as its predecessor, unfortunately.

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