10 Of The Most Outrageous Things The Internet Made Famous

In all honesty, the Internet is a powerful tool that does well to work us up, has us cackling like a maniac or just helps us pass our time when we have nothing to do (a.k.a. The times we have tons of work, but we decide to ignore them and focus on the videos of cats playing with balls of yarn). However, have you ever given thought to how many outrageous things you have come across on the Internet?

Some of the common, yet terrifying, trends of the Internet are the selfies and the duck faces (the worst batch of the selfies had to be the ones taken at funerals). Along with those, YOLO, SWAG and “bae” have stuck around too, having us teetering off the edge with frustration (SWAG is no excuse for you to wear your pants so low, that your butt crack is in view and in our face, as we sit behind you on a train, while you’re standing). But in addition to those, there have been several other cases where the people on the internet drilled nonsense into our heads. Ironic, that you must come across this list of outrageous things made famous by the Internet, right here on the Internet.

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10 Hashtags


Hashtags would've been okay if they weren’t too mainstream. Actually, scratch that. Hashtags need to be stopped, only because we’re sick of seeing people write like this: I bought a white Lamborghini Murciélago instead of the black one, #my#life#is#miserable.

See, Hashtags started thanks to Twitter. Sure, it looked cool at first, when people would pose with a watermelon, take a picture and then place a #watermelon underneath it. But then later on, Twitter Hashtags drifted towards Instagram, Tumblr and Facebook, and it has long lost its meaning. People began using them in such a manner, we couldn't even understand what they were trying to say. Additionally, they've made them longer. And now, people mention Hashtags in chats, too. An example would be: I heard your parents grounded you because you got addicted to World of Warcraft? #no#one#loves#you.

9 Ice Bucket Challenge


ALS is a neuromuscular disease which attacks the muscles in one's body. It progressively leads to losing control of strength in the muscles. While most don’t even know about the existence of ALS, a few people understood the situation and created the Ice Bucket challenge. It was quite uncomplicated: douse yourself with a bucket of ice-filled water. Wasn't it easier to just help the ALS-suffering population?

Another phase of the Internet, the Ice Bucket challenge was probably carried out by hundreds of thousands of people. Whoever completed the deed would then challenge others. At some stage, most of the celebrities you could think of had victoriously dumped water on themselves too. But then everyone began realizing that the Ice Bucket challenge seemed like an excuse to go half-naked/flash your love handles.

8 Memes


According to Google, memes are concepts that spread from one person to another. Sounds like a bout of the cooties, doesn't it? Memes are flat out rude, albeit hilarious. They’re like a guilty pleasure; you spend an hour going through a bunch of them, laughing and clapping your hands (with glee) like a seal.

Internet memes usually make use of a picture (which later becomes so well-known, your parents recognize them off your laptop screen) with a caption. As of today, there are thousands of memes, many of which diss Internet cultures, movie characters, the average doofus and your mom. No, seriously.

7 Thug Life Videos


Imagine taking some footage of a man you cannot stand, where he’s stating something dark, yet harmless. Imagine using that against him, by creating a Thug Life video. That’s the new thing around on the Internet.

In short, a Thug Life video focuses on a person (or an animal) and what he’s saying, indicating that he’s the thug, the real G, the one who can make the Godfather pee his pants. Of course, it’s a big joke. But that’s the thing that makes these videos a riot. Some of our favorites are the Thug Life videos made on Pope Francis. In a recent one, he claimed that there’s a promised punch for Dr.Gasbarri, if he dared to say something about the Pope’s mother. Aw, yeah! Show them how it’s done, Pope!

6 Mia Khalifa’s New Title


While most men (and a surprising batch of women) are okay with Mia Khalifa’s “expertise”, the residents of Lebanon are beyond mad at her. Recently, Mia received the first place in P**nhub, among all p**n stars. If we aren't wrong, she must have loved her five minutes of fame. Tweets and status updates all over the Internet made her more celebrated. However, in most Muslim countries, Mia was being shamed.

Reportedly, Mia’s latest p**nographic video saw her wearing a “Hijab”, a cover worn by all women in the Muslim nations. On hearing about the supposed disgrace she brought to her community, Mia was insulted by countless Muslims and non-Muslims, too. She stated that she had also received a few death threats. So much for being ranked number one.

5 Save-A-Life Posts


The number of times we came across Facebook posts that swore that we would be saving a life with just one like, is too high. The mere idea was insulting, for both the patient/ patients and the person who was liking the post. However, the fad continued.

The Save-A-Life posts pretended to have a person at stake, suffering from XYZ disease, waiting for our ONE like. While most people let their empathy take over or felt guilty and liked the picture, some were angered. Let’s face it, no doctor is waiting by the operating table, ready to jab their patient with their medical scalpels, only if the number of likes is more than or equal to hundred. The same goes for social workers who help the poor with relief. That’s just sadistic.

4 Harlem Shake


Now THIS one has been a big nuisance, ask the Federal Aviation Administration. As far as we know, they’re quite put off by a recent Harlem shake video captured by the passengers of a plane. A long-lasting trend on the Internet, the Harlem shake videos kept getting more and more creative. Basically, in the first half of the video, a bunch of people would stand/work around normally. Then BAM, in the second half of the clip, the same crowd would go psycho and perform a partially/completely obscene dance move repeatedly.

The Harlem shake videos have been very ambitious, shot at random places, with ever-growing groups of people. While a few were hysterically funny, the rest had us craning our necks, wondering who is on top of whom.

3 Kim Kardashian’s Pictures


The Kardashians are famous for all the wrong reasons: their looks (or the lack of), their money (cough, divorce, cough, money) and their assets (“amazing”, they said. “Au naturel”, they said). After her marriage to Kanye West, Kim got an additional dose of fame. However, that didn't fool the public. It seems that most people wondered what talent she actually possesses. Alas, that is when Kim decided to strike back with something nasty.

Paired up with photographer Jean-Paul Goude, Kim bared her all in a few pictures. Twitter and Instagram alone circulated the pictures in a short period of time. Soon enough, there were billions of memes of them. On one of her pictures, Kim balanced a champagne glass on her buttocks, no kidding. And the woman believes that’s her talent.

2 Twerking


After careful consideration and endless phases of thinking-deep-into-the-void, the world’s female population came up with: Twerking. Apparently it’s been a rad thing for a while now, taking over duck faces all over the Internet. Supposedly, this obscene jiggle-your-butt-cheeks-so-they-look-like-they-are -falling-apart dance, has been around for ages, before Miley Cyrus attempted it in 2013’s MTV VMA.

After Miley’s “performance”, Twerking videos have been bombarding the Internet. As a matter of fact, we’re certain we saw a YouTube channel dedicated to showcasing competitions where women Twerk over spectators, trying to outshine their rivals. As one would expect, after a while of ogling, the Twerking thing gets old and makes you nauseous (the jiggling is furiously done, to say the least) and has you wondering what’s in store for the years to come. For goodness sake, there is no reason for you to quit your kindergarten job and start Twerking to pay the bills (yes, even SUCH incidents have taken place).

1 2012 Apocalypse


Sometimes, it’s not too hard to comprehend the human mind; recurring daydreams of facing an apocalyptic battle are almost natural. However, trying to make the world’s population believe that they’re about to die by the end of 2012? C’mon now.

We aren't sure about who first came up with the news, but it was circulating around the Internet. Purportedly, as per the Mayan civilization’s Mesoamerican Long Count calendar, we were supposed to die on the 21st of December, 2012. Countless calculations were carried out and astronomical alignments were studied too. People began assembling their last to-do lists. Leonardo DiCaprio probably had just one to-do: Steal an Oscar. However, the rest of the world got creative: pretend to be Marty McFly (Back to the Future franchise) for a day, walk naked to school, head over to Jennifer Aniston’s apartment and steal a smooch, finally come out of the closet, etc. Although, in the end? We lived.

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