10 Of The Most Insane Sorority Hazing Stories

Hazing in colleges has been going on for a long. A very long time. Sororities and fraternities have long been known for their inappropriate conduct. When you think about it, you have college kids being given some false sense of power and entitlement over younger peers. And when you mix in alcohol and drugs, it is no wonder there are some pretty crazy stories. The movie Animal House showcased it best when a young Kevin Bacon was on all fours and getting his ass paddled while he said, “Thank you sir, may I have another!” Certainly, this was comical to watch, but students who are subjected to the kinds of embarrassment and pain while “rushing” for their favorite Greek club, aren’t laughing too hard as they go through it. And sometimes, it can even be deadly.

It may be assumed that overzealous college boys are responsible for this out-of-control kind of behavior. With as many sexual assaults that occur on college campuses, it almost seems a certainty that they are responsible for much of the madness. However, sororities are just as extreme, and in some cases, more so. There seems to be no line in the sand that can’t be crossed by these sororities as they torture and torment their pledges. The college kids run houses under their charters and seemingly have free reign to rule, party and do as they please. College kids enforcing rules and policies over their peers is never a good thing. With limited adult supervision, things can get out of control real fast. These are 10 Of The Craziest Sorority Hazing Stories.

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10 Dartmouth - Chug A 64-Ounce Bottle Of Spiked Punch

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Dartmouth is well known as a prestigious college. But in 2009, anything but prestige would be used to describe this hazing event that occurred at the Kappa Kappa Gamma sorority house. Graduate Ravital Segal revealed in 2012 her terrifying experiences. It began with blindfolding and being taken into the back seat of a car. She and other pledges were forced to chug an alcoholic punch from a 64-ounce water bottle. In between the chugging, they had to do shots of vodka. Segal, completely wasted, was told to get out of the car. Next thing she remembers was she woke up in the intensive care unit at Dartmouth Hitchcock Medical Center.

Three other pledges had also been admitted that same night, all overdosing on alcohol. If the alcohol poisoning wasn’t enough, Segal had bruises and cuts all over her body and had two teeth broken. She was apparently tossed out of the vehicle while it was moving. The real horror was that doctor’s informed her that her blood alcohol level was incredibly at .399 (.4 BAC is the level in which a person falls into a coma or dies). Segal waited until she graduated to reveal the facts out of concern for retaliation and ostracism.

9 Young Harris College – Swimming Through Poop-Filled Mud

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Young Harris College is located in the state of Georgia. This school in the deep south came under intense scrutiny when Gamma Psi pledge, Jo Hannah Burch, spilled the beans on some troubling hazing details. Burch claims that the pledges were taken into the woods and forced to crawl through the mud and into a freezing cold creek while they were screamed at and spit on. If that wasn’t enough, the girls were also forced to stand in pools of water that sorority members had defecated in.

For additional torture, the pledges had to sit atop running washing machines, naked, and any parts of their body that giggled were circled with a Sharpie pen. When reports of the hazing came to light, the school newspaper wanted to print the story. However, school officials denied the article. When circumstances were brought to the attention of two professors, they held meetings on the matter. Both professors were subsequently fired for getting involved and the school renounced the hazing ever existed. Subsequently, Burch and the two professors sued the college. My guess is they cited the college as being “complete morons.”

8 The Deep South – Oral Exams

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Numerous colleges in the deep south have a ritual from which many anonymous complaints have come about. Why anonymous? Well, girls are threatened with retaliation and open themselves up for attacks if they squeal about these abusive hazing techniques. Well, a bunch of complaints have come in concerning an oral test given to pledges. The complaints, from varied college campuses, all state that pledges must perform oral sex on the sorority sisters.

Not only must they go down on the sisters, but if they aren’t thorough enough and good enough at the act, they are bounced from pledging. That’s right, these pledges must take a trying oral exam that is tantamount to sexual abuse in order to get into the sorority. I doubt the fraternities are going to adopt this one anytime in the near future for their pledges.

7 Rutgers University – “Thank You, Ma’am, May I Have Another!”

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In a strange gender twist, the famed Animal House scene came to life at Sigma Gamma Rho sorority when a female student was pledging and was beaten so badly by paddles, she had to be taken to the hospital. The 2010 incident was shocking. And naturally, the school and sorority’s national organization suspended Sigma Gamma Rho. But the response of the girls in that sorority may have been even more shocking.

After denying the incident ever happened (I mean, we got paddle marks all over this girl as proof) a supposed “friend” of the beaten girl went on ABC News and declared that people weren’t upset about the paddling. They were upset that the girl “ratted” everyone out. That’s one tough-ass set of sorority girls. Going Tony Soprano on each other in good old New Jersey. Geez.

6 Rutgers – No Lesbians Allowed

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Rutgers makes a second appearance on the list. Go New Jersey! For these incidents, sorority girls were forced to strip down naked. The pledges had to sit down on paper towels. Then they had to watch a lesbian adult film movie. After watching movie, if the paper towels got too wet, they would later be bounced from the sorority.

The underlining reason was to catch potential lesbians trying to get into their sorority. It was alleged that the pledge who had the wettest paper towel had to eat all the other paper towels. If this sounds disturbing, gross and inappropriate, its because it is. Nobody should ever have to eat a paper towel unless it was first dipped in sugar.

5 University of Tennessee, Chattanooga - The MMA Sorority

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At the University of Tennessee, Chattanooga, the pledges are apparently faced with the kind of punishment you would expect from an octagon, not from a sorority house. In 2009, Jasmine Johnson was rushing Delta Sigma Theta. During the course of her hazing, Johnson was subjected to getting punched in the face while vinegar was squirted into her eyes and ice cold water was poured over her head.

In other instances, Johnson claims eggs were smashed against her body as she was punched in the head and stomach. Johnson took so much punishment, she ended up with a concussion and vaginal bleeding. Her sorority sister Sierra Smith was charged with assault and arrested after Johnson was sent to the hospital with severe injuries. The UT president put an end to Delta Sigma’s activities to investigate and put an end to the madness. Is this a sorority house or the MMA? Jesus.

4 University of California, Berkeley - Garbage Girls

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UC Berkeley is known for many different things: the college of progressives and hippy-like, relaxed, pot-smoking behavior. But Britteny Starling was none too relaxed when she was rushing Zeta Phi Beta sorority. As a pledge, Starling claims she was forced to clean up juice from the floor using her back and act as a trash can for the other sorority girls. They basically dumped all their garbage on top of her, amusing themselves in the process. Aside from playing the “human garbage can” game, Starling stated that pledges were forced to stay awake all night without being allowed to use the bathroom.

They also had to stand for hours on end and if they tried to move their legs, they would get smacked in the ankle with a book. Starling went on to sue the sorority. Despite rebuking her claims, the sorority was stripped of its charter on Berkeley’s campus and is no longer recognized.

3 Binghamton University – Ice Cold 

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This New York college came under scrutiny back in 2012 when sorority sisters had complaints while trying to rush. The pledges were allegedly tossed into freezing showers and had to recite the Greek alphabet. Then they were fed pills to make them vomit on one another. In addition to all those pleasant requirements, they were forced to hold hot hookah coals in the palms of their hands. There wasn’t just one complaint, but numerous, and the school was forced to shut down the Greek system to investigate the many claims made. After a five month shut down, the Greek system was reinstated and allowed to exist with improved student safety standards.

2 California State University, Los Angeles – Taken By Sea

Via thestate.com

This one is a terrible story. In 2002, the Alpha Kappa Alpha sorority had their pledges pushed to the limit on the beaches of California. Pledges were forced to do hours of exercising on the beach, pushing them to near exhaustion. After they were sufficiently exhausted, the pledges had to walk backwards into the ocean. The girls are then pummeled by the waves and struggle to stand to the delight of the watching sorority sisters.

However, in this case, pledges Kristen High and Kenitha Saafir suffered a tragic turn of events. Saafir participated in the event despite not being able to swim. The sorority knew this, but didn’t give Saafir any special treatment. When a big wave crashed into the group of girls, Saafir was forcibly dragged out to sea by the water. Her fellow pledge, Kristen High, heroically attempted to swim after her. Both young women tragically drowned, too exhausted to survive the turbulent swim after the hours of physical hazing they had endured. What’s worse is that at the time, the college didn’t even recognize Alpha Kappa Sigma as a sanctioned sorority on campus. What a mess.

1 Alexandra Robbins' Investigation – Shots and Sexual Assaults

Via thetakeoverblog.blogspot.com

Investigative reporter Alexandra Robbins wanted to get into the facts and horrors of what female pledges were being put through at sororities. She wrote an article entitled: The Secret Life of Sororities. In that article, Robbins divulges a disturbing hazing activity in which girls were forced to do shots of straight vodka. As they drank, they were asked a series of questions. The more they got wrong, the more they had to drink. But it didn’t end there. If the girls got too many answers wrong, they would be sexually violated by one of four objects: a hammer, a knife, a sharpie or a dildo. If I’m pledging that sorority, I’m asking for the Sharpie. Just sayin’.Sources: www.bustle.comwww.cosmopolitan.com

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