10 Of The Most Haunted Universities In America

When soon-to-be freshman head off to college, they are expecting epic parties, new lifelong friendships, and the occasional all night study session. Something that most college students tend not to think about is whether or not the campus that they’ll be spending the next four years of their lives, is haunted. However, all of the universities listed below have had some sort of paranormal experience occur in their haunted halls. Sometimes students have seen the ghost of a previous student who committed suicide, but continue to roam the halls, other times the unfriendly ghosts were a victim of a grisly murder that was never solved, and in some Universities, the haunting that students and staff experience go way beyond that of a single ghost. Whatever the reason for the haunting, the spirits that reside in these Universities can scare you to death. So for your enjoyment, below is a list of ten of the most haunted Universities in America.

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10 Penn State University


The students of Penn State have their fair share of ghosts to worry about, but the most famous is the spirit of a former student named Betsy Aardsma. Aardsma was studying at the University in 1969, when she was stabbed to death in The Pattee Library while doing research for her English class. To this day, nobody knows who killed the young student. Apparently, Aardsma wasn't quite ready to leave the University. Her spirit is said to roam around the library late at night. In fact, one night, a student was studying in the library when she suddenly felt like she was being strangled. The sensation was so real that she was unable to call out for help. Students at this school should probably think twice before spending an all-nighter in The Pattee Library.

9 St. Mary's University


St. Mary’s University houses the famous Heffron Hall, a building that is meant to honor the founders of St. Mary’s but is now probably more famous for the ghosts that it houses. The legend of Heffron Hall began in 1915, when Father Louis Lesches attempted to murder Bishop Patrick Heffron. Then on May 15, 1931, Rev. Edward Lynch was found dead and sprawled across the bed. The body was badly burned but the bed showed no signs of scorch marks. Since then, students living on the 3rd floor of Heffron Hall have reported hearing the sound of footsteps in the middle of the night and the tapping of a cane in the hallway. There have also been incidents of cloaked figures roaming the campus, and blood dripping out of faucets.

8 University of Notre Dame


Notre Dame is home to many students and apparently, a fair amount of ghosts. A few ghosts haunt the University, but luckily for the students, one of them is quite friendly. The ghost of George Gipp, a former football player, haunts the University. But the extent of his haunting ways only goes so far as to looking over students and giving them a friendly pat on the back, only to disappear when they turn around. Although, the other ghosts that haunt the campus aren't as pleasant. It’s rumored that Columbus Hall is built over ancient Indian Burial grounds, which is never a good sign. Various students have reported seeing warriors riding horses on the steps of the hall.

7 Fordham University

Fordham University was built in 1841, on top of a couple of older buildings. One of them is a medical facility. The most haunted area in the University is said to be Keating Hall. Students have reported feeling like they are being watched while in the hall and there are inexplicable cold spots in some areas as well. Keating Hall’s Martyrs Court is also home to a couple of ghosts. One of them is a woman who appears in the shower room. She doesn't interact with anyone. She just stares straight ahead and then vanishes. Another ghost is that of a young man who walks around aimlessly in the hall before vanishing. One of the most terrifying incidents that occurred at Fordham University was in an area that used to be the hospital’s morgue. A security guard was making his rounds when he heard a door slam shut. Then chairs began moving around and slamming into walls all on their own. It was reported that the security guard never returned back to the school after this scary incident.

6 Bradford College


Bradford College, which is now abandoned, is home to many different ghosts. One of the most famous ghost stories is that of a young girl, who was having an affair with one of the priests at the school. Legend has it that when the girl became pregnant as a result of the affair, she either committed suicide or was murdered by the priest. Her spirit is said to roam the halls of the abandoned campus. In addition, ghost hunters have recorded unexplained screams and voices in the empty campus.

5 Gettysburg College

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Gettysburg College is said to be one of the most haunted colleges in the world. Students have seen ghostly apparitions like that of a civil war soldier standing on top of Pennsylvania Hall, a young boy who appears on the ledge of a window, and a variety of other ghosts who scare students by staring at mirrors or clocks and then suddenly vanishing. One of the most terrifying ghost stories to come out of Gettysburg College involved two college administrators. The college administrators were working late when they stumbled upon what seemed to be a bloody civil war operating room. The pair said that they were even approached by one of the blood-spattered orderlies who asked if they could help with a patient. Frightened, the pair went to get a security guard to describe the horrors that they had seen. When the security guard took them back down to the bloody scene, all traces of it had disappeared.

4 University of Illinois


The University of Illinois is haunted by a couple of frightening ghosts. One of these ghosts haunts the English Building. Legend has it that a young girl drowned in the swimming pool. Some people believe that her death was an accident, while others think it was suicide. One thing that people seem to agree on is that her ghost continues to haunt the English building to this day. Another incident that took place on the University’s haunted campus reportedly happened when a young girl was coming home late one night. She was making her way up to her room, when she noticed that a man was watching her at the top of the stairs. After getting a good look at him, the girl realized that the man had no face. The girl quickly ran to safety and the building was searched, but no trace of the man was ever found.

3 Harvard University


Harvard University is said to be the home of a variety of different ghosts. In the past, faculty and students have been interviewed about the paranormal activity on campus and while most of them are hesitant to say that they have seen a ghost, many of them have admitted they have been part of an unexplainable event. One of the most infamous ghosts that roams the halls of Harvard is a ghost dressed in Victorian clothing. This ghost is said to have haunted the halls of Harvard for decades. Even a professor working at the University said he has seen the spirit moving through the walls of Thayer Hall.

2 Flagler College

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Flagler College is said to be the home of three different spirits. One of the spirits is Henry Flagler, the previous owner of the Flagler building when it was a hotel. Legend has it that Flagler loved his hotel so much, that when he died, his spirit refused to leave. He now spends his time keeping an eye on the students that spend their days at the once beautiful hotel. A second ghost that haunts the college is Flagler’s second wife, Ida Alicia. Ida suffered from either manic-depressive, or bipolar illness. She spent time in a mental hospital where she eventually died. She is now said to roam the halls of Flagler College to be with her deceased husband. The final spirit that haunts Flagler College is Flagler’s mistress. The story goes that when Flagler’s mistress came to stay with him, he kept her in a hotel room by herself, away from prying eyes. The mistress became so depressed that she went crazy and killed herself.

1 California State University Channel Islands


Cal State Channel Islands has a dark history. The college is built on the grounds of an old asylum, which is never a good idea. The college first opened in 2002 and ever since then, there have been reports of students seeing spirits wandering around the University’s campus. The campus has also been a favorite for ghost hunters. Filmmakers have recorded windows slamming, and strange knocking; they also noticed cold spots and objects that seemed to disappear into thin air. It is said that one of the ghosts that continually haunts the campus is a previous inmate who dances in the parking lot, only to vanish when he approaches the streetlights.

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