10 of the Most Bizarre National Holidays

Now that the Saint Patrick’s Day celebrations are over, and Easter seems but a distant promise, many may be feeling a little down, counting the days until the next bank holiday. The traditional public holidays, religious celebrations and national memorials all have their merit, but did you ever wish the world’s calendar-makers would come up with some more wonderfully frivolous celebrations to fill up the empty weeks?

In fact, with just a little creative investigation you could make almost every day a celebration. And why not? We've taken a look at the funniest, yummiest and downright weirdest national holidays that take place around the world and compiled a top ten list to brighten your year. For fans of Halloween candy and Easter eggs, there's everything from pickled herring to skull-shaped lollipops on our list. The festivals range from local events that pertain to a particular village to national public holidays, and reveal the traditions, experiences and beliefs of each nation in which they were born. We were hard pressed to find any interesting or out-of-the-way festivals in January, which means that the first month of the year will have to maintain its title as 'most depressing month' with little to alleviate it but the January sales!

10 February 5th: National Weatherperson’s Day

9 March 14th: Steak and BJ Day

8 First Sunday of April: Kanamara Matsuri or Penis Festival

7 May 24th: Bermuda Day

6 June 21st: Midsommar

5 August 12th: Melon Day

4 August 21st: Bolas de Fuego

3 September 20th-25th: Blessed Rain Day

2 November 1st: El Día de los Muertos

1 November 6th: Obama Day

Since 2008, November 6th has been known in Kenya as Obama Day, named of course after the current American President. President Obama’s father was born in Kenya and members of his extended family still live there. When Obama was first elected in 2008, Kenyan were so delighted they decided to name the day in his honour. More radical members of American political life see Obama’s Kenyan heritage as a way to discredit him, even going so far as to claim that he was not born in America, but in the African nation. As the last holiday on our list, Obama Day appears to be the only one to come with its own conspiracy theories.

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10 of the Most Bizarre National Holidays