10 Of The Most Awfully Unexpected Tattoo Consequences

People choose to get tattoos for different reasons. Some want to display their philosophies about life in an artistic way. Others get tattoos as a tribute to a person or time in their lives. Of course, there’s also the tattoos people get when it’s Spring Break and they’ve been dared by their friends to do something drunk and crazy. If nothing else, the body art can serve as a reminder that life is short and margaritas don’t exactly help you make the best decisions.

No matter the reason for getting a tattoo, there’s always the unfortunate chance that something could go wrong. For instance, the tattoo artist could render the wrong image or spell some words in the tattoo incorrectly. The tattoo could end up being too small or too large, or you could just generally be unhappy with the end result. Both celebrities and “everyday people” have had tattoo disasters. Even if you have a lot of money, getting a tattoo removed or repaired can be a long and tedious process, and it’s also pretty painful.

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10 An Unnamed Iranian Man


So, there once was this guy from Iran (who understandably doesn’t want his name released), who got a tattoo on his “member” in honor of his girlfriend. The tattoo included her initials, along with the words “good luck on your journeys.” We’re hoping he was heavily intoxicated when he made this decision, because that’s the only way this situation even slightly makes sense. Because of the tattoo, he will now be slightly erect for the rest of his life, at all times. The tattoo caused a condition called non-ischemic priaprism. Also, there’s no guarantee that his girlfriend sees this as a romantic gesture. So, if she leaves him, he can only hope to find another love with the same initials.

9 Keith Duffy


Keith Duffy was a member of the boy band Boyzone, and usually held down the falsetto parts. After the band went on hiatus for seven years, they decided to get back together in 2008. However, the guys had to postpone their reunion tour when Duffy got a tattoo that gave him an allergic reaction. One of his bandmates said that Duffy looked like Elephant Man after getting the tattoo, which means he had a terrible reaction to the ink. Duffy even collapsed before he had to be rushed to the hospital. This is pretty scary, especially since allergens and toxic substances, such as lead and mercury, can easily be found in tattoo ink. The ink isn’t regulated by a public or private organization, so it’s best to do some extensive research before trusting anybody to give you a tattoo.

8 Anthony Garcia


Anthony Garcia is a member of the Rivera 13 gang. Well, he was until his tattoos gave the police the evidence they needed to put him in prison for 65 years to life. Garcia turned out to be the person who murdered John Juraez, who was a member of a rival gang, Pico Nuevo. The murder happened in 2004, but the case wasn’t solved until 2008, when an LAPD sergeant noticed some very telling body art in Garcia’s mugshot. The tattoo depicted Mr. Peanut being gunned down by bullets coming from a helicopter. Members of the Pico Nuevo gang are referred to as “peanuts” by rival gangs, and “chopper” is Garcia’s nickname. This pretty much gave the police all the information they needed, and the words “Rivera kills” at the top of the tattoo confirmed their suspicions. Getting a tattoo telling the story of a real-life murder has got to be one of the dumbest criminal moves ever.

7 Adrienne Bailon


The former 3LW and Cheetah Girl member got a tattoo she won’t soon forget. Even though she and Robert Kardashian dated years ago, she still carries a reminder of him everywhere she goes. Adrienne Bailon and Kardashian both got tattoos of each other’s names, and Adrienne just happened to have been inked on her backside. She started the process of having the tattoo removed, but explained that she needs to take breaks in between sessions because the process is very painful. Clearly, she’s not letting the unfortunate body art slow her down. The host of The Real is now engaged to Lenny Santiago, an executive for Roc Nation.

6 Crysta Hammond


Crysta Hammond wanted to get fairy tattoos for 14 years! She even sat through 14 hours of pain in order to get the two large tattoos on either side of her torso. While the tattoos themselves turned out pretty well, Hammond wasn’t prepared for all the attention she would get. Shortly after getting the tattoos, Crysta’s tattoo artist requested to be friends with her on Facebook. She accepted the friend request and not long after, the tattoo artist posted a picture of Hammond’s naked torso. He also tagged her in the photo. She wasn’t aware that so many people saw the picture until her banker contacted her to let her know he’d seen the picture. This could also mean that Hammond’s banker was stalking her via Facebook, which is just one more problem to deal with. True, Hammond did sign a waiver before getting the tattoo, but the tattoo artist should have exercised more discretion.

5 Angelina Jolie


4 Vinnie England


Little Vinnie England was just three years old when he got a temporary tattoo while vacationing with his family in Spain. The little boy went to a henna tattoo artist on the street to get an image of Bart Simpson drying his backside off with a towel. Charming. There’s even a picture of Vinnie grinning in delight as he gets the tattoo. Shortly afterward, however, he had an allergic reaction to the henna. His skin developed burns and blisters where the henna had come in contact with him. By the time his mother was able to get him to the hospital, much of the scarring had become permanent. After observing the wound, doctors determined that hair dye had been mixed with the henna, which was likely the reason Vinnie had an adverse reaction.

3 Victor Whitmill


Victor Whitmill is actually the guy who gave Mike Tyson his “famous” facial tattoo. There’s no denying that the body art is pretty hard to forget or ignore. Whitmill sued Warner Bros. in 2011, because a likeness of the tattoo was featured in the movie The Hangover II. The tattoo was seen on Ed Helms' character during the movie, and was also featured in advertisements for the film. Whitmill has the sole copyright to the tattoo design, and claims that the art is “one of the most distinctive tattoos in the nation.” He felt that he was being exploited by Warner Bros. and stated that the company did not have permission to use his design. Later, Warner Bros. threatened to alter the tattoo image for the home video release of the movie, but the terms or this deal were not disclosed.

2 Halle Berry


1 Johnny Depp


Remember back in the 1990s when Johnny Depp and Winona Ryder were a couple? Ryder was a pretty popular actress back then, who also got busted for shoplifting. Apparently, she stole Johnny’s heart along with some quality items from a local department store. Depp was so taken with Ryder that he got a tattoo with the words “Winona Forever.” The words were in a banner and inked onto Johnny’s arm, so it was pretty hard to hide. When the two broke up, he had to change the tattoo to say “Wino Forever.” So, now the world has the impression that he’s a proud alcoholic. Great.

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