10 of the Deadliest New Drugs You Didn't Know About

most dangerous new drugs

When you think of drug abuse, what comes to your mind? Most people immediately think about drugs such as cocaine, heroin, meth, marijuana, alcohol and a few other legal and illegal substances. The drugs listed above, in addition to many others, have proven to be a menace to society, owing to the extent that they reduce the productivity of the users, the high cost of treating the addictions that result from continued use, and the loss of lives that these and many other drugs are directly responsible for.

Most drugs have the ability to make the users feel good and help them forget about their troubles, but just for a short while. When the drug wears off, it leaves the user feeling even worse than before, and all of his or her problems come rushing back. This sudden 'low' is what drives the users to go looking for more drugs, regardless of what price the users will have to pay.

Society's youth is the group that is most affected when it comes to drug abuse, and yet it is also society's hope for a brighter tomorrow. The need for immediate gratification and disregarding the consequences of their actions is what is destroying drug users all over the world, because almost 100% of all drug users know that with every sniff, injection, ingestion, puff, or sip of their favourite drug, they come one step closer to addiction and eventually a likely ugly death.

The worst part of the story is that the type of drugs you know about are not the only ones on the market killing people or stealing people's dreams. New drugs have come up and they have devastating consequences on the users, but you hardly ever hear people talking about them in drug abuse forums. Here are some drugs that you might know very little about:

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10 Human Growth Hormone

The Human Growth Hormone is a drug that was developed to help children with stunted growth, due to underlying medical reasons. However, since rumours surrounding this drug have surfaced that it can keep an individual feeling and looking young even in old age, people started to abuse it. Furthermore, athletes began to abuse the drug in order to enhance their physical strength and athleticism, a situation that quickly turns ugly. Continued use of the drug can have negative side effects such as morning aches, hypoglycaemia, worsening of cancer, dangerous water retention levels in the body, and Acromegaly, a condition where an individual's feet and hands swell, they develop a more pronounced jawline, and the skin gets thicker.

9 Jenkem

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Jenkem wins the award for the most disgusting drug on the planet; you even wonder what was going on in the head of the person who invented it. Unlike other drugs where people mix chemicals or derive substances from plants, Jenkem is just human waste fermented in a bottle for a week. The result of fermenting the faeces and urine in a bottle is an intoxicating and numbing fume, which people inhale. The effects of inhaling the toxic fumes can last for a few hours, and they include visual and auditory hallucinations that some describe to be worse than those associated with cannabis. Although this "drug" is common in Africa, there are reports indicating that it had spread to different parts of the world including the United States. Jenkem can lead to hypoxia, prevention of the flow of oxygen to the body, and euphoria.

8 Molly (Mandy)

Molly and Mandy are not just names belonging to some girls, these are the street names of a drug called MDMA (3,4-methylenedioxy-methamphetamine). MDMA is found in Ecstasy, but Molly is the purest form of MDMA, meaning that it has far worse effects compared to ecstasy because an overdose of Molly is responsible for several deaths. The most common side effects of the drug include dehydration and hyperthermia, which if not treated can lead to death. A person who has taken this drug will feel the need to drink a lot of water, and this can be dangerous because the MDMA increases the body's water retention and can lead to hypervolemia. Hypervolemia, is an overload of water in the blood, and can result in dilutional hyponatremia and hypertension, which can cause seizures or a stroke.

7 DiPT

Diisopropyltryptamine is a very unique drug in the market that people are taking. This hallucinogen primarily affects the user's aural senses, as opposed to many drugs in its category that primarily affect the visual senses. Neurologists have a keen interest in this drug owing to the level of audio distortion the users experience, which include a change in the pitch of what the user is listening to. It also has the ability make a user feel as if music and other sounds are distorted or unappealing. Users of this drug experience inner ear pressure that is in most cases very painful, in addition to experiencing confusion, lack of coordination, visual distortions, and loss of balance. Users take the drug orally or through a needle injection.

6 Zolpidem

Zolpidem is a prescription drug on the market that people have found a way of abusing. This drug is a sedative, meaning that it helps people experiencing sleep problems or insomnia to sleep well at night. Zolpidem is safe when a patient follows their doctor's instructions to the letter, but is life threatening when an individual decides to self-medicate. Some of the common side effects for people taking this drug include anxiety, depression, agitation, confusion, memory loss, aggression and unusual behaviour. When an individual misuses this drug, he or she will experience decreased inhibitions, thoughts of hurting themselves or committing suicide, sleep walking, sleep driving, and operating equipment while asleep, all of which can lead to death.


This generation has the highest number of people who are overweight, owing mainly to poor diets and lack of exercise. DNP stands for 2,4-Dinitrophenol, a very powerful drug that people use to lose weight, but which has devastating side effects. An individual who takes the drug will sweat uncontrollably, lack the energy to undertake basic tasks, and go through the suffering of feeling as if they are cooking from inside. The drug will also cause the user to crave carbohydrates, lack sleep, and develop allergies. As much as the drug is effective in burning fat in the body, the consequences and the risks associated with this drug are too high. If abusing DNP, an individual has a high likelihood of ending up in the hospital or losing his or her life altogether.

4 Bromo Dragonfly

Bromo Dragonfly is one of the worst hallucinogens in the market, with its effects on an individual lasting a few days after taking the dose. The situation is even worse for an overdose because in addition to hallucinations, an individual can experience tissue necrosis, where he or she will lose some fingers and toes, and develop gangrene. Some people with the condition have been involved in vomit inhalation that led to asphyxia and seizures which could have cost them their lives. An overdose of Bromo Dragonfly has also claimed several lives and hospitalized others in the United States and Denmark. The agonizing deaths of all the victims followed vomiting blood, seizures, and horrifying hallucinations. The survivors continue to suffer from its horrible physical consequences long after use.

3 Krokodil

This drug is chemically known as Desomorphine, which is technically a compound derived from morphine that has fast acting and very powerful opioid effects. In the streets, people get this drug cheaply as a codeine derivative mixed with oil, gasoline, paint thinner or alcohol. Abusers of this drug usually inject it directly into their blood stream with a needle, and the mixture can result into the user requiring limb amputation owing to the damage to his or her blood vessels, skin, muscles, and bones. This drug's name "Krokodil" comes from the flesh eating qualities and tissue damage it causes, leading to the formation of dark scaly blotches and dead or decaying skin that has the appearance of that of a crocodile's skin.

2 Scopolamine

Some people describe scopolamine or hyoscine as the worst drug in the world, yet not very many people have heard of it. Unlike other drugs that people use to get high and forget their problems for a brief moment, this drug is used by criminals to make their victims do everything they want them to do. In Colombia and the different parts of the world that this drug is found, people call it the devil's breath. Several people who claim to have been under the influence of the drug have emptied their bank accounts or even taken burglars to their homes and helped them steal from them. This drug is odourless and has no taste, but it turns a victim into a zombie. A scopolamine overdose is lethal while any amount is enough to wipe out an individual's memory.

1 Etorphine

Etorphine is one of the most dangerous drugs out there, and it also goes by the name super-Heroin. Professionals claim that Etorphine's analgesic potency is over 3,000 that of morphine, and it is 5,000 times stronger than Heroin. If you were to touch Etorphine with your fingers, you could end up overdosing because it can get into the system through the skin. This is a drug that you will not find on the streets that easily, because knowing that heroin can easily kill someone, just imagine a substance that is 5,000 times stronger? Despite the fact that Etorphine is so strong and can instantly kill a human being, it is very useful to people dealing with wildlife because 1/100th of a gram is enough to knock out an elephant of over 6,000 lbs.

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