10 Of The Creepiest UFO Abduction Tales

From movies to TV, to comic books to novels, and many other forms of entertainment and media, UFO’s and aliens have long held a valuable place in our imaginations. But, of course, all of that is purely entertainment and fictional. Nevertheless, can you ever think of a time where you didn’t ask yourself if life could exist beyond the stars?

There are perhaps a countless number of different types of conspiracy theories, but very few have captured the human imagination more than UFO sightings and abduction tales.  The difference between UFO sightings and movies and books, are that UFO sightings (and abduction tales from key witnesses) have the potential to be real, while we know movies and books are purely a work of fiction (as far as we know…). Although, in all honesty, as fascinating as stories of UFO abductions are, we probably really think of the possibility of extraterrestrial life visiting the Earth to be unashamedly scary.

Can we trust the UFO abduction tales that we are told? Some people may think the tales, even the ones that are told by those who claim to be key witnesses, are completely made-up, or are the result of confusion. It’s easy to see why those people may feel that way about UFO abduction tales, but this list will give you a look at just a handful of the creepiest UFO abductions and alien encounters that have ever been recorded.

Ultimately, it’s completely up to you to decide if these tales are true encounters or fabricated events, or if they even have a chance of being true. But regardless of what you decide, there is no doubt that they will send chills up and down your spine.

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10 Michigan, 2012

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A Michigan truck driver, Scott Murray, received an urgent phone call from his wife in a panicked state, from their home. Hurriedly, he rushed home and took her to the hospital, where a burn mark was discovered on her right shoulder. The following morning, however, Murray found four circular burn marks in the lawn, as well as leaves on the tree that had been burnt black. His wife claimed to have been abducted by aliens in a spaceship, who subjected her to a series of painful tests. Unfortunately, before more information could be gathered about the event, his wife committed suicide…leaving the event a mystery to this day, two years later.

9 Massachusetts, 1967

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The Andreasson Family were having a very normal evening and getting ready for bed, when the housekeeper claimed the lights went out in their home, and a red light shined through the house. Five short, humanoid creatures entered the house and put the entire family under a mysterious trance. They took the family aboard a spacecraft and, communicating with them telepathically, performed numerous, painful tests for nearly four hours. The aliens then released the family and flew away in their spacecraft. The entire family had to undergo a year of psychological and medical examinations (which included lie detectors), and it was determined that the family were telling the truth about their abduction experience. This 1967 case remains one of the most legendary UFO abduction tales till this day.

8 New Mexico, 1975

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Very early in the morning, in August of 1975, a US Air Force Sergeant, Charles Moody was watching a meteor shower, when he claimed a glowing flying saucer landed on the ground.  Alarmed, Moody ran back to his car only to find the engine wouldn't start. But by then, it was too late: the UFO had already landed, and Moody saw humanoid forms on board who used a “high pitched sound” to make his body go numb. Moody claimed he passed out, and a half an hour later, woke up and saw the flying saucer taking back off into the sky. The following day, he experienced severe pain throughout his body and performed a self-hypnosis, in an attempt to lessen the pain. During the meditation, Moody remembered being taken aboard the spaceship and speaking with the aliens telepathically…who gave him information and said they would not return to the Earth for twenty years…

7 Australia, 1993

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In late summer of 1993, Kelly Cahill was driving home at night, when she claimed she saw a UFO hovering over the road, and then she was blinded by a bright but relaxing light, which caused her to pass out. When she regained consciousness, Kelly found that she was still driving towards home…but that an hour had passed. Not only that, but she also found strange marks on her nose. During medical and psychological testing, Kelly remembered being taken aboard the UFO and being subjected to rigorous and painful medical tests. But what’s really creepy about this story? Another family who were also driving home on the same road went through the exact same experience.

6 Wales, 1997

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A family was driving home in Wales, when a purple hover craft appeared over them and attached itself to their vehicle. The family was scared out of their wits, but merely seconds later, the craft was gone and it seemed as though nothing had happened. But it wasn't truly creepy until they looked at their watches…three hours had passed. The family was given medical and psychological testing, but couldn't remember anything about their experience.  Nonetheless, a mysterious black object fell out of the tooth of the father of the family. The family were then paid a visit by two “Men in Black” from the Air Force, who took the black object and made it very clear, that they were never to speak of their experience to anyone, ever again.

5 New York, 1985

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A well known novelist named Whitley Strieber was staying at his New York vacation cabin with his wife and son during Christmas time, when one night, Whitley suddenly found a very weird, humanoid creature standing right there in the bedroom with him. Before Whitley could react, he was suddenly in the forest near the cabin, lying flat out on the ground. But he could not remember anything else. Whitley went to a hypnotist to try to remember at least part of what happened, and over several sessions, Whitley recalled being taken by the creature into a space craft in the woods, where numerous aliens and robots performed painful medical tests on him, before sending him back into the woods.  Whitley wrote a book about his events, entitled Communion, and to this day believes he truly was abducted by aliens.

4 Scotland, 1979

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Robert Taylor was a Scottish forester, living a normal life…at least until he was abducted by a UFO. What’s even more compelling about this story? It is the only UFO abduction experience that led to a criminal investigation. Taylor claimed three spherical crafts hovered over to him late at night, as he was working, and then passed out. He slowly regained consciousness and ran back to his truck. However, Taylor found that his speech was now garbled and he couldn't drive, crashing the truck into a ditch. The resulting criminal investigation found no evidence that Taylor couldn't have been telling the truth.  Many skeptics claimed that Taylor merely hallucinated the event, but Taylor had never had an hallucination before, or after the experience.

3 Brazil, 1957

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Brazil can get very hot during the day, so it made sense for Antonio Vilas-Boas, a young farmer, to work at night to avoid the heat. As Antonio was working the fields, he noticed a red star in the light that only grew larger and larger…until Antonio realized the red star was headed right for him. Upon closer look, Antonio realized the red star was a spherical craft. He tried to run but the short, humanoid creatures, wearing helmets, were much faster than he was. Antonio was dragged into the space craft, where he noticed numerous symbols throughout the vessel, that he would later be able to make very detailed drawings of. Antonio was then covered by a strange gel, had blood samples taken and was given a tour of the ship. But when he attempted to steal an alien device to prove his experience, he was promptly escorted off the ship. Antonio went on to become a lawyer, and his experience was one of the first UFO abduction tales brought to public attention.

2 New York, 1989

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One of the most famous UFO abduction tales to ever surface, happened to Linda Napolitano, who through hypnosis and her memory slowly coming back, recalled being escorted by three aliens out of her apartment window and onto a floating ship.  Unfortunately, that’s all Linda was able to remember, but when she woke up, she was back in her apartment. So what’s so creepy about this UFO abduction tale to make the number two spot? Two United Nations statesmen claimed they witnessed the event. But that’s not all. Dozens of other witnesses all came forward and claimed they saw Linda being taken into the UFO, many of whom thought that a scene for a motion picture was being filmed.  But all of them claimed they saw the same time. To this date, the Linda Napolitano case remains one of the most famous UFO abduction tales of all time.

1 New Hampshire, 1961

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Perhaps the number one most famous (and creepiest) UFO abduction case was the Betty and Barney Hill abduction, in the fall of 1961. Betty and Barney were driving home from a vacation, when they claimed they noticed a moving light by the moon. Soon, the object came close enough for them to see it was a spherical floating object, with rows of windows and multi-colored lights. Through the windows, they could see several humanoid figures.  Incredibly scared, Betty and Barney took off in their car…but then, found that they were suddenly thirty-five miles south of their location, and that two whole hours had passed.  They drove home without incident. After debating about what to do, Betty and Barney went on to talk about their experience to an Air Force base, and later consulted a hypnotist in an attempt to recall what happened during those two hours. They remembered being taken into the space craft and being subjected to rigorous medical tests. Betty also recalled being shown a star map of the Zeta Reticuli galaxy…a galaxy that was only discovered several years later but yet, the map of the galaxy by scientists matched Betty’s star map.  Creepy, isn’t it?

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