10 Of The Creepiest Legends About Haunted Roads

We can all think of haunted graveyards, homes or mansions, insane asylums and prisons.  But we don’t usually think of haunted roads. If we do think of scary roads, it’s usually related to UFO reports of aliens stopping people’s cars on the highway at night and transporting them to their spaceships. Nonetheless, if you are scared of haunted graveyards, mansions, asylums or prisons, you should probably be scared of haunted roads too. There have simply been too many reports and claims of strange occurrences on specific roads throughout the world, that it simply can’t go unnoticed. These strange occurrences can include reports of ghosts, spirits, apparitions and other bizarre appearances. In fact, you won’t find very many continents in the world where you won’t hear about a haunted road, but most of them are still in North America or Europe.

Not only that, but if Halloween is coming up, then this article should be extra appealing to you. Not that scary stuff is appealing to everyone, but you’ll still most likely be significantly more interested in the subject matter here. After looking through the top ten haunted roads on this list, you might start to think that the roads may even be creeper than the mansions or the graveyards. After all, chances of you driving on the roads are higher than you visiting a haunted mansion or any graveyard, right?

Of course, you may choose to accept that the reports and claims that make these roads so haunted in the first place may be fake. Many of the reports are undoubtedly urban legends or made up by individuals for attention. But with that in mind, you may believe that the reports are true after all. Here are the top ten most haunted roads that you probably won’t want to drive at night.

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11 M6, England

Not only is the M6 road in England, UK, the longest road in the country, it’s also one of the most haunted. The road has existed for over two millennia and back in it’s early years, it was used by Roman soldiers for traversing the land when they occupied the country.  Today, of course, the road has been updated for modern cars and vehicles. Nonetheless, there have been multiple reports of Roman soldiers walking along the road (ghosts of soldiers killed during the Roman invasion and of the war against the Scottish highlands), several trucks that drive against the flow of traffic, and a hitchhiker woman who walks on forever.

10 The Ghost Road, Scotland

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The Ghost Road in Scotland has rightfully earned its name after over half of a century of haunting. It is believed to be the most haunted road in Scotland; there have been hundreds of reports of a couple suddenly appearing out of nowhere, and stepping in front of oncoming traffic, but the cars go right through them. With only a few reports, it would be acceptable to label this road as a hoax, but with hundreds of these experiences claimed, it’s almost hard not to believe it.

9 Clinton Road, New Jersey


The Clinton Road in New Jersey, USA, is infamous for dozens of reports of ‘phantom headlights’ that appear on the road out of nowhere, and disappear at will. There are also reports of creepy animals roaming the woods around the road, due to a circus zoo that used to exist there, and allegedly, if you throw a coin over the edge at the Old Boy Bridge, it will be thrown back to you by the ghost of a boy.

8 Bloodspoint Road, Illinois

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Bloodspoint Road in Boone County, Illinois, is actually multiple roads that intersect together. There have been numerous bad accidents that have occurred on this road, ranging from murders to suicides, to people (including little children) being hit by cars.  People have also reported hearing strange noises and seeing the ghosts of murdered families and children, appearing at drivers through the woods by the roads.

7 A229, England

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In addition to the M6, the A229 is another infamous haunted road in England. The A229 road travels from Kent to Sussex, and has a reputation of being the most haunted road in the United Kingdom. There have been multiple reports of a woman who appears on the road in a white dress, but who disappears right before any driver hits her. The woman is believed to be the bride who was killed on her wedding day, back in 1965. There are other creepy stories of the road as well: people report that a hitchhiker suddenly appears in a seat in their car, and will speak to them about the things wrong in the world before vanishing and appearing in someone else’s car.

6 Dead Man’s Curve, Ohio

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This road is only a small piece of road that is located between two freeways in Ohio.  However, this part of the road has claimed far too many lives to not be taken seriously.  Hundreds of people have been killed on the curve, and if that’s not enough, people have made many reports of the floating ghosts of a group of teens, who were killed here back in the 1960s. Other reports include that of a hitchhiker who is faceless and several old carriages off the side of the road that keep reappearing, despite being picked up and thrown out.

5 Kelly Road, Pennsylvania

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Kelly Road in Pennsylvania isn't just strange; it’s disturbing! The road is surrounded by a very dark forest, and people have reported that whenever an animal enters the forest, it suddenly turns very mad and violent. Dog owners who simply wanted to take their dog for a walk in the woods have reported this, and reportedly, the dogs become so violent that they turn on other animals or even their masters. People who visit Kelly Road also report getting a very strange and uneasy feeling around them until they leave. There are also reports of strange lights and noises that randomly appear through the trees as well.

4 Tuen Mun, Hong Kong


The Tuen Mun road is the most used road in Hong Kong and one of the most used in China. However, the road is also very old and can’t handle modern traffic very well, leading to numerous traffic jams and wrecks. Many people, however, report that the poor quality of the road isn't responsible for the traffic jams and wrecks, instead, claiming that ghosts will appear out in the middle of the road and cause the person to swerve to avoid hitting them.  Allegedly, anyone who is killed as a result of swerving out of the way, becomes a ghost on the road.

3 Highway 666, Utah

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Highway 666 is notorious throughout the United States, for being the site of many accidents and ghostly apparitions. People have reported seeing hell hounds who shred their tires, a young girl walking on the road who will vanish if you stop by to help her, a truck who travels over 130 MPH in the wrong direction, and ghosts who randomly appear in the back of car seats. Make sure that all of your car seats are taken up if you choose to travel by Highway 666!

2 Boy Scout Lane, Wisconsin



Legend has it that a group of boy scouts camped here in Wisconsin, and were promptly murdered by their troop leader at night. This allegedly occurred in the 1950s, and ever since then, the road has been considered to be haunted, randomly appearing to drivers on the road and causing accidents. The road also has a dead end, and is privately owned and not allowed to anyone in the public. This definitely makes the Boy Scout Lane in Wisconsin ever the more suspicious.

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