10 of the Creepiest Eyelid Tattoos You’ll Wish You Didn’t Just See

Tattoos have been around since the 1700s, but increased in popularity in the 20th century. Today, a tattoo parlor opens its doors to the public everyday in the United States. Americans splurge approximately $1.65 billion on tattoos every year. It’s a painful ordeal since the skin is pierced between 50 and 3,000 times a minute by a tattoo machine. As such, you have to possess exceptional pain tolerance as some tattoos can take hours to complete – think Michael Schofield’s tattoo from Prison Break.

The most popular place for a person to get a tattoo is the lower back, then the wrist, the foot, the ankle, the armband and the back, in that order. Although not as popular, people also get eyelid tattoos, which sounds disturbing and creepy at the same time. Here are 10 of the creepiest eyelid tattoos you’ll wish you didn’t just see.

10 Lil Wayne’s ‘Fear God’

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Lil Wayne has a tattoo on just about every body part. He has one on his chest, one on his back and several on his face. However, the most fascinating one, apart from the teardrops on his cheeks of course, is the tattoo on his eyelids. The tattoo inscribes the word ‘Fear’ on his right eyelid and the word ‘God’ on his left eyelid. The rapper also has a ‘C’ tattoo between his eye that stands for his mother’s name – Cita and his last name – Carter. Other notable tattoos on his face include ‘I Am Music’ right above his right eye, ‘Lucky Me’ under his left ear, and a smiley face on his inner lower lip.

9 The J Cole’s Fan

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Some girls have done the craziest things for their favorite celebrities. For example, Austin Mahone once revealed that some girls usually parked across the street just to watch him using binoculars. Some girls have also been found hiding in dumpsters waiting to sneak in a building where Justin Bieber was performing. The garbage people, while collecting garbage, found them later. The same has happened to the likes of Cody Simpson, Carlos Pena and J Cole. For J Cole, it was a straight up, disturbing eyelid tattoo. We sure hope this girl never gets her heart broken by the A-list celebrity.

8 The Kiss Me Tattoo

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What do you do when you desperately try to get girls to kiss you but all they do is play hard to get? Well, you get a ‘Kiss Me’ tattoo on your eyelids, apparently. This guy is one of the 23% of the tattooed US population. In the US alone, over 40 million people have a tattoo according to The National Geographic. The tattoo business is also booming in the country with over 20,000 tattoo parlors. In fact, a new parlor is opened on a daily basis in the United States. With such staggering numbers, Americans splash in excess of $1.65 billion every year on tattoos.

7 The Lost Soul Tattoo

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Why would one permanently get the words ‘lost soul’ tattooed on his eyelids in the first place? In essence, a lost soul is a soul that is damned or a person who has no real direction in his life. Normally, lost souls do have friends, but they never let them come too close. They are thought of as mentally incapacitated because it is hard to understand the mind of such a person. When a lost soul passes you, you will not even notice since they are not engaged with the world or the people in it in any way. Maybe that was what this guy in the picture was trying to communicate.

6 The Spider Tattoo

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This idea seems cool, but still as creepy as hell – at least to those with an incessant fear of spiders. Let’s look at some insight on tattoos. Martin Hildebrandt, a German immigrant was the first professional tattoo artist in the United States. That was way back in 1846 when he arrived in Boston. He then found a haven in the Oak Street section of New York City where he began tattooing using the hand method. His favorite tattoo included his daughter Nora, and Frank and Annie Howard.

5 The Pentagram Tattoo

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The Pentagram is perhaps the most controversial shape in the world. The five-pointed star drawn with five straight strokes has always been linked to pagans. On the other hand, mainstream faiths such as Christianity have shunned the shape as evil. The symbol dates back 3500BC, and it was associated with royalty back then. It’s only recently that people started viewing it as a devilish sign. During the medieval times the symbol was placed on doors and windows to protect people against the forces of evil. What we don’t know is if the person above is welcoming or warding off evil.

4 The Sail Away Tattoo

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The tattoo industry has its share of urban legends and tall tales as creepy as this ‘Sail Away’ tattoo. One of them is the photo of a 9-month old infant supposedly tattooed by the mother’s boyfriend. The baby’s nanny noticed her endless crying, as if she was in pain. The nanny then undressed the baby and found a large tattoo on her side. She was shocked and immediately called the authorities. The story was false and the image was actually from Jason Clay Lewis.

3 The Blow Me Tattoo

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Well, this guy could have meant one of two things by getting such a creepy tattoo. The first instance would be a way of blatantly asking folks to perform oral sex on him while the second would be his response to an argument with someone. For his sake, we hope it is an incomplete or misspelled tattoo. Some other common tattoo misspellings include ‘Beautiful Tradgedy’, ‘Everyone Elese Does’, ‘Your Next’, ‘Exreme’, ‘Love Concurs All’, ‘Eat & Drink Today Fore We Die Tomorrow’, and ‘Believe the Impossibile’. It gets worse when the tattoo is always visible.

2 The Never Sleep Tattoo

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Who will ever see your tattoo if you never sleep? The ‘Never Sleep’ eyelid tattoo is another bad idea. It's not only a bad idea, but also a stupid one. What about if you sleep? Will your tattoo lose its meaning? Let us assume this man never sleeps. He is awake all day and night. Well, he is either suffering from fatal familial insomnia and he is forever stuck in a state of pre-sleep limbo or he actually never sleeps. If the latter is the case, good luck to him. The effects of lack of sleep are grave. They include serious health risks such as obesity, heart disease, depression, diabetes and even death.

1 The Stay True Tattoo

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As creepy as it looks, this tattoo has some pretty meaningful advice. To stay true means to live by your words and to stand by what you say or do. In essence, you have to stand behind your decisions, be accountable for your actions and be responsible for your outcomes. Tattoos also have their records. In 1997, Tommy Lee set the record for the highest tattoo ever received when he got a peacock on his inner thigh 45,000 feet above the ground on his journey to Miami from Burbank.

Sources: tumblr.com, webmd.com

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