10 Oddest Celebrity Couples

While we eagerly await news that Nina Dobrev and Ian Somerhalder will get back together again in 2014 and mourn the official end of Ryan Gosling and Rachel McAdams now that Eva Mendes is with child, not all celeb couples hooking up these days are as obviously well matched as these two. Dobrev and Somerhalder met on the Vampire Diaries set biting and grinding together with equal parts passion and fury, and made a perfect match off-camera as well. Ryan and Rachel made a stunning pair in the so-sweet-it's-sickly romantic movie, The Notebook. Sometimes it clearly seems to make sense but some other times... Not so much.

Life in a fishbowl could sometimes mean finding comfort with someone who's in the same position. In fact, rarely in Hollywood do you see a star hooking up with unknown common folk. When celebs hook up, of course, we have strong opinions - they're so exposed in the media that fans often believe they know their favourite stars personally. If we don't like the pairing, we're likely to let it be known, but after all - who are we to understand how the stars align? Let's celebrate the crazy goings on in Hollywood's summer lovin' phase, and keep an eye on how many on this list will have made it by this time next year. You never know, as Paula Abdul once sang to MC Skat Kat, "We go together 'cause opposites attract."

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10 Russell Brand and Jemima Khan

via telegraph.co.uk

9 Katie Holmes & Alexander Skarsgard

via thewrap.com

While this pairing isn't official, there have been plenty of rumours. Though it's hard to imagine these two travelling in the same circles, they have been working together on the set of "The Giver," a movie based on a popular children's novel, and it's been said they're cozying up on set. After all Katie's been through with her oddball marriage to and divorce from Tom Cruise, it's nice to see the girl getting some sexy vamp - ahem, man - action. Skarsgard is everything Katie needs right now: tall, muscular, blonde... Basically, the opposite of Tom. Time will tell if this news from the grapevine has real merit, but this is one match that, while we didn't see coming, we'll applaud.

8 Jenny McCarthy & Donnie Wahlberg

via usmagazine.com

These two surely met at a 90s revival party? While they have the generation in common, it's an otherwise eyebrow-raising match. McCarthy, who is often in the media regarding controversial opinions about children's vaccinations, seems a surprising choice for former New Kids On The Block singer and Mark Wahlberg sibling Donnie. Wahlberg is almost never caught in the spotlight, so perhaps that's what draws these two together. His private life, her exhibitionism: mix it together and you have a fairly normal sort of lifestyle, which may just be what they're both going for, because the two lovebirds are engaged to wed.

7 George Clooney & Amal Alamuddin

via popsugar.com

Who would have ever thought it would happen to George? While the many girlfriends from Clooney's past likely feel brief pangs of jealousy, the rest of us are amazed that Hollywood's longest-standing eligible bachelor is no longer eligible. Enter a feisty and intelligent human rights lawyer - you might recognize her for representing Wikileaks founder Julian Assange - and it appears Mr. Clooney is, finally, ready to settle down and get hitched (again). Surely the two met at some high brow affair, and while Amal doesn't have that standard Clooney "look" that he seems to bring out in all his women - polished, perfect, and preened - she is a natural beauty with flashes of both real life relatable women and enviable role model.

6 Jared Leto & Miley Cyrus

via thebounce.com

5 Naomi Campbell & Michael Fassbender

via indiatimes.com

The question of how celeb couples meet up in the first place is always an intriguing mystery. Whether it be a party, a ball, a press conference, a runway show... their initial eye-contact and introductory conversations offer a smorgasbord for the imagination, but according to rumour Campbell and Fassbender discovered that after that first initial chat, they found themselves very interested in chatting again. A model and actor are not shocking, it's par for the course - just look at Leonardo Dicaprio - but who would have paired these two together? Especially when both are strong personalities. Naomi has a history of public ragey meltdowns, and Fassbender is a self-proclaimed "hot temper" kind of guy. Imagine the fights these two could unleash before all the sexy making up!

4 Amanda Seyfried & Justin Long

via eonline.com

Surprising couple alert! Funny guy Justin Long and doe-eyed actress Seyfried have been dating for almost a year now, perhaps to the surprise of some. Long has a history of snagging lovely leading ladies including ex-girlfriend Drew Barrymore. There is something awfully charming about this boy next door, and Seyfried has clearly been wooed, opening up about her boyfriend earlier this year, on "Ellen." The two appear to be rather inseparable, and while it may not seem like they have that much in common apparently they both love watching "The Bachelor." Whatever works!

3 Sofia Vergara and Joe Manganiello

via dailymail.co.uk

While it would be hard to come up with these two names off the top of your head, the hotties make for a caliente combination. The beefed up werewolf and the Jessica Rabbit of Prime Time TV haven't been shy about their budding relationship and even before it was official, there was that photo of the two of them at the White House Correspondent's Dinner, in May, where Manganiello was caught candidly agog at Vergara's tush. Surely she snuck her own peek at Manganiello's biceps over the gazpacho. This might not have "soul mates" written all over it but it sure seems like a great idea in the meantime.

2 Zac Efron & Michelle Rodriguez

via eonline.com

This one is straight out of left field. While we were all busy gossiping about 34-year-old Rodriguez's relationship with model Cara Delevingne, little did we know she was going to pull a fast one on us and show up in pics kissing 26-year-old Zac Efron who is, apparently, more than a friend. It's difficult to picture sweet, baby-faced Efron cozying up to tough-girl Rodriguez, but maybe that's what makes this relationship -whatever it is and wherever it's going - click. She brings out his masculine side and he brings a bit of handsome fey to Rodriguez's life.

1 Cameron Diaz and Benji Madden

via usmagazine.com

Actress Cam and musician Benji found themselves in the same room together thanks to mutual pal Nicole Richie, but it's hard to picture the All-American blonde and the punk rocker having a romantic moment together that would lead to a full-fledged relationship. But despite the odds - and height difference - Cam seems proud and happy to be with her inked-up man, and the two have been dating since Richie (husband to Benji's brother Joel) set them up. They've been spotted getting cozy in restaurants, leaving the gym together, hanging out backstage and kicking back oceanside. We imagine Benji embraces Cam's free spirit, while the actress brings some goofy gorgeousness into his low-key lifestyle. And strange as it may seem, it seems to be working. So cheers to loving life and making the most out of summer romance!

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