10 Normal People Who Have Superpowers

Have you ever dreamed of having superpowers? You probably have. Sooner or later, most people tend to imagine themselves having abilities that transcend their humanity.

Thing is, superheroes don't only live inside our imaginations. Today there are over seven billion people on the Earth, and more and more folks are coming out with abilities that make them seem like X-Men. The difference is that they live together with us, in real life.

If you would see them, perhaps you wouldn’t recognize them as X-Men because most of them look like any other person in the world, and they simply want to live normal lives. True heroes don’t brag about how cool they are - they use their abilities only when there is a need. Want to know who these people are and why they are real life X-Men? Then read about them below!

10 Mr. Eats Everything


Parents tend to pay special attention to ensure that their young child doesn't eat anything dangerous. Yet, there was one person named Monsieur Mangetout (also known as Mr. Eats Everything) who made a profitable career by showing people that he can eat and digest everything.

His menu consisted of several television sets, bicycles, a coffin, and a light aircraft, just to name a few. Mr. Eats Everything would consume 2 lbs. of glass and metal daily, and saw no health problems, while healthy products like bananas and eggs made him ill.

How he was possible to digest metal is still a mystery. Monsieur Mangetout died in 2007 at 48 years old, so scientists haven’t had enough time to research the unusual qualities of his digestive system.

9 Fire Monks


For most of us, the only way we get super hot is when we enter a hot bath, do intense exercises or watch adrenaline-pumping films. But in the Himalayan mountains there are monks who spend their lives mastering the secrets of the universe and their bodies, which includes learning how to heat their bodies by the mere belief that they can do so.

The monks say that to learn “body heating” techniques, one must learn how to control how much blood travels to the blood vessels, which is an important factor in making you feel warm. They are so masterful at warming themselves that they challenge each other at who can dry their wet clothes by using their body heat.

8 Young Hercules


While most infants are barely able to stand and walk, this isn’t the case with Liam Hoekstra of Grand Rapids, Michigan. This young boy is special because he was born with a genetically predisposed myostatin deficiency, which makes his body build muscle rather than fat.

At eight months old, Liam was able to do experienced athlete movement like pull-ups and show his amazing strength by doing other great strength-intensive exercises.

7 The Real Batman


Most bat species have poor eyesight, so they use echolocation to survive. However, bats aren’t the only creatures in the world who can use echolocation to know where they are.

Daniel Kish lost his vision when he was 13 months old. In his struggle to cope with blindness, Kish was somehow able to learn echolocation. His method consists of clicking his tongue and then visualizing his surroundings from the echoes produced.

Daniel became so masterful at echolocation that he is now able to hike without people's help, and even teaches other blind people how to use echolocation to make their lives easier.

6 Anti-Sleep Uncle


Most heroes like Batman save the world at night, which leave us with a question: when does he sleep? Gladly, there are real life heroes who don’t need to worry about sleep.

Hai Ngoc is an old Vietnamese farmer who hasn’t slept for 43 years. Ngoc got this ability after he recovered from a disease in 1973. When he became healthy, no matter what he tried, he couldn’t sleep. After so many years, Ngoc actually feels very good, and even uses this non-sleeping ability to have more time to take care of his farm.

5 Painkillers


Humanity develops countless drugs and practices to help those who experience pain. But there are people who will never need to worry about feeling pain. Why? Because they can’t even feel it. Congenital insensitivity to pain with anhidrosis (CIPA) is a genetic condition which prevents people from feeling pain and extreme temperatures.

While it could sound like a great ability, we’ve developed pain receptors with a purpose. If something wrong happens to you like bone fractures or illnesses, you need to feel that you are in danger in order to get yourself out of it. If you experience no pain and harm isn’t visible with eyes, you don’t know that you are in danger of dying, which isn’t the most fun thing in the world.

4 Organic Wikipedia


Not long ago, there lived a very smart person driven by a vast curiosity of the world. No, it wasn’t Thomas Edison. This person’s name was Kim Peek from Utah, and his amazing memory was due to brain changes that made it difficult for him to perform simple tasks like eating, walking, and speaking with people.

However, these brain defects allowed him to quickly learn extremely difficult things without ever forgetting them. This includes all the information Kim read in 12,000 books about a wide variety of subjects which gave him the title of Organic Wikipedia.

3 Elastic Man


There are many elastic gymnasts in the world who astonish us with their physical strength and flexibility. Yet, it would be hard to find another professional in elasticity such as Spanish actor Javier Botet.

He was born with a genetic mutation called Marfan syndrome which gives him unusual flexibility. Combined with his 200 centimeters height and long limbs, this makes him a uniquely suitable actor for horror movies like Mama, and other roles requiring extreme bodily contortion.

2 Anti-Electricity Guy


Many people prefer to have decent smelling bodies, so they try to avoid being sweaty. But for Biba Struja from Serbia, sweat has never been a problem because he doesn’t have sweat glands.

Because of his condition, flowing electricity can’t affect Biba’s body and simply races across the skin’s surface. To be a true superhero, Biba decided to help people through his electrotherapy business, treating those who experience muscle pain by applying electric energy with his hands.

1 Mr. Healthy No Matter What


Ozzy Osbourne is a phenomenon - no matter how much alcohol and narcotics he uses, he just can’t die. To learn his secrets, scientists performed a genome analysis and found that Ozzy’s genes have mutated in a way that allow him to process alcohol differently.

This could be the reason why he experiences no bodily discomfort after using alcohol and narcotics. The man keeps himself happy and healthy as if he was living an actual healthy lifestyle.

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10 Normal People Who Have Superpowers