10 Shocking Near Death Experiences On Hollywood Sets

Movies today are loaded with special effects and crazy stunts in scenes that intensify the movie and put viewers on the edge of their seats. These extreme scenes often require that stunt men and women

Movies today are loaded with special effects and crazy stunts in scenes that intensify the movie and put viewers on the edge of their seats. These extreme scenes often require that stunt men and women are brought in to act in these death defying scenarios. Yes, we know most of what you're seeing is created by special effects, but some of it is actually real. Sometimes when you see a main character falling off a building, someone is actually falling off a building... Albeit, a much lower one, and onto a foam pit, but someone is still jumping.

Tons of safety precautions are followed and stunt men are trained professionals who know how to fall in just the right way so that they don't injure themselves. In fact, so many stunt men had from the 1900s to the 1970s that stricter safety laws had to be enacted to protect these daredevils. While many injuries stem from these stunts, sometimes actors and actresses are just clumsy and end up seriously hurting themselves after falling off a prop or something else that menial.

Some actors prefer to do their own stunts instead of hiring a profession; this arrogant act can lead to tons of disasters. A few of the accidents on this list made for such good filming that the directors ended up using the footage in the final product. Check out the lists of almost deadly accidents below; who knew being an actor could be so dangerous?

10 Pass out during The Call


Halle Berry is one of the most famous actresses of our time, but even she can't escape accidents on set. During a fighting scene she was filming, her opponent was too strong for her and actually succeeded in knocking her down. She hit her head on the concrete floor and was rushed to the hospital where they determined she was fine. If the fall had been any harder she could've seriously injured or even killed herself.

9 A tragic in fall in Thor: The Dark World


Jaimie Alexander, who played a big role in the film Thor: The Dark World, seriously injured herself while on set. Even though the filming had stopped, Alexander was walking down a large metal staircase that was just used for filming. It was raining and early in the morning when the young star slipped off the slick wet metal and smacked to the ground.

8 Golf cart flip in Jackass

The guys of the Jackass shows and movies are notorious for doing crazy stunts; that's what their entire empire is built on. Out of all the crazy things they've done, it's a surprise that this lame stunt was the one to prove pretty dangerous. This scene involved them squishing into a golf cart and riding around full speed over rough terrain.

7 Getting dragged in The Lone Ranger


Johnny Depp, we all know him for his performances in The Pirates of the Caribbean and tons of other films, but what you may not know is that he was dragged behind a horse on set. A scene of The Lone Ranger required Depp to ride a horse, which isn't anything too exciting, except partway through filming the saddle came loose. Once the saddle jolted him he lost control on the reigns and was flung to the side of the horse and forced to cling to its mane for dear life.

6 Drowning in Now You See Me


You know those magic tricks where a magician is locked in a cage of water and escapes at the last second? Well, when Isla Fischer was filming a scene just like that she wasn't so lucky. She was placed in the box of water and chained down, just like a real magician, except for one major problem - when she tried to escape, the chain around her hand got hooked on something at the bottom of the tank and prevented her from getting out.

5 A real shot in Shootout at Wadala


Seems like the movie was named for this incident! Shootout at Wadala is a Bollywood film that features John Abraham. In one scene, his co-star, Anil Kapoor, was supposed to shoot a blank bullet at him to intensify a shooting scene.

4 Car accident in The Hangover Part II


The accident that happened while filming this left quite a different kind of hangover. Stuntman Scott McLean was filming a scene in Bangkok where he had his head out of the taxi window. While this isn't dangerous or thrilling, the taxi driver wasn't paying much attention and didn't dodge another car, which caused McLean to smack his head right into it. He had a huge gash on the right side of his face and his skin was torn away from his skull. It was so serious that he was put in a medically induced coma and ended up with permanent brain and physical injuries.

3 Plane crash in Wings


This movie about WW1 had a lead that was actually played by a guy who fought in the war. Dick Grace played a pilot in this film that displayed the atrocities of war. In one of his scenes, he was required to crash land a plane that had been modified to crumple on impact so that it was completely safe. He was trained for what to do and had tons of safety belts and a helmet to protect him.

2 Multiple injuries in The Expendables 2

It's no surprise that near fatal accidents happen while filming intense action movies. There were serious accidents in both The Expendables 1 and 2. In the first movie, Sylvester Stallone and Steve Austin were filming a fight scene that went awry. Stallone injured his neck so badly that he had to have surgery to get a metal plate inserted to stabilize it.

1 A real paralysis in Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows

via culturevultureexpress

Seems like the Stupefy spell from the movie actually worked... While filming this movie, Daniel Radcliffe's stunt double, David Holmes, was severely injured. In a scene that involved him "flying" through the air with an explosion in the background didn't go as planned. Amidst the action, the planned explosion knocked him to the ground. He landed poorly and injured his spine so badly it resulted in permanent paralysis. Radcliffe was probably seriously relieved that he had a stunt double to take the fall for him.


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