10 Mysterious Deaths Linked To The CIA

We've all watched shows like Homeland and Scandal that fictionally depict the inner workings of the CIA and just how easily the agency is able to off somebody who goes against their political agenda. As soon as a character on the show was deemed a risk or dangerous to any of the characters, they were killed about as easily as flicking a light switch. While television can definitely dramatize what actually happens in the real world, what if there was some truth to our favourite prime time plot lines? We decided to do some research on the matter and try to dig up information on mysterious deaths that were linked to the CIA.

Of course, it was nearly impossible to find any reliable information as the agency itself is the same one that monitors the content brought to our laptop screens. But after a little bit of searching, we uncovered some uncanny deaths that could very well have been flukes but equally seem a little suspicious. From journalists who opposed the President to his long lost family members that could easily have leaked undesirable information, we discovered some truly strange deaths that seem too timely to be attributed to natural causes. See for yourselves: below is a list of 10 mysterious deaths that definitely gave us a case of goosebumps and could possibly be linked to the CIA.

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10 Robert McKeon 

Via bloomberg.com

Robert McKeon was found dead on September 10th, 2012 from an apparent suicide. He was the founder of a private equity firm named Veritas Capital, which had recently been bought by General Dynamics in August of the previous year in an attempt to expand its share into Obamacare. There have been whispers that McKeon did not want his company to be acquired by General Dynamics and was against supporting Obama's medicare program for Americans. It also seemed strange that a man who had just acquired such a sizeable chunk of change would kill himself. But we'll never know for sure.

9 Madelyn Payne Dunham

Via theunusualfacts.com

Two days before Barack Obama's first election as president, his grandmother Madelyn Payne Dunham passed away after a reported battle with cancer. Suspiciously, Obama visited her just days before her death - although many questioned his motives to travel to Hawaii given that it was the location of his apparent American birth certificate. They believed he was there to have a false one created or to tie up loose ends. While Mrs. Dunham may very well have passed away from cancer, there have been suspicions about the timeline of her death falling so close to the election - seeing as she was one of the few people who knew the truth about Obama's ancestry.

8 Andrew Breitbart

Via crimefilenews.com

Approximately one week before he was to produce tapes about Obama's reported extremist activities in college, controversial conservative journalist Andrew Breitbart was found dead of an apparent heart attack outside of his home on the night of March 1st, 2012. Colleagues of the journalist claimed that he had physical documented proof of Obama socializing with Weather Underground terrorists that could shatter the President's clean cut image and ruin his public persona. Conspiracy theorists were incredibly suspicious of Breitbart's death and questioned how a seemingly healthy 43-year-old could die suddenly of "natural causes," as news outlets had reported.

7 Alex Okrent 

Via youtube.com

Alex Okrent was an Obama staffer who worked with the President on his 2008 and 2012 campaigns as well as his 2004 senate bid prior to that. He died suddenly in Obama's Chicago campaign headquarters in July of 2012, and his autopsy results proved to be inconclusive. There have been rumours that Okrent was about to expose Obama's anti-Israel ties before his death. Alternatively, further rumours went way out into left field and suggested that Okrent had proof of a past gay relationship that Obama had. Okrent is another example of somebody linked to the President who was seemingly in great health and dropped dead suddenly without warning.

6 Lois Anderson & Zelda White 

Via nytimes.com

Lois Anderson and her daughter Zelda White were two American aid workers who were shot dead in Nairobi in 2007. There was public speculation that these two women were involved in the birth and care of President Obama and could prove that he was indeed born in Africa. The suspects behind the shooting were later shot dead by local police and all other witnesses to the crime were nowhere to be found. The murdered women's wallets were curiously discovered to have not been taken by their murderers when they were killed and had been left with their bodies, which is strange considering the crime had all the makings of a car-jacking. To make matters even more eerie, the church that they both worked at was burned to the ground shortly after their death - perhaps as a way to bury any final incriminating evidence of Obama's birthplace?

5 Rafael Prieto 

Via pearlsofprofundity.wordpress.com

In 2012, a top Secret Service agent in charge of the security detail's New York office was found dead of carbon monoxide poisoning after having left his car running in his garage. Rafael Prieto had recently been discovered to be cheating on his wife with a Mexican woman and was also reported to have been close to releasing classified information to Hollywood producers working on a movie featuring the raid that killed Osama Bin Laden. He was also linked to the Cartagena Secret Service prostitution scandal, although he was proven not have been in the city at the time that the incident occurred. It seems strange that a man of such high stature would take his own life after having been discovered cheating.

4 Lia Soetoro

Via obambi.wordpress.com

From the age of 6 to 10, Barack Obama lived in Indonesia and had an adopted step-sister named Lia Soetoro. In 2010, right before they were scheduled to reunite for a visit, she died suddenly of causes unknown. During his time living in Indonesia, Obama was recognized as an official citizen and was listed as identifying as Muslim. Many Americans have speculated that Obama did not want some form of information being released by his sister and that her death was not caused by unknown factors at all.

3 Victoria Windsor 

Via en.wikipedia.org

In 2012, a prominent political blogger and ancestry researcher named Victoria Windsor died of a "sudden illness." It was reported that prior to her death, she had found evidence that the records of Barack Obama's maternal grandparents Madelyn Payne Dunham and Stanley Armour had been tampered with. There was never any mention made of which type of illness she passed from, and no information can be found about it online. It seems all too strange that yet another seemingly healthy individual with a political statement to air met an untimely death.

2 Loretta Fuddy

Via 1776channel.com

Hawaiian Health Director Loretta Fuddy was at the center of the Barack Obama birth certificate controversy as she was allegedly the only witness to the copying of his certificate, making a rare exception and declaring it as authentic. Strangely enough, she was the only victim when a small plane she was riding in crashed off the coast to Hawaii and she floated away from the rest of the survivors in 2013.

1 Marilyn Monroe 

In March of this year, a retired CIA agent named Normand Hodges confessed on his deathbed that he killed the infamous Marilyn Monroe. Hodges claimed that he had committed 37 assassinations for the American government between 1959 and 1972 and that Monroe had posed a threat to the country, which is why he had to take her out. His reasoning was that Monroe had slept with both President Kennedy and Fidel Castro and was considered a liability to the government.

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