10 Movies That Will Utterly Terrify You

Let's make something clear right away: this is not going to be a list that includes The Exorcist or Hostel or any of the other usual suspects found on these type of lists. These films are all relentle

Let's make something clear right away: this is not going to be a list that includes The Exorcist or Hostel or any of the other usual suspects found on these type of lists. These films are all relentless. When we say "utterly terrify you", we mean movies that will ruin you, films that will rip your soul to shreds. This is not your Dad's list of scariest movies; there will be no Jaws or Poltergeist.

Keep in mind, every movie we've named so far has been scary and had its merits as a horror movie. But we're just going a tad bit more hardcore on you. Jaws, when compared to some of the films mentioned here, will seem like a family film. In this instance, these are movies you walk away from with bleeding eyes. These are movies you go to bed and wish you never saw because the scenes replay in your mind, over and over. This is horror as it should be: horrifying.

Be prepared; the movies on this list are the scariest and most disturbing movies ever made. With Halloween a little over a month away, it felt like the perfect time to start prepping people with some darker material. Again, to remind you, the following ten movies will scare, traumatize, and disturb you. And do not worry, all movies will be mentioned with no plot twists or major moments spoiled. We want you to see these movies and get scarred, not scared - scarred.

10 Grotesque


In a rare move, this is an Asian horror film that is influenced by American horror; it's usually done the other way around. But in this case, you can tell Grotesque was influenced by the Hostel and Saw film series.

9 Eden Lake


Don't you hate when you take a vacation, only to get bullied or harassed by local punk kids? The problem is, they're kids. What can you do?

8 Ils (Them)


Remember that movie The Strangers some years back about a home invasion? Well, that movie ripped off this movie, and did so with less than stellar reuslts. Ils is about a couple taking a remote vacation, when they begin to get harassed.

It starts off slow and subtle enough, but then things just go from zero to one hundred; as you watch Ils, you realize just how scary and realistic a scenario it is. Be prepared for one of the greatest closing shots in all of horror history.

7 Men Behind the Sun


Some say this film should top every one of these kinds of lists because this is stuff that really went on. Men Behind the Sun is a mockumentary (found footage) film that claims to show what the Japanese made the Chinese and Russians suffer through during WWII. From ripping skin off of arms that have been left exposed in the cold to doing autopsies on film (which many claim is actual autopsy footage), Men Behind the Sun will mess you up.

6 Cannibal Holocaust


5 Dumplings


So there is this Asian woman in this film who has a secret to keeping woman looking young. She serves them very special dumplings that they go out of their way and pay great money for. Starting out as a short film in the (awesome but shocking) movie Three Extremes, Dumplings will shock you, disgust you, and awe you.

4 Inside


You are a pregnant woman home alone on Christmas Eve. Okay, good start. Here's the kicker: here is another woman who is 100% sure you are alone and pregnant and wants in. That is the all but unspoken story of this remarkable piece of horror cinema. Let it be known, once it starts, it keeps going to panic attack-type levels. There is no reprise once you start this movie.

3 Martyrs


Now is when we begin to straddle that fine line. Martyrs is an utterly brilliant film and maybe one of the greatest horror movies (and conclusions) you will ever see in a movie. The problem is, getting to the ending is what most people have trouble with. A torture movie no doubt, but one with an incredibly spiritual message if you can make it to the end.

2 In My Skin


After a woman gets into an accident, she becomes morbidly interested in her body. What this means is, she begins to cut and slash at it. While cutting is indeed a "thing" in our culture, one has never seen self harm on-screen the way it is reflected during the movie In My Skin.

You think you have seen gore before on film (and you have), but In My Skin takes self abuse to new heights and never shies away from it, which can make it jarring on the audience.

1 A Serbian Film


Just a quick final disclaimer: this movie is intense and upsetting beyond anything you have ever seen. We cannot recommend watching it for any other reasons than sad, bragging rights - just a warning.

Serbian Film is about an aging adult film star who gets given one last gig, and with his finances being in ruin, he decides he has to take it for the well-being of his family. Suffice it to say, it ends up being a much darker movie (snuff, anyone?) than was let on, and before the actor knows it, he is partaking in activities that would make most normal humans vomit up everything they ever ate.

We won't go into detail, but if you want to pop something on that will scare you, screw you up, traumatize you, and make it so your soul feels assaulted - Serbian Film is that movie.

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10 Movies That Will Utterly Terrify You