10 Most Unusual Erotic Artworks Hidden Around The World

Art is all in the eye of the beholder, and what appears as art to one person is not to someone else. It is almost like saying that one person’s trash is another’s treasure; so-to-speak. So what happens if you see something completely out of place when visiting a building, and you think it just isn’t art? Sometimes nudity is considered p*rnography to some people, but to others it is simply art. Who decides what is art and what is not? There are many places around the world that have some of the most unusual statues, or pieces of art that may not be considered works of art, and are just downright wrong. But who are those to determine that fact? Should a building be demolished just because it looks like a gigantic penis? Should we ignore the church that also looks like one while flying above it? It is hard to say whether these things were designed specifically for shock value, or if those who did it really believe that it was art, or perhaps they had no idea when they were first being designed that they would be perceived as p*rnography. It really is difficult to define what these artists and designers were thinking (even though to a lot of us they are just funny).

10 Torre Agbar in Barcelona

Torre Agbar is a building in Barcelona, Spain, that includes the company that supplies the water to the surrounding areas. It also includes over two hundred businesses that are inside this towering building. As of 2015, the Torre Agbar is considered the tallest building in the country, but vaguely resembles a giant device that could be used for sexual gratification. Okay, so it’s not really a vague resemblance; it actually looks like a giant vibrator. The building was essentially designed to look like a water fountain, and it’s made of thousands of layers of glass that are angled to allow light in. This aids in the use of solar energy and the building even lights up at night, displaying many colors to the onlookers in the area.

9 Manneken-Pis in Brussels

Located in the center of Belgium (Brussels, to be more specific), there is a fountain called Manneken-Pis. This may not fall under the “erotic category,” but it is quite unusual enough to be included in this list. Manneken-Pis is meant to be a rebellious teen, or a ketje (which is the Dutch word for street boy). When he is naked, he appears to be urinating in the fountain in the middle of the city. On other instances, he is fully clothed; as he has over 900 costumes that he is sometimes dressed in for special occasions. For instance, on June 14 of 2015, he will be dressed in a white tee shirt and a pair of jeans, while holding a guitar. This is to celebrate the Hard Rock Café, and the original opening of the museum in 1971. The adorable child statue has been around since the 17th century, and people travel from all around the world to see what he may (or may not be) dressed in at the time.

8 Jeanneke Pis, The Female Equivalent in Brussels


The Dutch must be quite the humorous type. They constructed the Manneken-Pis back in the 1600s to show a little boy peeing in a fountain, and then not to be outdone by the men, Denis-Adrien Debouvrie erected the female version, Jeanneke Pis, in 1987. She’s just a little girl made of limestone, squatting on a rock, wearing her hair in two pigtails, and urinating in the water below. As it appears, she is also naked, just like her male counterpart.

Even though there are a little girl and a little boy Pis, the parents are nowhere to be found. They do, however, have a dog named Zinneke-Pis who was created to “mark his territory” on a sidewalk in Brussels, in 1998.

7 Women Spraying Water From Their Breasts in Fountains


About 700 miles (or 1126 kilometers) south of the Pis is a beautiful little country in the shape of a boot. That is how most people know of Italy, at least. What most people don’t know; however, is that there is a rather strange fountain that lurks in Bologna, Italy, that is filled with many naked women. That is not the odd part, though. The Fountain of Neptune, located in Piazza Nettuno, has Neptune on the top of the statue, and four naked women below. Each of which are holding their breasts and squeezing them; appearing to have liquid squirting from within (which is just water that goes into the fountain). They also appear to be urinating inside the fountain as well.

6 The Sheela Na Gig

Ancient churches throughout Europe really did not want people having sex, or even thinking about it during their lifetime. So what is the best way to dissuade people from engaging in “perverted” activity? Well, the best way the Christian Europeans know how! By creating creepy statues of women pleasuring themselves and placing them all throughout the country and in the churches. These odd-looking sculptures are called Sheela Na Gigs, and are supposed to look like old women (even though whoever thinks that women look like this are sadly mistaken), squatting and having odd-shaped genitals. Apparently this was a way to get people away from naked bodies. It may have gotten them away from church, as well.

5 A Demon Statue Licking Himself in a Church

In Christian terms, it is completely immoral for men and women to commit adultery, and they will stop at nothing to get people not to fall into the temptation of being with someone other than their husband or wife. For that reason, a statue was created of a man that looks demon-like, with an exceptionally long tongue pleasuring himself, while seated in the corner of a church. He is located in Mere Wiltshire in the Bettesthorne Chapel, which is in the Church of St. Michael. Apparently, seeing a short demon-man with a long tongue, licking his own private parts is supposed to dissuade one from being with a woman other than his wife. Perhaps if men had tongues that long, they wouldn’t even think about being with someone else.

4 Perverted Gargoyles


There are many, many gargoyle statues throughout the world. Some of them are decent-looking, a few are a bit odd and then there are others that are downright offensive. Perhaps they don’t insult some people, but there are several that offend a few of the general public. For example, there is one that appears to be pleasuring himself that is located on the outside of Cologne City Hall in Germany. He just isn’t “pleasuring himself” in the normal way, he is doing so in a rather unusual, rather impossible method. This building is city hall; where people get married and there are individuals who go there for jury duty, as well. So those people get an “eyeful” when visiting if they look hard enough.

3 The Vaginas at The University of Tübingen


The University of Tübingen in Baden-Württemberg, Germany is not only known for its research and educational opportunities, but also for its rather odd-looking statues that stand in front of the Institute of Medical Microbiology and Hygiene. No one really knows exactly why the statues are formed in the shape of giant vaginas, but the resemblance is uncanny. There really is no denying the fact that these stone statues depict the female organ, and in June of 2014, a boy needed to be rescued from the large reproductive structure after being “dared” to go inside of it. It was a rather peculiar scene, with the child almost appearing to be “born” into the public that were standing around, watching the sight unfold from the thirteen-foot tall marble statue.

2 The Pope’s Private P*rnographic Bathroom


Inside the Vatican there are many rooms that people have said are filled with p*rnographic scenes that just are not true. Rumors are all over the place about the private areas of the island that people are not allowed to see, and they are completely false. However; there is one room that tends to hold a bit of truth to that: The Pope’s private bathroom. It was initially painted by the Italian, 15th century artist and architect, Raffaello Sanzio da Urbino (also known as Rafael), during the High Renaissance. According to first-hand artists who have visited the bathroom, there is a nude sculpture and other artworks that are a bit p*rn-like.

1 Christian Science Church in Dixon, Illinois


Snuggled in-between the United States Post Office and Joe’s Pizzeria in Dixon, Illinois, lays a small structure called the Christian Science Church. If you look at their website, they explain what they are all about, to anyone who may be interested. If you are really curious about what they stand for, look under the tab “What is Christian Science?” and it will tell you exactly what they believe in. “The heart of Christian Science is Love. It's about feeling and understanding God's goodness.” This normally shouldn’t be taken too literally, but given the appearance of the building from God’s point of view, it appears to be shaped like a gigantic penis. One might not believe that a religious sanctuary would be presented to resemble something like that, but all it takes is a quick helicopter ride over 324 West 1st Street in Dixon, Illinois, to see the similarity. Or just check a map on the internet; it would most likely be cheaper and less time-consuming.

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