10 Most Shockingly Expensive Luxuries People Actually Bought

There are so many seriously covetable things rich people spend their money on – travel, vacation homes, expensive cars, couture clothes and debauched parties... Whenever we fantasize about what we would do with millions of dollars, the first things that come to minds are those usual luxuries. But for those who really do have the money to burn, the traditional accoutrements of wealth can become mundane. It seems that sometimes, when you're just really, really rich, you simply just run out of things to spend your abundance of extra cash on - and that’s when things start to get just a tad ridiculous.

Sure, we might enjoy mocking the crazy purchases of the super rich, but let's be honest - no matter how over the top these luxuries can be, none of us would be complaining if we could afford them. And yet, certain products seem to be explicitly aiming for that showy, extremely wealthy type; completely unnecessary, over-priced just for the sake of it, and purchased by the crasser sort of nouveau riche in a somewhat desperate attempt to assert their status. Understanding that even the absolutely insane, horribly expensive and downright bizarre items on this list have actually been purchased by someone out there, the phrase 'more money than sense' inexorably springs to mind...

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10 Gold and Diamond Game Boy - $25,000

via rantlifestyle.com

This is a one-of-a-kind Game Boy made from solid 18K gold with diamond accents on the control buttons and diamonds surrounding the display screen. The Game Boy also comes with a real leather case for the device its accessories. The technology and lifespan of this particular Game Boy is no better than the regular one - it's just as dated as any other. Yet, several of these $25k handhelds have been purchased through eBay and from Swiss Supply.

9 Racing Pigeon - $200,000

via jimjenner.com

Pigeon racing in its modern incarnation is a sport that began in Europe in the 19th century. These days, it has been gaining some credibility and popularity in Asia, particularly in China. The sport is simply about releasing pigeons, which have to return to their homes over a certain distance. The pigeon that gets 'home' fastest is the winner. A Chinese buyer paid $200,000 for a racing pigeon at a Belgian auction – setting the record for the most expensive pigeon. The bird was a highly pedigreed Belgian pigeon named Blue Prince and has the reputation as one of the best in the sport.

8 Ultra Premium Ley Tequila Bottle - $225,000

via beforeitsnews.com

The .925 Passion Azteca it said to be the most expensive tequila in the world. It is made from 100% blue Agave liquor and is aged over six years. A private collector from Mexico – no shocker there – bought this bottle for $225k earning the Tequila Ley company the title of the most expensive bottle of liquor ever sold, according to the Guinness Book of World Records in 2006. One of this tequila's allures is its hand-produced bottle made from white gold and the purest form of platinum. The logo on the bottle is also made from solid platinum. If this bottle is too pricey, the company also sells other Gold bottles for a mere $150 000 or, if you really want to downgrade, a silver bottle for $25 000.

7 Royal Diamond Chess Set - $500,000

via outrageousluxury.com

This chess set is one of the most expensive in the world, designed by the French artist Bernard Maquin and sold as part of the Charles Hollander Collection. Just seven have been created in total, six of which have been sold. Each set is hand crafted by more than 30 workers over a period of about 4500 hours. The chess set is made up of 14K white gold and contains almost 10,000 black and white diamonds. Anyone with half a million dollars to spare will definitely feel like the ultimate king bringing down an opponent with this dazzling set.

6 Fishing Lure - $1 million

via carbonfishing.wordpress.com

Mac Daddy’s Fishing Lure company, which sells decorative fishing gear, amongst other things, went with the slogan “the bling on your string” to advertise their million dollar fishing lure. The company's proprietor Mac McBurney - who has had a career as a jeweller - sells everything from regular men and women’s jewellery, to golden spoons, to most recently, this 'bling' fishing gear. The million dollar lure is over a foot long, is made from three pounds of gold and platinum and encrusted with 100 carats worth of diamonds and rubies, totalling 4753 stones. This bedazzled lure has, in fact, already been used in several tournaments around the world.

5 Diamond Crypto Smartphone - $1.3 million

via blogofwishes.com

This cellphone is designed by Peter Aloisson, an Australian luxury designer and jeweller, and is made with platinum and rose gold. There are almost 50 diamonds studded along the sides of the phone, and the navigation key in the center is outlined with 28 diamonds. The navigation key itself is actually a half-carat diamond.  At $1.3 million dollars, you better have some million dollar phone calls to make.

4 Hermès Birkin Bag by Ginza Tanaka - $1.9 million

via fastlifeluxury.com

This model of the in-demand Hermès Birkin Bag was created by the Japanese designer, Ginza Tanaka and has been sold at $1.9 million. The handbag is made of platinum and is adorned with about 2000 diamonds. The bag is topped with an 8-carat pear shaped diamond that can be used separately and the strap can be removed and used as either a diamond necklace or bracelet.

3 Henry Graves Supercomplication Watch - $11 million

via www.ealuxe.com

The Henry Graves 'Supercomplication' watch made by Patek Philippe in 1933 is said to be the most intricate watch ever made completely by hand. It became the most expensive timepiece ever sold at an auction when it sold for $11 million at a Sotheby's auction in Geneva in 1999. The watch is now expected to go back up for auction this November for an increased price of $17 million. The pocket watch consists of an 18 carat gold case, 24 horological complications, a moon phase indicator, a perpetual calendar, a sunset/sunrise indicator and a tracking device for the stars of New York. The front side of the watch displays solar time while the back displays sidereal time, according to the stars. The watch required three years of research, and it took another five years for technicians to construct it.

2 1962 Ferrari 250 GTO - $38.1 million

via teknodart.com

A 52-year old 1962 Ferrari GTO became the world's most expensive car sold at auction this year when it beat the world record by selling at $38.1 million. Ferrari GTOs are considered the holy grails of sports cars - Ferrari only made 39 of them - and they were the dominant race car in the 1960s. This particular car, the 19th of Enzo Ferrari's models, was one of the most-raced cars of its kind having been restored and competing until the 2000s. All this despite its dark past of claiming the life of a race car driver in 1962.

1 The Billion Dollar Home

via meteofan.it

Mukesh Ambani, the head of Reliance industries - a massive conglomerate petrochemical based company in India - with a net worth of $24.1 billion, constructed the world's first ever billion dollar home. The house is 27 stories high, has over nine elevators, a two-story recreation centre, a spa, a 50-seat theatre, garage space for 168 cars and three helipads on the roof; well, you never know when three helicopters will have to simultaneously land on the roof, so better safe than sorry...

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