10 Most Shockingly Brutal Prisons in the World

Worst Prisons in the World

The world is a very dangerous place. The news shows crime after crime, horrendous acts one right after the other, and it becomes clear that we live in a dangerous society. There are a lot of people who do bad things and a lot of them end up in jails, making prisons some of the scariest places in the world.

Jails are made to be a home to criminals and some are designed to house the most violent individuals in the world. These violent criminals pose the biggest threat to society and while some prisons are filled with violence, others are filled with filth and disease.

Regardless, the following ten prisons are the worst and scariest in the world. These jails are known for holding the world’s most violent prisoners and these locations are where countless deaths have taken place. Most of the prisons, which are about to be explored, are known worldwide for their violence and history. These prisons all possess cruel and inhumane living conditions, which are often created by the prison staff.

These next prisons are places where there are daily altercations between inmates and even with the guards. Some believe that housing extremely violent people together will only cause more violence, while others believe that these inmates should simply eliminate each other. If you're a firm believer in basic human rights for all humans including criminals, prepare to be deeply disturbed because the following prisons lack even a shred of this humanity.

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10 Bang Kwang Prison

Via levenslangbangkwang.nl

Bang Kwang Prison, which is located about seven miles from Bangkok, Thailand, is nicknamed The Bangkok Hilton. However, it is the furthest place from a hotel. This prison is more intense than most because it is known for the regular torture of its inmates. Besides the torture, inmates are crammed into tiny cells; those who are on death row are given a few hours notice before being drugged to their deaths. These prisoners all wear shackles around their legs for the first three months of their sentence. This is by far one of the most hardcore prisons on the planet.

9 Rikers Island Prison

This New York prison is legendary when it comes to violence amongst prisoners. Rikers Island is located in the Bronx and has a budget of over $800 million a year. Those who work as guards at this prison have claimed to be afraid on a daily basis due to the violent behavior they have witnessed. Both beatings and murders have taken place at this jail and due to its violent history it has now become one of the strictest jails in the world. The number of stabbings a year has drastically decreased due to several reform actions that have taken place.

8 San Quentin Prison

This prison was established in 1852 and is known as the oldest prison in all of California. San Quentin is equipped with a gas chamber, however they do not use it. For executions this prison performs lethal injections. San Quentin Prison has a continuous problem with violence. In 2006 an incident occurred where racially driven attacks led to the injuries of over 100 inmates and the death of 2 inmates. Many reports have claimed that it is too dangerous and the conditions are too poor for anyone, even prisoners to live there. In recent years, this prison has made efforts to make living conditions more bearable.

7 Alcatraz Island Prison

Alcatraz is one of the most famous prisons in the world. Located on Alcatraz Island off the coast of San Francisco, this prison has been home to some of the most dangerous and scary criminals throughout history. One of their most famous inmates was Al “Scarface” Capone. This prison is best known for its violent incidents in which inmates attempted to escape, the most famous of which is known as the “Battle of Alcatraz” which took place in 1946. Alcatraz was then forced to close its doors in March of 1963 due to the high cost of maintenance as well as the prison's poor reputation.

6 La Sabaneta Prison

Via truthsimplified.com

This prison which is located in Venezuela is one of the most intense prisons in the world. The prison facilities are designed to be home to approximately 15,000 prisoners, however it is actually home to over 25,000 inmates. This prison is not only over populated, it is also understaffed with about 1 guard for every 150 prisoners. This prison is best known for its violent incidents, like the one which took place in 1994 resulting in the death of 108 prisoners. A year after, in 1995, another 624 prisoners were wounded and 196 left dead due to prison violence.

5 Gitarama Prison

Via stuartfreedman.photoshelter.com

This prison is located in Rwanda and is best described as hell on earth. This prison, which is designed to hold 500 prisoners, is home to over 6,000 of them. Due to its overpopulation, many prisoners are forced to stand upright which leads to the rotting of their feet. The fact that they are also standing in feces has lead to many infections among them. The limbs of prisoners which have become infected eventually begin to rot and those who aren’t lucky enough to have their limbs fall off are forced to get amputated, which under the circumstances often leads to worse infections or even death. Most of the inmates at this prison are incarcerated due to the genocide against Rwanda.

4 La Sante Prison

Via en.wikipedia.org

La Sante Prison is located in Paris, France. This prison is known as an extremely brutal place where numerous prisoners have taken their lives because of the living conditions they are in. The prison is based on a hierarchical system where some inmates have more power than others, making it even more dangerous for those weaker prisoners. The inmates living at La Sante prison are allowed out of their cell for only 4 hours a day to try and limit the violence, however regardless of these efforts La Sante Prison is still known as one of the worst prisons in the world.

3 Diyarbakir Prison

Diyarbakir Prison is located in Turkey and is known as being extremely inhumane. The prison has a dark past which includes incarcerating children and making them serve lifelong sentences. The violence which surrounds this prison is not due to the prisoners but to the prison guards. In 1996, there was an incident which took place where both police and guards brutally beat leading to the death of 10 prisoners and leaving 23 inmates injured. This violent behavior is the biggest reason as to why Diyarbakir Prison is one of the most viscious in the world and is somewhere no one ever wants to go.

2 Tadmor Prison

Via newsworld247.com

The following prison is located in Syria and is known as one of the most oppressive places in the universe. It has been stated that every aspect of this jail was designed to dehumanize its inmates. The most famous event which took place at the prison was in 1980 when President Hafez al-Assad survived a brutal attack. Apparently, he had ordered his soldiers to execute every prisoner in sight as a retaliation to this attack. This jail was closed down in 2001 but reopened its doors in 2011 and is apparently just as violent as it was before with the same horrible living conditions.

1 Carandiru Penitentiary

Via nol.hu

This prison is located in Brazil and is our number one pick for the scariest prison in the world. This deadly and violent prison is best known for an incident which occurred in 1992. This incident was a violent prison massacre where 102 prisoners were shot and killed. That's not the only reason why this is number one on our list, this jail is also known for its horrible health issues, it is also said that 1 in 5 inmates are HIV positive. These horrendous living conditions makes Carandiru Penitentiary the worst place in the world to be incarcerated and the last place anyone wants to be.

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